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    I've just found it on bandcamp: https://radicaldreamland.bandcamp.com/album/celeste-original-soundtrack There's a link from the Steam page, should have thought to look there!
  2. Blank


    This is fantastic. One of the first games in ages where I've truly got into the flow of it -- there's a moment where it just *clicks* and the moves all start to come together, and the things on the screen that were obstacles become the guidepath to follow instead. And I've only done two levels beyond the tutorial, missed a load of strawberries and haven't even dared look at the B-sides... The presentation is amazing, and the music -- is it available to buy anywhere as a soundtrack? Please?
  3. Still pre-credits, although on 150+ moons and absolutely loving every minute, so can't quite imagine what can top this... At the moment:
  4. There's a line from the Eurogamer review that keeps coming back to me as I play, which I think is the true genius: "As ever in Mario, the designers' ingenuity in staying one step ahead of you - and to the side, and behind, and above and below, and inside and outside and around the corner - beggars belief. They always know where you won't look and what you won't think to do. Perversely, they also know how to get you to look there and do it." This is the difference between other open world games that litter their maps with little icons to chase (which in itself starts to feel disheartening) and Mario, where there's something around *every* corner, but which is found through your own play and exploration. Constantly left thinking "I wonder what happens if I do *this*" and discovering it's exactly what Nintendo's designers wanted me to do... It's sheer delight. Brilliant. And I've only got 60 moons and played four kingdoms. Going to keep me going for ages
  5. Have only played an hour or so. Spent the entire time grinning from ear to ear, so exactly the same effect as 3D World, 3D Land and the Galaxies. Somehow Nintendo just know how to produce sheer joy in game form. Oh and the colours! What a pleasure it is to play something in which the palette isn't just brown, grey, greybrown and browngrey. Looking at some of the other posts here, there's an awful lot of happiness to come from playing Odyssey!
  6. Superb Mario Odyssey Exactly the same as the original, just a little more accurately described in the title.
  7. So via the marvels of click and collect I got a Switch pack with Mario Odyssey from Argos this evening. Yay! Only to find it is, of course, a download code. And my internet is crap. Currently somewhere around 40% downloaded. So Mario will have to wait until tomorrow. (Actually, I'm not really surprised, but it is a bit off when a first-party product like this is done via download rather than physical media. I kind of understand it with third-party pack-ins, but this is just sheer frustration...)
  8. IFA 16 In the latest installment of the popular franchise, you will have to juggle unit trusts, personal equity plans and the global financial markets as you attempt to become the U.K.'s premier Independent Financial Adviser.
  9. On the 3DS, I'm playing Mario & Luigi: Dream Team and thoroughly enjoying it. The start was a little slow but things have opened up nicely now (about 6 hours in)... Lots of charm as ever, although it's a little dialogue heavy. Loving the dream world dynamic though. Just wish it didn't suddenly use the trick of needing to rotate the 3DS, I never seem to be holding it level when I need to be... But then the lure of level ups and ranks is still as strong as ever. Funny how a little bit of fanfare and a group of slightly higher numbers is so satisfying!
  10. Blank

    Nintendo Wii U

    I feel your pain... at exactly the same point. Sailed through the levels up until then, got all of the green stars too. And suddenly am losing 30 lives per level! Still, having got this far I'm not giving up. Perhaps that's part of the design hook?
  11. Perhaps by posting I shall be encouraged to finish more games than I usually do (close to zero...). Although the only thing I can claim so far this year is to have got as far as the credits and end screen in Super Mario 3D World. Much more to do... Still, what there has been so far has been wonderfully colourful, brightly polished and incredibly enjoyable. Which makes me want to go on to finish it properly. Too many games in progress to list, mainly focused on 3DS. Making decent ground in Legend of Zelda: Link Between Worlds.
  12. Spent the last few days playing this as have been away from home -- and how wonderful it has been! Only just got through the first three starter dungeons, but massively enjoying it. It has taken a little while to wrap my head around the main mechanic -- have had quite a few "Doh! Of course!" moments. But it's so pretty and so much fun... and it still has that Zelda inventiveness, coupled with being crammed with stuff to do. I fear I have however erred in renting *all* of the equipment straight off. Now I don't want to die at all... Have quit rather than continued a couple of times already. I'm finding it pretty tough on that front, despite the chat higher up the thread about how easy it is. Wonderful game!
  13. And then your avatar has just reminded me of both Attack and Revenge of the Mutant Camels. Although both of those are edged in the title stakes by Metagalactic Llamas Battle at the Edge of Time.
  14. I still like the very early arcade titles that managed to evoke how new and exciting videogames were: Galaxians Zaxxon Q*Bert and so on... It made each game seem like something out of this world, which normal language was unable to express.
  15. I've always wanted to play Kuru Kuru Kururin. Excellent news! Although I am fairly sure I will be appalling at it.
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