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  1. 3 hours ago, deerokus said:

    The deals with gold aren't actually showing the deal prices. Forza has buggered their servers I think.

    Even worse, it’s working intermittently - just got charged full price at checkout for a sale item when it said the discounted price on the store page, so now I have to go through the effort of getting a refund and rebuying it which is a bit irritating. If buying anything, make sure to double check everything on the confirmation screen.

  2. 19 minutes ago, Dudley said:


    Up front costs for consoles are expensive but they all have ultrafast internet and live near a server farm?


    Doesn't sound like a gigantic market.

    Yes? Aren’t Brazil and India both well-known for having densely populated cities along with widely available super-cheap super-fast broadband? Plus 5G is up-and-coming too which would be ideal for streaming services.

  3. Based on something I read elsewhere, I wonder if the real initial market for this sort of streaming service is in the developing world, in places like Brazil/India, where the upfront cost for a new console is prohibitively expensive for many and they already have good online infrastructure.


    I imagine publishers would be a lot more flexible about pricing and offerings in those markets if it provided the opportunity for revenue growth without undermining their current models elsewhere.

  4. A few new game shows on TV start this week or next week:

    • Moneyball. 6:30pm on Saturday on ITV. Hosted by Ian Wright. Started last Saturday, it's garish and crap with a boring gimmick.
    • The Tournament. 2:15pm weekdays starting Monday on BBC1. Eight player knockout quiz.
    • Moneybags. 3pm weekdays starting Monday on Channel 4. Hosted by Craig Charles. Promises big money prizes, but it's airing at 3pm on Channel 4.


    Channel 5 have also been showing Eggheads at 6:30 daily in 4 vs 4. It's Eggheads.

  5. OK, so I just found out finesse (i.e. the optimal inputs to place pieces) in guideline games is not the same as in non-guideline games, so a lot of what you read online doesn’t apply to this game. It explains so much. :doh:


    Documentation for this sort of stuff is not great and the game doesn’t really guide you on how to improve.

  6. 10 minutes ago, MattyP said:

    Wonder if they are actually planning on anything like this? There were mutterings about some more BC stuff happening.... :) So you never know... 


    I suspect the iconic Xbox titles Avatar: The Video Game, Peter Jackson’s King Kong and Dead or Alive 3 are more realistic

  7. Just imagine…


    “To celebrate Xbox’s 20th anniversary and the history of gaming, we’re bringing 3 of the most iconic games from gaming history to the Xbox One and Series X consoles. From Sega, Jet Set Radio Future and Outrun 2 are coming to the Xbox One and the Xbox Series consoles through the backwards compatibility programme. We are also happy to announce a remaster of Rare’s classic first person shooter GoldenEye with, for the first time, full online multiplayer.”


    Come on Microsoft, make it happen. I can dream, at least.


    The real dream would be PGR but we know that ain’t happening.

  8. I think the game is basically fine, but it sits in a weird half-way house where it’s neither a modern title nor a faithful recreation of the original games. They should have been more upfront about it not being a faithful remake and the game should have instead focused on being a “reimagining”, akin to Sonic Mania, instead - include a mix of classic levels, remixed levels (inc making changes to improve how some play with the new physics), new levels, and a selection of old and new minigames. It would have been a better overall game for it and wouldn’t have suffered from the same comparisons with the originals that an unfaithful remake does.

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