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  1. Mmm. Absolutely gorgeous design - I want a gaming T-Shirt that's obscure enough to get away with, while geeky enough for me to like. This fits the bill exactly. It'd look nice on gray IMO. I'm definately intrested.
  2. £200 within 2 months for a system with 5 great exclusive games? Doesn't sound like a bad deal to me And I'm not that much of a fanboy (honest, despite this nick which I've been wearing for several years now), but the Xbox launch was really, really good if not the best launch ever.
  3. Halo, Project Gotham Racing, Oddworld: Munch's Oddysee and Amped says... you wrong! Actually, at £300 it was too expensive, but it was down to £200 within a year if I remember corectly.
  4. IIRC there is a level called "Tomb Waider" in Crash Bandicoot 3: Warped There is also a NiGHTs non-interactive pinball table thing in Sonic Adventure.
  5. Sony hasn't already won with the PS3. It's as simple as this - when the PS2 was launched, it had already won the hype war against the Dreamcast (which was great, but was too pricey and was released too early) and it had no other competitiors. People wanted a new console... and the PS2 was convieniantly there with a good advertising campaign, and artificial shortages to make it look like a "must have" item. People also recognised the Playstation brand, which helped. By the time the GC and the Xbox were out, the PS2 had already won. This time Sony will have to be a lot more careful as everyone will have their console ready - all its competitors are ready to compete and are aware of how to hit Sony. They weren't before. This time lots of people have become upset with the PS2s laser problem... a lot more people are annoyed with Sony this time than with the PSX and this produces negative publicity. Everyone knows someone with a b0rked PS2. This sounds insignificant, but a lot of annoyed consumers will deliberately avoid buying the next Playstation because of this. Microsoft and Nintendo have already showed they are ready to equal Sony's tactics of trying to buy the next "must have" game as an exclusive. Both Microsoft and Nintendo will also have an aggressive price point as having a cheap console does equal more sales. With a destinct lack of first party titles (Ico, Amplitude and GT4 are the only ones that come to mind) Sony also heavily relies on buying in 3rd party titles, whereas both Microsoft and Nintendo do not to the same extent - Nintendo with it's traditional franchises and Microsoft with it's recent buyout of Rare, Bungie and the creation of stuff like Amped and Top Spin. If MS and Nintendo get both decent 3rd and 1st party support... well... it will be intresting how Sony will react to this if nothing else... I expect much crisis buying if this situation happens.
  6. The rumour is... kind of true. It'll get a release, how soon... who knows. A guy has picked up the final GD-R for about £800. However, the guy wants to make some of his cash back before it gets released... which is fair enough, I guess.
  7. Looks like I'm gonna have to buy a PS2 now. Hope it gets an EU release, but I'd say it's unlikely...
  8. Of course it's a joke. Look at the time... 04:01:04 - it's the american date of 1st April. Also: It's an absolutely brilliant picture. Someone spent a lot of time doing that...
  9. There is no such thing as a boot disk that works for the Saturn. Simple as that. Actually, that's not strictly true but you'd need to pick up 2 unburnt disks with the Saturn protection ring ready made - one for 3rd party games and one for 1st party games. Somehow I don't think it's viable since unburnt Saturn disks are worth quite a bit...
  10. The GC controller is much better than the horid PS2 pad, and better than the Dual Shock pad (yes, there is a notable difference). It's great, but too small for my hands which is irritating. I also liked the DC pad loads, then again I like the Xbox pads. Bigger pads feel better to me. Actually, I'd say the smaller Saturn pad is the best pad evar... mmm... if not the 6-button Megadrive pads. Fantastic...
  11. Well, not strictly my PC but someone I know has this problem. Basically, they can't get legitimate games to work because the copy protection doesn't like to recognise genuine CDs. Hurrah for the protection developers. What's ironic though is by downloading these illegal "cracks" to bypass copy protection the games work fine. PC game developers are causing someone to basically encouraging someone to buy pirate games as then they don't have to go the hassle of downloading and installing any cracks etc. What are you guys opinion on this? Surely the average copy protection is causing more hassle to the average user than the pirate, and should be done away with? Unreal Tournament and it's sequel actually have patches that do away with the copy protection as that many legitimate users were having trouble. And nowadays, since CD burners can emulate 99% of the protections out there, is it even worthwhile paying the license to these people in the first place? Surely it's better the developers get the cash? And does marginally easier pirating affect games sales? I don't think it's been proven.
  12. Right... who took the name Ikaruga?
  13. Mmm. Another suggestion. Walk into a games shop with a tape recorder and ask for really stupid non-existant games ("BUNGO BUNGO CAT THROW!") and see how long it takes for you to get chucked out Or how about getting someone who has never played games before and record them playing games for the first time? You can be there to help, explaining what is what etc That'd be pretty l33t.
  14. I have an idea... how about you walk into a games shop and play the game of "Test the Retailer!" - lets see how much the average employee really knows
  15. A good idea is to release a franchise of games with several unrelated "short stories" about 3 hours long and retail them £5 each. People wouldn't complain as they were so cheap, you'd get a nice compact plotline and they'd be cheap to make too, as you could reuse the same engine.
  16. It's nothing to do with newcomers or "latecomers" - it's merely down to criticism of an individual game. People can give their opinions of what would make a game better, whether new to the franchise or not. Companies often loosely grip onto their old game franchise stereotypical features rather than making a better game. Maybe Sonic is a good typical example of this wish the excessive speed. Resident Evil definately is with it's fixed camera. Gran Turismo too - rather than evolving it hasn't really changed since the first game. Rather than criticising newcomers to a franchise, surely it's better to embrace their ideas even if you disagree. At least then rather getting generic sequel 101, you would then get something original. Imagine GTA3 if they'd stayed in 2D... imagine Mario staying as a side-scroller, Phantasy Star as an off-line RPG. Sometimes change isn't appropriate (See Bust-a-Move as a key example) but it's still nice to see the basic principles behind it. I'm not a newcomer to Tomb Raider. I've thought all the games were "blah" and therefore I think they should replace the storyline with something about magic pixies and Lara Croft visiting Jupiter after eating "Magic Magic pills" while shooting aliens in time with the music (ala Space Channel 5), followed by bits where you have to jiggle her badly rendered breasts (which shoot lasers) to kill Neds while learning how to drive a train. By your opinion, what I have said it more justified than someone who likes the series but was only introduced in the third incarnation... Note: As I write this I am very very sleepy. If it makes no sense... reply anyway but I might agree with you in he morning
  17. I love sarcasm and irony.
  18. I'm pretty sure it's illegal. Pretty much all retro collections containing several hundred games are illegal.
  19. Wait.. So you're saying anyone who hasn't played all the Metal Gear games can't have an opinion on what is good/bad about the games? Wow, that makes the amount of people with a worth opinion total to a few hundred.
  20. Difficult to say. Hardware wise Xbox new was £150, GBA with game at launch was £100, Gamecube at launch was £150 with a game, Megadrive was £100, Playstation was £150 with 6 games, Saturn was £20, Dreamcast was £15, Gameboy Colour was £60, NGPC was £30, GBA Sp was £50, Flash Linker was £100, Gameboy Xchanger was £35, PSone was £30. £100 + £150 + £100 + £150 + £20 + £15 + £60 + £30 + £50 + £100 + £35 + £30 = Approx £850. Not much, but then add on another 300 games... let's say a conservative estimate of £5 each. £1500 + £850 = approx £2350. Not really THAT much, but do consider that it's a very conservative estimate. I'm only 16 too.
  21. Halo

    Ez Flash Advance

    My suggestion? Return it and get them to give you the better EZFA cart.
  22. A very similar SNES joystick did get a PAL release, howver: http://images.tradera.com/578/4426578_1.jpg Mine's in the post.
  23. You need a TV license if you're watching TV signals. You can legally own a TV and play only DVDs and Consoles, and if you can prove you don't watch TV you don't have to pay for a license.
  24. You should release it! I'd be intrested to see what it looked like You could put a big watermark saying "FAKE" on it
  25. Add Kuru Kuru Kururin on too. And the fantastic version of Mario Kart.
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