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  1. I have just been checking out Saint Row 3 remaster quick question: where the fuck is the ME trilogy remaster. For fuck's sake. no really. seriously. what the fuck.
  2. I think BoTW is potentially the most overrated game of all time. I liked it. But would replay it now that I know all the puzzle solutions? Probably not. Dark souls is more replayable in my opinion due to the multiple builds etc.
  3. I did Genichiro on xbone. I finally feel more confident in the final phase. Btw how do I get the bone to record more than 2 mins?
  4. I do from reading the web. I also managed to find that boss when exploring after the invasion. But I did not bother to fight it. Boss mechanics seem rather out of place for the game. Is there a way to safe him from becoming?
  5. @Wiper has some correct opinions. The game is a lot smaller than bloodborne though. And that setting is the best of the lot. But the combat here is the perfect version of what they’ve been doing.
  6. This is probably obvious but some things I just today realised about Isshin
  7. Without the rope
  8. Lady butterfly does give me some trouble even now for whatever reason. Old hag.
  9. I remember thinking seven spears was basically impossible. I did him yesterday in under a minute. There are few things more satisfying in gaming. They make you work for it but the reward is glorious. Don’t give up!
  10. Somewhat messy but looks a bit better than it felt in practice.
  11. I was trying to prioritise health damage rather than posture because I found that on new game plus and at full health he recovers posture too quickly. So I was playing it safe so to speak. I could get up to four health hits if he goes from the sweep to the overhead (which he was often doing) and it was very reliable. Maybe I should have been bouncing on his head. I will try that next time. I am sure I will be back to see him.
  12. I hardly ever use that. Not entirely sure what the point is. I am starting to learn to use the skills though. @Mr Combo Breaker I was getting a comfortable and got fucking rinsed. I did one dodge towards him rather than to the side. The fight needs to be close to flawless. He WILL punish mistakes. There is one combo in there as well which I have not fully understood. I think he got me 3 times with the same version of that same attack.
  13. I need a mikiri counter t-shirt
  14. Hey I recorded my OF on new game plus. Pleased with how this one went. Mistakes are lethal on this one.
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