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  1. Could be too far away from the Switch. If it's behind the telly or something.
  2. Yeah, Odyssey sure did miss a level like Mario 64's castle!!
  3. Well, it was that or send it off to be fixed anyway. I didn't absolutely smash it. Just hit it in the table harder than I was comfortable with. It worked is the point.
  4. Are they wandering off or just not returning to centre? Mine wasn't returning to centre so I twatted it on the table and that fixed it. They're tough little things.
  5. Was ready to delete this fucking game but fired it up one last time. Had a wander around and then bought the long nail? What a difference that made! I mean, what difference that made? A pixel longer than the other one. Then I fell in a pond I don't even know if I should/could cross five times and then I deleted the fucking game. Downloaded Picross to settle my nerves.
  6. Think I've got those things. Got dash and steady. Just don't know where to go next. It's like, there's a thing that says yiu can fit something in it. Then I found a thing that says it can be slotted into something. Bingo, I'll do that. Nope. Or I got the downward dash. There's a bit of unsteady ground in that mine! Bingo! Nope. Took me eight weeks to work out how to bounce on those berries. Somebody then told me you can bounce on spikes but like fuck am I gonna die a thousand times bouncing on spikes without knowing if it actually goes anywhere.
  7. Been playing this for about 12 hours. Absolutely hated it at first but just recently I began to truly detest it. Only kept going because I heard good things. I'm stuck as fuck. I'd google but google what? Where am I stuck? Seeing as I've no clue what I'm supposed to be doing I don't know. I've unlocked about 5 areas and... Now what. The fast travel things are about half an hour apart! Fuck this game. I think the controls are horrible too. Yeah, I hate this game.
  8. I think they should have done exactly what they did because that massive fuck up has resulted in the best Nintendo console of all time!
  9. I feel, before the Switch, people expected their handheld games to look quite a bit less fancy than they do on a HD home console. But let's go with what you're saying. The WiiU hardware/message wise was a mess? Okay, I can agree with that. So it's fair to say that to overcome such a mess you'd need one fucking great fucker of a launch title. NSMBU wasn't that.
  10. Yeah, Nintendo Land was another reason.
  11. But the first few didn't look uninspired. Like, looking uninspired only happens after you've released a few similar looking games!
  12. I think most of that was people buying a WiiU because it was a Nintendo console and wanting a game. That's why I bought it.
  13. There are no facts, are there? We're obviously just guessing. I think there's a decent chance the WiiU would have done better had it launched with something great looking like BotW or Odyssey. But who knows. We know the WiiU tank tank tanked. I reckon part of that was because it launched with a 2D game indistinguishable from the Wii version. But yeah, who really knows!
  14. He's saying that MarioU looked very uninspired for a launch title on a new HD console. And he's right. I'm sure it wasn't the only reason for the WiiU's failure but it certainly didn't help.
  15. Hated this on the WiiU. Can't remember much about it, tbh, except I hated it. What I do remember is that in some parts there's actually a twat that stops you getting to the next level. Like, you know, a twat that intercepts you as you try to get to the next level and it triggers some shit little mini levels which was too fucking hard because the game was so shit you're not that bothered about gerting to the next level anyway! Really liked the Wii one though. And the DS one.
  16. Well to be fair the Switch is a great machine and you'd have to have a steamy turd for a brain if you didn't like it. This year's Nintendo made titles have been a bit lacklustre though.
  17. Yeah, there's probably a better way of saying it. I guess I do like big single player games. Mario, Zelda, Animal Crossing. Even Pikmin, though I've found each one worse than the previous version. So yeah, there's been a lack of Nintendo first party single player games this year. Especially if you had DK and Kirby on the the WiiU. I know Kirby is new but the WiiU one wasn't much fun
  18. See the Switch also fits my lifestyle better. Don't get much chance for gaming on the TV these days. Love to have played Spiderman or RDR2 or FH4. Instead I've played... A bit of Hollow Knight and some Mario Party, which after last year's veritable gaming feast on the Switch is a bit of a massive disappointment. I can only hope they've got a mind blowing release schedule for next year, they must be making something, right? But then I thought that with the WiiU and they totally didn't. Mario Tennis and Kirby? Come on. Yeah there's Smash and Pokémon but I'm not a Smash fan or a Pokémon fan. Smash has its fans as a subset of Nintendo fans, as does Pokemon and they don't appeal outside of those people. So what did I want? A few surprises, I guess, woulda been nice.
  19. I don't think it's an argument really. Loads of people are happy with the Switch while others wonder what the fuck Nintendo are doing post Mario Odyssey. I bought the Switch for Nintendo first party games and this year has been shit for them. Like, worst ever possibly, which seems nuts.
  20. Can't really believe how shit the Switch has been this year. After how grear last year was! We get Mario Tennis and fucking Kirby. My kids have totally lost interest in it and quite frankly I'm amazed it seems to be selling well. Smash Brothers can fuck off. Everytime I try one it's always exactly as I expect it to be. Random bullshit.
  21. Did Grindmouse use the word slick? Slick somehow sounds corporate. Souless. Bad. Kinda sounded like Grindmouse wanted to make it good, rather than slick because it's a hell of a brave move if Biffa deliberately set out to make a show that wasn't good. And it's not like GM was talking about writing his own jokes and putting them in. Just cutting out some wasted air time, which sounds fair enough in this crazy modern world. Then again I'm of the opinion most TV shows should be no longer that 22 minutes. And no movie ever should be longer than 80 minutes.
  22. Wonder if tapping the joycons on a shoe box or something would be better.
  23. Think you're being a bit harsh here. Everybody was going on about how shit this shitshow was. Who's gonna get offended by a fan edit? The person who did the flipping terrible initial edit? He shoulda got gud. Go for it, Grindmouse, you have my full support.
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