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  1. I think every AC games from the latest era. They are nearly perfectly average. Because they are exactly mediocre in all of the 250 things they do. Combat, exploration, quest design, graphics, world design, art design, story. Exactly half of every game made is better and half of them are worse. But rarely anyone is attempting 2-3 of those 250 things at a time. Focus testing and excellent budget management has made Ubisoft consistent in producing them so that each and every one is perfectly middle of the pack in every way. They polish each thing until the exact moment it starts to not suck and not a second longer. Nothing about any one of them is excellent. Afterthought: I think horizon would have started to be the same except the engine and graphics are so good they accidentally excelled at that.
  2. Got summoned by the dude who wants to watch the full opening Melania cutscene. He then got decimated by the first waterfall dance. This is the start of a long journey for my invisible online friend. Praise the rump.
  3. I accidentally fried morgot on my test run. Seems I hold a particular and unreasonable grudge on this one chap. Been trying to kill him in more and more humiliating ways.
  4. You fought Melania (blade of Miquela) and thought the commander on the swamp was harder?
  5. For those of you suffering with insomnia or just struggling to fall asleep. I wanted to share the meditation I have been doing.
  6. I sold the blasfemus blade when trying to upgrade it ahead of NG+ I am absolutely livid.
  7. I almost had this guy on first try. Who wants to see me suffer?
  8. I did basically only that for Melania. Between the bleed damage and the ability to stagger with the finesse move. I also used a mimic who was dual wielding bleed curved swords. I didn’t even see her infamous attack because of how much damage I did so quickly. Video posted further up.
  9. This is the most fun I have had with anything for a very long time. I was just smiling throughout like a kid, completely immersed in the experience.
  10. it just hits like a truck. I can mess around with other things to have fun (double katana slash is another one I enjoy) but I am just not as effective with anything else. finesse sucks for dragons and birds but good for tanky knights.
  11. I guess this is the flame of ambition that chap was warning me about.
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