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  1. They don't need to make a home version of the Atomiswave. You can build external controllers based on the JAMMA pinout, it has VGA-out built in and even comes in a box. The actually arcade board isn't far off a console
  2. Mario Land 1 and 3 goes for ~£5 each which is high compared to the average Megadrive game from 1991 for example. You also must remember that these sold extremely well, so there is plenty of copies out there... these are the equivilent of Sonic on Megadrive which is worth 50p. The only problem with this is that very few people actually collect GB games since they are so difficult to get hold of. This means you don't get people paying insane prices for them.
  3. It's pending with me. It will be loved, played and cherished. It's one of those games that I've heard people saying how great it is and I've never had chance to play it since the prices have always been insane. I'm also one of these weird games collecting types where I'll get a kick of just having it on a shelf, so I'll get a lot of joy out of it. Cheers D-Side Anyway... back on topic. Silent Hill 2 for Xbox will probably be worth something in a few years time since... well... it's difficult to get a copy. The only online shop that seems to still have new stock is Amazon at £40... £40 is quite a bit for a new 2 year old game. RPGs tend to hold their price, so they are a good game to pick up. Games on the Gameboy also tend to stay afloat price-wise and some GBA games such as the original Mario Advance launch title are already reasonably difficult to get hold of.
  4. See http://vgrebirth.org/articles/ - the complete history of Sega. Done properly.
  5. Worth about £20-25 last time I checked. Personally, I own 2 copies of the game - paid £10 for a mint one, £6 for a scratched up copy. I hope the price rockets...
  6. I've given him an e-mail with something I wrote even though I'm not usually a PC gamer.
  7. I'll shoot from the hip with "1". Why, in my day it didn't take millions of pound to make a game. That said, I do like my Xbox/GC but I find I spent as much time playing SNES as I do playing Xbox, and buying SNES game is much cheaper. /me *hearts* his Megadrive. Then again, I also love my Sp.
  8. Getting enough UK gamers together who will actually pay, any companies to actually provide something and get them in the same place at the same time seems a little far fetched to me.
  9. I bet half of you haven't heard of Tetrinet, but it's absolutely brilliant. It's a 6 year old free online variation of Tetris by a guy called St0rmcat. Simply put, it's online Tetris with powerups. Sounds rubbish doesn't it? Don't you believe it. 6 player Tetrinet is one of the finest gaming experiences out there. You can see all 6 player fields but you can't see what specials they have, or their next block. In case you don't know, the rules are shown below. It's Tetris... with addons!: You get 2 lines, everybody gets 1 lines added to the bottom of their Tetris field. You get 3 lines, everybody gets 2 lines added to the bottom of their Tetris field. You get 4 lines, everybody gets 4 lines added to the bottom of their Tetris field. Every time you make a line, a random special block appears on a block on the field. You remove the line this special block is on to get the special block to attack/defend with. It appears in a random order on a list of upto 15 special blocks. You press the number of the person you want to use it on (including yourself): A = Add line C = Clear line R = Random Blocks Clear B = Remove special blocks Q = Blockquake (blocks shift about) O = Block Bomb (random blocks get moved anywhere on the field) S = Switch Field G = Gravity (All blocks fall to the bottom, leaving the remains) N = Nuke field (Empties field) Those last 5 can single handed change a game from you losing to winning in one fair swoop - but the other player might also have them. You have to know when to defend, when to attack. You can also help other players if they're doing poorly (severely pissing off the winning player who is trying to kill them). You can be getting that Tetris when at the last minute someone quakes you ruining your plan. You can save up all your specials when suddenly someone can barrage you with specials so you don't have time to use them. You can get that nuke... pretend your dead and at the last minute save yourself. The 1 person who survives wins that game. Those who lose have to wait until a person is victorious. Games are typically organised on IRC where one guy hosts on the best connection. It's just brilliant experience - this is an online game you can play for hours competitively. It's just fantastic. It's what I'd call a perfect online game - anyone can play it on any connection, it's free, loads of fun, encourages talking via it's partyline, has a team aspect as well as personal glory and it's a game that you can play without spending hundreds of hours building up a community or perfecting your racing line. It's basically Tetris... it's a game that anyone can pick up and play. Been playing it for 6 years on-and-off, and I'm still not sick of it. I'm honestly suprised that no-one has picked up the Tetrinet concept from the developer, licensed Tetris from the Tetris Company and put it on Xbox Live. It's better than every commercial online game I've played.
  10. BECAUSE NINTENDO R TEH SUX0RRR!!1111 Nothing really. It's not even proper Nintendo, it was NoA that did it. And NoJ wouldn't let NoA do anything major without approving it anyway due to their close links, Yamaguchi probably gave Arawaka the final order to allow it. So at the end of the day, everybody wins. Let's just say it wasn't Miyamoto's finest hour and it deserved to be overlooked. And since DDP was a great game, much better than the real Mario Bros 2, I think NoA did it justice by converting it - millions wouldn't have seen the game, and it wouldn't have been immortalised by Allstars and Advance. Mario Bros 2 in either of its forms is the weak link in the series, anyway. This documentary sounds lame tbh, but it'll be nice hearing the guys I read about in Game Over. As for the negativity, they probably read the full title of the book and decided "NINTENDO R TEH EV1LL LOZL" and based a documentary around that.
  11. Modchipping a PAL DC means it defaults to 50hz even when playing a Jap/US game which isn't great unless you love huge borders.
  12. A brand new one? No idea... good luck. Sega Direct are still selling them though, IIRC, if you can get someone in Japan to be a middle-man you might save a bit of cash. Second hand, scour eBay, here and NTSC-UK forum. You should be able to get one for £50 or so. Japanese DCs are relatively uncommon in comparison to Asian ones though (since the Asian ones have an English option in the bios yet still read Japanese games. They didn't come with a modem though).
  13. Marble Madness was made by Atari, and is a weird puzzle game. Ghosts and Goblins was made by Capcom (not Nintendo), and is a really hard platform game. Equally, what do you prefer Prince of Persia or Rez? Oh wait, that's a stupid comparison! Do you see? Some people here are completely missing the point. These are designed as collectors items, and they aren't getting huge releases for a destinct reason - they wouldn't sell. People are tend to forget that they are releasing these as small releases for the Japanese market (where it's possible to release games in small quantities and make a profit, where the Famicom was the first successful console and still has ties with it) and the fact these are designed to celebrate the consoles 20th anniversary. These are basically appealing to the Famicom's fans. These games should become public domain by around the year 2050 if you want to play them for free legally - assuming they don't extend the length of copyright again. You don't want them? Don't buy them. Personally, I think these releases are rather nice as it shows that Nintendo still celebrates its past. Would I buy them if I had the money? Y'know what... I probably would. Despite the fact I can play them on my GBA via my flash cart in PocketNES, on the PC, on my NES or on my Xbox... I just think they're nice items to have.
  14. 11 games in 6 months is a "stupid amount"? I have 353 games now, and a 9 months ago I had 244... so that's 109 in a 9 months. Devide that by 1.5 and that's approx 72 games in 6 months. And you think 11 is a lot?
  15. If you'd have been clever you would have paid them in US$... $20 is only about £12
  16. Woohoo, got a scan of the article thanks to sild on IRC. Having a quick comparison with what I wrote... It's not bad, it does get my point across while removing much of the bitching and the links (which, incidentaly, were all legal but I can see why they removed them)... Anything bold was put in the article they posted, anything in regular text was removed. See the uncensored version exclusively here.
  17. Halo

    Where you from?

    I think it looks awful, personally. The LE white Xboxes looked much better, as did the Jap LE PDO one.
  18. I was mentioned NoE in regard to release dates. The one in particular that springs to mind is Mario Golf released 9 months ago in the US, and I think it's getting a release this summer. That's 1 entire year for a simple conversion - at least it'll have a 60hz mode. Squaresoft don't release games with 60hz options and they usually have huge borders... hence why I chose them, they sprang to mind. I watched Gamestars last year (twice in fact!) and I can honestly say it's the most pathetic event I have ever watched on TV. I'm sorry, but it was just rubbish. I can't believe anyone thought it was great. You guys also seem to have forgot that I do love games, and, truely, I do. I couldn't give them up but this was just a rant to get this off my chest. There are plenty of positive aspects of the games industry, but what wouldn't make a very good rant would it now? I've personally finding bargains more difficult to get hold of, then again this might just be me being more aware of games prices. I've struck that one off the list.
  19. I'm sure EA will respond with "Medal of Wank: Masterbation Assault". A surefire christmas no 1
  20. Bah, with all you optimists out there saying how great all the console are while I've become increasingly annoyed with the console bloody games industry. This thread is a rants of the things I've become increasing pissed off with. Not really sure why, only to satisfy the cynic in me. Reasons (in a random order): - Games are costing millions to develop, and the publishers and console creators seem to be raking in cash while the actual dev'rs are rapidly going under - There seems to be fewer and fewer games I'm actually interested in at all. This year is looking lacklustre at the moment... it's the inbetween years I guess - Game prices seem to be staying afloat for longer, getting bargains is more difficult - "Game Stars"... need I say more? - Fanboyism is rampant amongst forums. "Xbox is great", "PS2 is great", "GC is great". Bah, who cares? - Increasing monopolisation of the games industry by Sony is slowly killing it from the inside - All the development focus is on sequels rather than original, innovative games - particularly in the west. Remakes are included in this... the games industry is either running out of ideas or is unwilling to take risks - The original decent games tend to get pushed back in favour of "Medal of Honour: Rising Sun" - The emergence of EA as an all-encompassing behemoth that has slowly taking over most games publishing and developing - Increasing negative media coverage. "GTA made by son do nasty evil things"... right, so it's nothing to do with the fact that your son is a complete and utter twat? Yes, blame a game. - The way that Blockbuster have removed half of Gamestations retro stock, and are rapidly getting worse despite GAME are slowly getting better (despite the dodgy returns) - The focus towards online gaming despite the fact only a small percentage of gamers actually use it... look, I don't want a Live! mode, I want a good game okay? - The way that everything intresting that happens during E3 now seems to happen the week BEFORE E3... leaving all announcements unwhelming - The way the games industry is still focusing on graphics rather than solid, fun gameplay. Yes, we know you can do pretty graphics... now I wanna have fun. - Games companies that still insist on releasing games over a year after their US release (*cough*NOE*cough*) without a 60hz option (*COUGH*Squaresoft*cough*) and generally don't seem to care about little ol' Europe despite easy convertions. - The way that the console creators still insist on putting region locks, meaning we often have to do something illegal that they try to discourage just to get a decent version of a game. But the problems lies in this: - I love games. Well, I'm going to bed...
  21. If I was a millionaire, I wouldn't think twice about buying it to complete a Neogeo collection.
  22. That is right... if you're on about UltraHLE which can play about 3 games... If you want to play most games decently in Project64 (the best N64 emu), you're talking at the 1ghz mark with a GeForce 2 or better. It's not the most spec demanding thing in the world and a decent modern laptop should easily handle it.
  23. Halo


    The BBFC only rates games that the games companies choose to submit. They usual do this as they will get 18+ ratings... which means they get more sales, ironically. It's completely optional and costs the games publishers money. Why are portables region free? One reason is because it's cheaper to make one unit with different external power supplies, based over a single TV system than it is over an internal power supplies with differing voltages and TV systems. Another reason is so that people can buy games on holiday when they're bored. Not complex stuff IMO. The GBA also contains very little in the way of bios, or piracy protection. Basically, it's cheaper and less hassle for Nintendo to leave it region free. Why are consoles region free? Originally because it was cheaper to make different designed consoles/carts for each region to accomidate for their TV systems and power supplies. Now it's to control distribution, price fix and to ensure the games reach markets they are intended for. The same reasons DVDs are region encoded.
  24. 233mhz PCs with a Voodoo 2 graphics card can run N64 emulators... so I would guess that's a yes...
  25. They look blummin' brilliant guv'nor! I can't wait to get my filthy mits on 'em.
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