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  1. Sure… if you have them all downloaded and stored somewhere. Given that GOG have allowed you to import games via the Steam API then I don’t think this is that much of a leap. It would require significant take up by many stores to get any traction as a way of competing with the Steam behemoth.
  2. Yes, I came to the same conclusion recently that games licenses could be one of the few practical uses of Blockchain. If GOG, Epic and other stores got together then you could have a blockchain of games licence ownership. That way if, say, GOG shutdown, you could potentially still have your license and access to your games through other stores, reducing the risk to the end-user from buying from unproven retailers. The blockchain doesn’t contain the games themselves, just the license itself - as with now, you’d go through a third party, such as GOG or EGS, to prove your ownership and download them. Of course, the associated bandwidth cost might mean they attach a small charge to doing this. The actual blockchain itself could be mostly transparent to end-users as it would be dealt with by the various vendors. I don’t think second-hand sales would happen because publishers wouldn’t want it but there’s still value there.
  3. Amazon have PS5 stock now https://smile.amazon.co.uk/PlayStation-9395003-5-Console/dp/B08H95Y452/ref=sr_1_2?crid=37HMER6404TJM&keywords=PS5&qid=1640075644&sprefix=ps5%2Caps%2C78&sr=8-2 All gone!
  4. New shows from the last week: I Literally Just Told You - Thursday 10pm on C4 - Comedic gameshow show from Jimmy Carr that's slightly less overtly comedic and more serious gameshow than advertised. The gimmick is that some of the questions are based around what happens on the show - but it's less gimmicky and obnoxious than it could be. The Weakest Link - Saturday 6:25pm on BBC1 - Romesh Ranganathan hosts a celebrity reboot of the show.
  5. Sonic the Hedgehog 2 trailer It genuinely looks pretty good and I don’t know how to feel about that.
  6. “Because of your passion for Halo, and your constructive feedback, we gave it more time” is a great way to spin the slightly less-than-constructive Halo Infinite feedback. I mean, the consensus wasn’t wrong (it looked rough) and they probably did the right thing delaying it but still.
  7. Catching up with this now, but it’s easy to forget how much of a technical feat the original Xbox One BC programme was.
  8. Even worse, it’s working intermittently - just got charged full price at checkout for a sale item when it said the discounted price on the store page, so now I have to go through the effort of getting a refund and rebuying it which is a bit irritating. If buying anything, make sure to double check everything on the confirmation screen.
  9. Completely forgot about this! Sitting on a Fortune - 7:00pm on Sunday (tomorrow) on ITV. Hosted by Gary Linekar, it's quizzical chairs!
  10. This is very good but is firmly a sequel to Forza Horizon 4, another very good game, with some refinements rather than anything really new.
  11. Preloaded last week and woke up early before to play for an hour only to be presented with a 21gb patch. Modern gaming is terrible.
  12. Yes? Aren’t Brazil and India both well-known for having densely populated cities along with widely available super-cheap super-fast broadband? Plus 5G is up-and-coming too which would be ideal for streaming services.
  13. Based on something I read elsewhere, I wonder if the real initial market for this sort of streaming service is in the developing world, in places like Brazil/India, where the upfront cost for a new console is prohibitively expensive for many and they already have good online infrastructure. I imagine publishers would be a lot more flexible about pricing and offerings in those markets if it provided the opportunity for revenue growth without undermining their current models elsewhere.
  14. A few new game shows on TV start this week or next week: Moneyball. 6:30pm on Saturday on ITV. Hosted by Ian Wright. Started last Saturday, it's garish and crap with a boring gimmick. The Tournament. 2:15pm weekdays starting Monday on BBC1. Eight player knockout quiz. Moneybags. 3pm weekdays starting Monday on Channel 4. Hosted by Craig Charles. Promises big money prizes, but it's airing at 3pm on Channel 4. Channel 5 have also been showing Eggheads at 6:30 daily in 4 vs 4. It's Eggheads.
  15. Luckily Jet Set Radio Future and Outrun 2 aren’t new games.
  16. About £25 is the limit for anything I really want to play, about £15 for anything else. Generally anything over that doesn’t get bought.
  17. OK, so I just found out finesse (i.e. the optimal inputs to place pieces) in guideline games is not the same as in non-guideline games, so a lot of what you read online doesn’t apply to this game. It explains so much. Documentation for this sort of stuff is not great and the game doesn’t really guide you on how to improve.
  18. I suspect the iconic Xbox titles Avatar: The Video Game, Peter Jackson’s King Kong and Dead or Alive 3 are more realistic
  19. Just imagine… “To celebrate Xbox’s 20th anniversary and the history of gaming, we’re bringing 3 of the most iconic games from gaming history to the Xbox One and Series X consoles. From Sega, Jet Set Radio Future and Outrun 2 are coming to the Xbox One and the Xbox Series consoles through the backwards compatibility programme. We are also happy to announce a remaster of Rare’s classic first person shooter GoldenEye with, for the first time, full online multiplayer.” Come on Microsoft, make it happen. I can dream, at least. The real dream would be PGR but we know that ain’t happening.
  20. I think the game is basically fine, but it sits in a weird half-way house where it’s neither a modern title nor a faithful recreation of the original games. They should have been more upfront about it not being a faithful remake and the game should have instead focused on being a “reimagining”, akin to Sonic Mania, instead - include a mix of classic levels, remixed levels (inc making changes to improve how some play with the new physics), new levels, and a selection of old and new minigames. It would have been a better overall game for it and wouldn’t have suffered from the same comparisons with the originals that an unfaithful remake does.
  21. It’s beat Eastenders in viewers a couple of times head-to-head. Not sure if that says more about Eastenders or Only Connect.
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