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  1. Wow, welcome to a trend that was started by the original Playstation. People want realistic games, developers give them realistic games. They don't want fun games. Platformers were the first type of games to the chop because of this... gradually this is gonna be extended to all unrealistic games until we get to a point where games can't really become much more realistic. At that point, we will be fed more cartoony, fun games again as everyone can do realism.
  2. Another World - I forgot about there. I don't even bother going in there anymore in Derby... hardly worth the visit. Practically always overpriced with crap service and they tend to give you the wrong disks for games (buy a retail version... and get the platinum disk!). The staff also usually sit there in the corner thinking they're great when they aren't. I'd love to work there though - they don't seem to do much! And the store stinks (although not as bad as Brum CeX)... and it's full of jumped up dicks in Slipknot hoodies... ugh.. BTW, I only mentioned that GAME breaking the DPA because... they probably do. It doesn't really bother me in any way The Game in Burton has got much, much better in the last month or so and since last year the Gamestation in Derby has got much better. Game in Derby is worse than ever though...
  3. You're wrong, the data protection act has to ensure privacy of data - at game, I can honest say it's not very private. I was reading other peoples details - and that the details are appropriate and relevant. If they can't tell you why they need the info, then they are in clear contravension of the Data Protection Act. Yay, I knew GNVQ IT would come in useful.
  4. One in Derby, one in Burton-on-Trent? May I add that the one in Burton-on-Trent seems to have recently had a new manager, and has improved remarkably. Oh, and the Derby branch of GAME is pretty bad... even worse than the old Gamestation staff there. Gamestation now have friendly staff, and GAME now.. well.. don't. Actually, they still aren't great. My main problem is they seem to take at least 5 minutes to serve a customer a single game. If this was any other shop, the employees would have got fired by now, and this causes huge queues which is a pain. I'm not a particular fan of GAME and, in my opinion, they symbolise what is wrong with the games industry along with Sony and EA: huge-ass companies, that were good at one point they now have become multinational companies where their trying to make maximum profit through abusing their power/influence and their huge bank balances. Not that the Blockbuster-owned Gamestation would much better in GAMEs position...
  5. What, like the non-existant GC emulator that has had no releases for the past 9 months that was released yesterday? Just because it's WIP and private, doesn't mean it doesn't exist.
  6. Except, from what I hear, there is already a DC emu out there that will play certain games, however it's not been released publicly... I'm pretty sure I saw some screenshots from it ages ago. There is already one out there called Giri Giri, however it is created by Sega and is illegal to own the cracked version so I can't really talk about it here People have also forgot that this is an extremely early version - give it time and it will speed up lots. Apparently the current released emulator has only been in working state for a week. Give it time - it will speed up by a huge amount. Remember they haven't even released a plugin architecture for 3rd parties yet which sped up and improved PSX emualuton by huge amounts. Also: Crazy Taxi is one of my favourite games ever. And I don't think this emulation is gonna effect sales much.. I don't think N64 emulators did.
  7. http://www.dolphin-emu.com/index.php Apparently it runs 3-5fps on good systems, but it's progress. I'm impressed anyhow.
  8. I have about 15 consoles. That might explain why I don't talk to my Mum anymore
  9. Halo is great in multiplayer deathmatch It's great fun. Much better than the single player, which gets dull after a while. Co-op is great too, but you've gotta be in the mood for it.
  10. Never played it, but if you wanna play a good version of Tempest 2000, try Tsunami 2010. http://ainc.de/ - click on "Games" then Tsunami 2010. It's free and it's under 100k and it's absolutely brilliant
  11. Blegh. Quoted in the entirety below, but taking things people said 4 years ago based on very little info and laughing at them sucks.
  12. This week alone I have bought 2 DC games and 2 GB games. And chances are I will own another PSX game by the end of the week. I need to go cold turkey... but I'm not gonna
  13. Got it for £4.97 Wow, I wish I'd find it for that price. Anyways, another entry for the list: everybody's Golf 2. Picked that up in Game the other day for £4.97 preowned. Didn't seem to be a bad price. Bugger. I didn't pick up Twisted Metal - that goes for £15+ on eBay. Ah well. ESPN International Track & Field for PS2 I don't think has been mentioned - that goes for £20+ which is suprising as it's an early PS2 game.
  14. These work for me: "Shit" "Alright" "Great" "Fucking fantastic" "BUY THIS FUCKING GAME NOW YOU TWATS!!1111" Indeed.
  15. Not strictly true. The PAL version of Sonic CD had the same soundtrack as the Japanese version, whereas the US copy has different soundtracks, IIRC, for present and future while past remains the same. The Jap soundtrack, IMO, is better.
  16. Halo

    Ez Flash Advance

    I would say the F2A one simply for the fact that Bung are a well known brand, and the software is well supported. Bung's copiers generally have a lower depreciation (as they are generally considered to be "the best") and are regarded to be the most reliable. As far as these dodgy companies go, I'd trust Bung more than any other. Note that a new version of Flash2Advance - the Flash2Advance Ultra - has just been released incorporating a Real Time Clock function with sizes upto 1 gigabit (upto 128 megabytes) so I would say the F2A Ultra is the one to get. It also supports all the save types now so no more patching and uploading has been sped up so the F2A Ultra is definately the best one out there. The RTC is the Real-time Clock. This means you can't play the GBA Pokemon games on 'em, as they need an internal clock. I'm pretty sure they are the only games needing it. Both linkers work via USB with Windows XP although there are people who have problems getting both linkers working.
  17. Halo

    Ez Flash Advance

    Early F2A carts had problems with the European GBA Link port for uploading roms. Newer ones have no problems - problems with these F2A linkers can be solved by buying a linker. Some carts do need to be sanded down to fit the Sp. Those purchased back in 2001 that is - mine is one of those. The F2A is the best linker. No doubt about it.
  18. Not really. I'll just focus on my retro collections and miss a couple of generations of consoles. I really don't care who creates the competitor - Sega, Nintendo, Microsoft. I'll be happy if any of 'em topples Sony off their no. 1 spot and if they don't, I'll pull out of buying games and gaming. I rarely buy new games at the moment, so it's not going to be any great loss and I generally prefer buying older games anyway. If it's a Sony-only generation I can honestly say I'll doubt I'll miss much I care about...
  19. This ain't gonna happen. Simple as that. If it does happen, that'll be the day I pull out of gaming.
  20. Halo

    Pgr2 Edge Review

    How do you review a game released 2 years after its prequel (released in November 2001)... Nope, I must be missing your point somewhere... 2 years is a long time. Also, these people arguing about the Kudos system in PGR2 seems are a bit stupid, frankly. It's not designed to be a simulation. It's meant to be an arcade game with simulation-esque handling. The point of the game isn't to come first but to get the most kudos which requires a different style driving where you have to balance taking the racing line with gaining kudos by doing powerslides etc. From where I'm sitting, this makes PGR a better game. If it wasn't for this, it'd be panned for being another generic racing simulation. What Nosha says is particularly stupid - it's definately not meant to be Ridge Racer or Gran Turismo. Both of those games are based on winning races in a traditional manner, and is unique. I'm sure you wouldn't compare two games as far apart as Zelda and Broken Sword even though they are (arguably) in the same genre.
  21. Halo

    Ez Flash Advance

    Get an F2A Linker instead. They are the best with the best software supports, the best brand and reputation - Bung is a well known brand and has been for several years - and coders such as Flubba from the PocketNES team usually use the F2A to test rather than the others. Only thing is lacks is a real time clock, but I can live without that. As for the whole battery life thing, that was true a few generations ago. My Flash Advance Linker 128mbit cart (bigger than a regular GBA cart) uses power quite a bit quicker but that's just because it's an old design. The newer revisions don't suffer from this problem. These are EZF linkers and not EZ-Flash. Don't get the two confused - one is good and one is utter shite.
  22. Yes, it is possible for them to compete with an online retailer. Y'see, Game surely has the buying power of buying games by the 10,000 meaning they can get them at a cheaper rate - publishers wouldn't risk games not appearing in Game because they know they'd struggle to sell
  23. You think you guys have problems?!? This year so far I have bought: Eternal Darkness for GC Waverace: Blue Storm for GC Mario Sunshine for GC Topspin Tennis for Xbox Quake II for PSX International Track and Field 2 for PSX Everybody's Golf 2 for PSX NGPC with 6 games 13 games since new year... And I'm a SCHOOL KID. I own about 315 games now... I love games collecting
  24. High Roller was the subtitle for Crazy Taxi 3, which may confuse people (indeed, that's what I thought when I looked at this thread). I've got an idea for a two player game. Basically, you each start with $10000 and when you earn cash it is taken off the other players amount. When the loser reaches $0 or the screen is full, the other player wins. This fits in with the entire "poker" theme and in my opinion it's a nice idea
  25. Pokemon Mini Tetris IIRC wasn't actually released in this country - it was only released in mainland europe.
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