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  1. Get ready to address the big unanswered questions of 2020. Which games ‘hang’.
  2. @Thor I worry I am near the end friend. I think based on what you said I might be about to reach that point of no return. I was hoping there would be another half of it. This is terrible news. I am just going to rinse all possible side jobs before moving forward I think. I hope this does not eventually lead to me getting the worse possible ending and a repeat of the cirilla situation.
  3. I think both things are true. The video shows something which in unacceptable with regards to marketing. Equally the issue was not really marketing. I had never seen any of those YouTubers or the press conferences and I was still initially disappointed. I think the things on the video will be jarring to anyone who has played open world games recently. They are just subpar in relation to current game standards. Also, if you had played Witcher you were probably expecting something above current standards (as I was). However, K is also correct that the game is actually fucking brilliant. The more
  4. That’s right. I got caught spoiling the game. You either die a hero. So am I in act 3? Don’t know what people were on about. This game is long.
  5. I find that design for the DJs breathtaking. Hoping for a DJ expansion. I have lost track of which act I am on. I can tell you what I last did. Is this act 3 now?
  6. Is that the demo Jason is accusing of being completely fake? Or am I misreading? Because minus maybe the breakable walls that’s how the game looks and representative of the way it plays. I had actually never seen it until now. Lol
  7. well we done fuck that one up haven't we?
  8. I actually think this looks very representative of the game. What do you guys think?
  9. Does anyone have the context of why they are called European dollars?
  10. It’s annoying. This happened to me often with the Dutch. Particularly annoying when I would hear my name on the middle of a sentence. It’s just not “I am going to go with this one to the press” annoying. There’s whistleblowers and then there’s cock suckers.
  11. Really like the main track (V) I have started listening to it outside the game. Saw it’s a Polish dude that wrote it. Wonder if it’s someone famous or just internal music written for the game. Cool track. Parts of it could be from a nine inch nails song.
  12. Getting an orange item.... then realising it's a helmet.
  13. it is so good. I guess that's a polish sense of humour? Witcher had it too. My favourite was
  14. whoa I just finished a takemura mission which I fucking loved. I take back what I said about boss fights too. I am actually enjoying them. I think he wants me to knock 4 times now. I like how they did something very unique with each of the characters. They are all actually very memorable. It is bringing back my ME2 feels. I love finding the shitiest thing to reply back to Takemura over texts. Sometimes I reload just to see if another response is nastier.
  15. I just did the tasteful sex scene @Thor mentioned. It is such a heartwarming clever little mission. It really resonated with me. I think it takes time to get to where this game is good. So if you’ve played 3-4 hours and quit because the game crashed, the game was a pile of shit for you. If you stuck with it and are in hour 150 on a powerful PC you’ve basically had the complete opposite experience. In any case, I do think Jason is a dick head and that he is not helping the industry as much as he thinks he is. Although he might have good intentions and be a great person in real life.
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