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  1. Looks like Focus Multimedia (who run Fanatical formerly BundleStars) have been sold to Fandom (formerly Wikia, the people behind agressively spammy wikis)
  2. I imagine that’s a message for PSN support to use the PS3 serial no rather than the address to verify the acct to try and stop you from regaining access again.
  3. I've not seen any of those films but wouldn't have known the answer - I thought The Hours was about Virginia Woolf rather than being fictional?
  4. I’ve noticed Bohemia Interactive have pulled Arma from third party stores as well, so this is definitely a trend.
  5. I’m probably just old, but I’ve concluded that that these sorts of games are largely time-sinks for kids and aren’t meant to appeal to me. This explains the crazy scope and complexity, limited tutorials, poor UI, user documentation, arcane mechanics, lack of respect for time etc.
  6. Did I miss it or did Nintendo not mention Amiibo once during the direct?
  7. They don’t need an excuse to release ports.
  8. I’m tired of these 3 word Tory slogans
  9. Nintendo is really scraping the barrel on ports with Miitopia, geez
  10. It’s a port of an original Xbox game - I was surprised they presented it as though it was a new game.
  11. The biggest disappointment about Forza Horizon doing so well is that they don’t feel the need to revisit PGR as it doesn’t scratch there same itch. Part of me has long wondered whether the Xbox having Forza means there would be a bigger potential audience for it, not less, but we’ll probably never find out.
  12. As the article you linked states, 22 was never about syndication but rather an arbitrary number that became considered the acceptable amount to keep schedules filled with original content. It’s a different model - the UK filled out their schedules with more prime time ongoing soap operas (including shows like Casualty, Holby City, The Bill) and light entertainment instead presumably, in part, to keep costs down.
  13. There probably is a gap in the market for the Wii-like super-casual console vacated by Nintendo but it’s very hard to pull that off without the existing brand power and loyal existing audience of Nintendo, similar to how Apple’s transformation required the Apple brand and existing loyal audience so they were able to succeed where NeXT/BeOS weren’t. I don’t think Intellivision’s brand will cut it. I doubt it’s a coincidence its price is the same as the Wii’s US launch price.
  14. Noticed they’ve announced a version for Series X/PS5 a few days ago - hope it’s a free upgrade. I fear I’ll be disappointed with 505 Games as the publisher and the upgrade situation with Control but the prospect of selling more DLC might make it a slightly different situation. I bought the Xbox version a while back in the hope it would run better than my ageing PC, forgetting it would have been designed for the One, and it’s pretty damn rough. I hope they use this as an excuse to put some work into providing some decent defaults for controllers too.
  15. I’ve played 10 hours and leaning towards agreeing with this. A lot of the game is simply not fun - tedious trial-and-error game mechanics, the game not sign-posting where additional abilities are needed, and a poorly structured map. Too much of the platforming relies on insta-kills or outright irritating game mechanics (the grabbing, redirecting shots etc). The combat isn’t fun, the platforming isn’t fun, the puzzles aren’t fun - I remember quite enjoying the first game, this is a real slog. It’s pretty, though! Edit: Reading the thread make me sound I’m tackling it in the worst order possible, though. Edit 2: Finished. Last few hours were better than the bad slog that came in the middle.
  16. Has anyone else noticed a trend of games only being available full-priced directly from Steam (and perhaps one other store) rather than through third party key sellers? Recent examples that come to mind are American Truck Sim DLC, Hot Lava, Super Mega Baseball 3, Azure Striker Gunvolt 2, Everspace 2. This is frustrating as buying games directly from Steam tends to be much more expensive. You can’t even get a good discount on Steam gift cards unlike PSN/Xbox.
  17. https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Xbox_Wireless_Controller#Models
  18. Given how much Microsoft loves releasing new controllers (they released 3 major controller revisions last gen, plus two elites, and tons of colour variations), I think it’s only a matter of time until they release one akin to the DualSense.
  19. If anyone cares, Argos and Smyths both have re-stock of the "Official Xbox Series X Rechargeable Battery Pack & Cable Set"/"Xbox Rechargeable Battery + USB-C® Cable" (play and charge kit) at £20 - Smyths offer free delivery too. It's been out of stock in most places for a couple of months unless you wanted to pay £25+.
  20. This is all a bit strange. It’s obviously a huge deal to do something like this, so it must have been in discussion for months, and then they reverse almost immediately? It makes me suspect senior management at Microsoft have overruled it. The original move to put up prices doesn’t make a lot of sense long-term either. They can make Game Pass good enough value that people naturally move over without having to force the issue. Live Gold makes them a boatload of money at the current prices anyway. It also makes people rightly suspicious that they will jack up subscription prices over time when they need really people to buy into the concept of subscriptions.
  21. I mean, Sony/Microsoft/PC between them encompass most of entire broader core games industry, whereas Nintendo make Nintendo consoles to mostly play Nintendo games. They largely exist within their own bubble.
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