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  1. £40. Castlevania Advance Collection launching today? Nice.
  2. N64 and Mega Drive controllers for Switch incoming
  3. N64 and Mega Drive games on Switch Online.
  4. I do love a good announcement of an announcement.
  5. Disney Magic Castle is on the Japanese stream. Not sure if it's a port or sequel.
  6. Chocobo Racing was on the Japanese Direct. For me, I can't imagine a less appealing game than Voice of Cards
  7. CODE IS JUST The unlikely story of a game developer from the early 1980s in a tweetstorm By Shahid Kamal Ahmad https://threadreaderapp.com/thread/1436771192892018693.html Interesting read about a young British home computer developer back in the 80s, touches on a lot of interesting topics
  8. On the bright side, the fact it’s a Unity port may allow for modders to remove all the changes and fix any issues.
  9. Feels like they were hiding the gameplay there, which isn't exactly a promising sign
  10. Lucasarts always means some Star Wars crap these days
  11. Individual levels aren’t that hard. Much easier than something like Super Meat Boy, a game which is designed around having very tricky levels and infinite lives. Instead, it’s based around the limited lives and encouraging repeated play to master them, and providing unlocks to encourage that. There’s really not that much to the game if you remove that. Becoming good at the game is hard but that’s the game - the presentation and simple concept hides quite a hardcore arcade game that pushes the concept to its limits, that’s the whole appeal of it. If you were to create a new Super Monkey Ball game based around infinite lives then fine, although I suspect they would struggle to balance the difficulty or provide enough content, but retrofitting it into a remake seems wrong to me. Better options would be to create a separate game mode or put a “no lives” option and prompt the player - neither as the default because that’s not the game.
  12. Super Monkey Ball Banana Mania is getting rid of lives. I don’t see how this doesn’t fundamentally break the game by removing any challenge and longevity. The game is fundamentally designed around lives to encourage replayability and steady improvement akin to many other classic games. Now, most people will surely finish the game and see everything in a couple of hours and that will be that. I really don’t get why Sega is making these changes to basically a perfect game. It seems particularly strange give the popularity of rogue-likes in recent years which have similar mechanics. If I could cancel my pre-order, I would. What a shitshow. Lesson learnt.
  13. EVGA have investigated - there was a manufacturing issue with the soldering of some cards. https://www.pcworld.com/article/3632091/evga-explains-how-amazons-mmo-bricked-24-geforce-rtx-3090s.html
  14. Undertale, UnderRail, UnderMine… too many “under” indie darlings!
  15. Are Germany going to give us any points?
  16. How’s that any different from how the rest of society works?
  17. Got my first ever S rank in Zone Battle. Not sure I’m going to get much better without actively learning the various techniques/setups.
  18. I don’t mind a different approach at all, I just find him aggressively unfunny and feel he’s bad at making the show flow. It’s like having a bland politician (e.g. David Cameron, Mitt Romney, or Keir Starmer) fronting a comedy show. At least he’s not actively making worse it anymore, I just don’t think he adds much.
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