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  1. Elgato has announced Stream Deck Pedal:

    I know these are aimed at streaming but I really like the idea of these as general purpose PC input devices. £80 takes it out of impulse purchase territory, though.

  2. On 13/01/2022 at 14:12, Sixkiller said:

    Google launching Stadia, but essentially a shop selling games at full price, rather than it being a subscription service with a full library.


    The streaming quality I get on Stadia is streets ahead of what I get from xcloud, so their boffins clearly did a top notch job.  But the commercial people fucked them by not offering anything close to the Gamepass model, instead modelling themselves more on the PS plus / Gold models which were/are in the process of being phased out by Sony   & MS.


    A technical marvel, destinted for the (large) rubbish dump of abandoned google services and ideas.

    I don’t think it was just that but it didn’t help. I think they fundamentally didn’t understand the market and the difficulty of building a platform and an audience, arrogantly assuming the tech and ports of some of the same games as other platforms would be sufficient. To my mind, it would be akin to Microsoft releasing the Xbox with no exclusives 20 years ago then being baffled when nobody bought it.


    Anyway, publishers handing over PC gaming to Valve, especially Activision with Modern Warfare 2. Likely seemed like a good idea at the time, especially given the status of PC gaming, comparing the cut to traditional retail, the focus on short-term revenue and the relative ease of doing so, but giving them a perpetual cut of revenue for absolute minimal effort compared with the other platforms was obviously a huge mistake in retrospect. Microsoft and EA later realised what they had done but it was too late to make an impact.


    Apple’s pricing policy on iOS driving anything but F2P off the platform. Probably crying themselves to death with dollar bills given the profitability of the App Store and devices but still - it’s a complete wasteland for paid software at this point and it didn’t have to be.

  3. 8 hours ago, Popo said:

    I struggle to justify buying a Retrobit Sega controller as I have an 8bitdo M30, and never use it, but I’d be all over this. I

    Sadly, the Retrobit controllers are superficial imitations - they share the same outward design but have very different materials (and presumably internal design) meaning they don't feel 'right' and seem far less robust than the original controllers.

  4. 6 minutes ago, JamesC said:

    That's true but the same can be said for the Saturn 3D pad and that's much better in terms of layout. 

    Actually, the same can be said for the Dualshock too. 

    The DualShock/Analogue and Saturn 3D pads were both released as peripherals, at least initially, while the N64 shipped with its pad.


    Also, the DualShock design is terrible. It took a genuinely great 2D pad and awkwardly bolted on two analogue sticks in a way that makes them aggressively uncomfortable to use.

  5. The N64 controller makes sense if you consider it as a hedge against whether analogue controls, along with 3D games, would really take off and supplant 2D games - it’s a controller that can support both control schemes.


    In retrospect, that seems a bit silly, but it wouldn’t have been as clearcut when it was originally designed.

  6. On 06/01/2022 at 15:11, TehStu said:

    I'm struggling with Pratt, too. I mean, he's supposed to be play a numpty, obviously, but since then he's revealed himself to actually be a numpty.

    I’m fascinated that people seem to want to hate Chris Pratt. As far as I can tell, the extent of it is that he occasionally mentions his Christianity and has made some very vague allusions to right-wing stuff. You’d have to go out of your way to find it and have a problem with it.

  7. 8 hours ago, womble9 said:


    Great to see such a big corp' acknowledging and remedying an issue so quickly eh :)

    I think the Xbox team is super-sensitive about anything negative that may erode trust and goodwill in their brand following the Xbone debacle. Not a bad thing.

  8. The worst people on television are people who say “I would never go for the lower offer” or “I could never take a minus” on The Chase.


    Also, I Literally Just Told You and The Weakest Link are probably the best two new game shows of the past year. ILJTY’s first episode wasn’t really representative of the other episodes of the show, which have been funnier, and The Weakest Link with a softer and less shticky host has refreshed the format.

  9. It seems likely it was delayed but whether that results in a good finished product is a different question entirely.


    It seems like a giant red flag when, after 4 years of development and a year from release, they have only shown a (weirdly low frame rate) cinematic trailer and no gameplay.


    My guess is they are having major development issues - if the game was in a good place then they would have shown more by now.

  10. 1 hour ago, JoeK said:

    Fucking hell, I'm assuming that the store is getting somewhat of a hammering at the moment, as it's crashing all over the place. The sad thing is that I suspect what equals a hammering for them is a sodding trifle for something like Steam, that rarely goes as loopy as this is at the moment. It's pretty rubbish really.

    Given Steam collapsed when they put up pre-orders for their handheld that seems like a strange assumption to make.

  11. 38 minutes ago, footle said:

    You could buy things through game for windows live (hint: no, and the blockchain isn’t solving service deprecation)?


    also, someone appears to have bought direct2drive and it’s been rebranded a couple of times.

    Yes, you could buy games through Games for Windows Live for many years until they discontinued the service.


    And, yes, the Direct2Drive brand still remains, but has little to do with the original storefront, having been sold at least twice. The games purchased way back when are no-longer available.


    I think you're being disingenuous.


    I do think there's a genuine problem that digital licenses are tied to individual platforms. A mechanism for digital licenses to be shared across platforms would be genuinely useful for a variety of reasons for end-users, including help mitigate the discontinuation of individual services and enable people to move between digital download services in a way they cannot currently do. A blockchain would be a potential mechanism for delivering it. If you disagree with that, that's fine.


    Edit: I also believe digital licenses being tied to individual platforms helps entrench large "trusted" digital sellers by creating a high barrier to entry, reducing innovation and keeping retailer margins artificially high.

  12. 15 hours ago, footle said:

    (also, how many digital pc stores have shut down and not just been taken over: I suspect the answer, for anything you might have bought something from, is none, and the prospect of it happening isn’t something that you as a consumer spend any time worrying over)

    Direct2Drive was the big one before Steam and all their downloads are long gone even if the brand remains. Games for Windows Live is also long dead and I had purchases in that too. 


    It’s also not just about that, it’s the flexibility to move to different platforms based on their features rather than being locked-in.

    We’ve seen a repeated pattern where these centralised tech monoliths become increasingly user-hostile, greedy or simply lazy. This would help prevent that.


    Generally, I’m sceptical of blockchain bro bullshit, but distributed trust-free proof of ownership akin to software licenses is basically a case study for it.

  13. 9 minutes ago, Dudley said:

    To be fair, if GOG shuts down you just keep playing your lovely completely non-DRMed games.


    Of all the people I don't see going for this, GOG are top :D

    Sure… if you have them all downloaded and stored somewhere.


    Given that GOG have allowed you to import games via the Steam API then I don’t think this is that much of a leap.


    It would require significant take up by many stores to get any traction as a way of competing with the Steam behemoth.

  14. 15 hours ago, yashiro said:

    If you ignore the obvious blockchain scams that art NFTs and coins currently are...


    Publishers/Steam/etc could create NFTs for licensed ownership of games. Essentially it would just be a way to represent a transferable unique product id. We, as individuals, could then sell our unwanted digital games!


    I don't think they would implement this voluntarily but it would be a practical use of a blockchain.

    Yes, I came to the same conclusion recently that games licenses could be one of the few practical uses of Blockchain.


    If GOG, Epic and other stores got together then you could have a blockchain of games licence ownership. That way if, say, GOG shutdown, you could potentially still have your license and access to your games through other stores, reducing the risk to the end-user from buying from unproven retailers.


    The blockchain doesn’t contain the games themselves, just the license itself - as with now, you’d go through a third party, such as GOG or EGS, to prove your ownership and download them. Of course, the associated bandwidth cost might mean they attach a small charge to doing this.


    The actual blockchain itself could be mostly transparent to end-users as it would be dealt with by the various vendors.


    I don’t think second-hand sales would happen because publishers wouldn’t want it but there’s still value there.

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