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  1. Japanese stream is showing Tokimeki Memorial Girl's Side 4th Heart
  2. That would require me to understand a word of Japanese
  3. So we've all got all 3 streams open so we can watch them at once to get the maximum amount of information, right?
  4. "But what about eSports?" -Nobody ever
  5. Looks like there's someone off-screen ready to shoot her if she doesn't smile enough
  6. It would have been funnier if it ended with Balan Wonderworld DLC or something
  7. From the Ninja Gaiden Master Collection FAQ - https://teamninja-studio.com/ngmc/uk/ Seems like a sign of a quality PC port
  8. Interestingly, Final Fantasy III and IV on iOS have had “(3D Remake)” added to the end of their titles and on their icons as of today.
  9. Microsoft has sent me a reminder reminding me my promotional balance is set to expire in a month, which is great, except they have sent me literally 10 emails so far. Bizarre.
  10. Looks like the follow-up to Two Point Hospital has been leaked early on Microsoft Store: https://www.microsoft.com/en-us/p/two-point-campus/9pcw1smn9rgg Build the university of your dreams with Two Point Campus, the follow up management sim with a twist from the creators of Two Point Hospital. Get to know your students, explore their personalities and fulfill their wants and needs. Craft buildings, choose courses, hire the best staff and build an academic institution to stand the test of time.
  11. Pretty much. It’s sugar, carbonated water and caffeine, anything else is tiny amounts included as marketing bullshit. Would make more sense to be concerned about the milk in coffees.
  12. A shot of espresso has 63mg of caffeine while a 250ml can of Red Bull has 80mg. I feel there’s a double standard around energy drinks vs coffee primarily driven by ageism and snobbishness - coffee has a more bitter taste and is therefore for grownups therefore is more acceptable when there’s not much difference in practice.
  13. That’s what they are currently working on using the same engine: (Christian Whitehead aka taxman was behind the ports of Sonic 1/2 iOS and Sonic CD as well as the lead developer on Sonic Mania)
  14. Supposedly Sonic Mania was created at the behest of Sega of America/Europe who convinced Sega of Japan to let them do it by downplaying it as a niche low-budget spin-off game, akin to a mobile game, solely containing remixed levels and aimed at die-hard fans. SoJ/Sonic Team weren’t happy when it was sold to the public as a new Sonic game, focusing on original levels, despite the fact it sold a zillion copies, as they felt it distracted from the release of Sonic Forces.
  15. Let’s hope this is coupled with a “Nintendo Selects”-esque series of discounted rereleases so the cost of ownership isn’t so absurd.
  16. I thought it was fine. Nicely presented and a fun, breezy watch. Not sure what people were expecting - I’d probably be annoyed if it was spread over an hour. Sega should do more things like this, they have a wide variety of games coming out at any given time. The internal politics preventing Sonic Mania 2 are obviously absurd. If it’s an official console/PC release of the Taxman widescreen port, currently only officially available on iOS/Android, then it’s notable and would be the definitive version of the game. A rerelease of Sonic 3/Knuckles is also notable as it hasn’t been officially rereleased in many years, reportedly due to music rights issues with the Michael Jackson estate, although the old emulated 360/PC versions a continue to be available.
  17. It's probably her or Richard Herring - both were incredibly boring and consistently went route one because they were competitive and really wanted to win. They weren't even aggressively competent in a way that was interesting or fun, just dull. Both seem like perfectly pleasant people, though.
  18. Few new game shows on TV started last week: Unbeatable - 2:15pm weekdays on BBC1 - Jason Manford hosts a show where you have to pick the best answer out of a bunch. Sounds good in theory and has some fancy graphics and set, it's sadly deathly dull. The Answer Trap - 3pm weekdays on Channel 4 - Two teams have to categorise answers. It's not amazing, and is very low-budget daytime-y, but is much more fun than Unbeatable. Tom Allen's Quizness - 8pm Friday on Channel 4 - a comedy oriented quiz. Haven't watched it yet, but I'm not hugely sold on a full hour of Tom Allen. I've posted about it before but I'm still enjoying at_bash and royal_flush's Twitch streams where they run quiz shows via Twitch, with a lot of games being audience participation. at_bash does 8pm Wed/Fri and royal_flush does 8pm Sat/Tue, with royal_flush is running extra streams all next week if you want to have a look.
  19. It’s been well-known for decades that the Hollywood Foreign Press Association is a joke, basically being a private members club that exists to get perks from awards lobbying rather than representing any actual group. Weirdly, sometimes that’s been its strength compared with more legitimate organisations - while they’re known to vote for name-recognition and can be lobbied, it feels like the membership cares more about their votes so will make more of an effort than the Academys. Up until now they’ve been a bit like the House of Lords - basically indefensible yet, in practice, often working as a balance.
  20. Was it known that Tetris Effect Connected was a six month Xbox exclusive (per this court document)? That would mean the exclusivity window ends 10 May.
  21. The PC version is £17.99 at GMG - and it was £15.29 for me as part of their XP loyalty program if you’ve bought products from there before.
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