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  1. that sounds to me like you were robbed. I am almost certain my teammates contributed to my ace medal. unless they missed all the shots they fired. which is also extremely possible lol
  2. @Triple A mine was on first round. Maybe lone wolf or the other one you got (extermination) is the next tier of this medal where no one even assists you and you do all the damage yourself.
  3. next time make sure to do it in the final round in that case mate
  4. Hey just looking at this on my phone but it seems you are missing an ace medal which should have been awarded. Unless I don’t understand that medal then
  5. Think the nade blew up the vehicle there in the end for an extra lol effect
  6. Throwing both nades there was a struck of genius because you don’t make a noise or appear on their radar. Those nades also flash weird in the hud (in terms of damage direction) because it shows as if the damage is coming from all directions. It’s a real clever play. I find in that level I am often seen even while in camo because of how the sun hits the sand. If only I had a box for my head.
  7. remember when xbox's big play was to leverage their recent success in the console business to get into selling cable TV boxes (capable of spying on people's children)? don matrick you legend.
  8. Wait. There’s another game like this one?
  9. actually idiwa I take back what I said. turns out they've removed the ninja medal from the game.
  10. hammer kills do not count a melee? it's the mother of all melee kills!
  11. sometimes what happens is you think you have landed a full burst but actually there was a bullet out of place. I don't think they would have changed balancing. the game is barely holding together as it is. I doubt they will make any changes to it until they get things working. the game is a bit less stable for example on PC following the BTB update, which did not fix BTB on PC by the way.
  12. I was already not feeling well that afternoon. on that first engagement I was already upset by how I fucked it up. I was sure I had landed two full bursts on the chap and the melee would do him. it surprised me when he was still alive and then I could not land the extra shot needed. so he found the worse time to get me triggered. when I watched on theater later I noticed I had retaliated on 2-3 people on the other team, 2 of which had nothing to do with anything and were actually behaving as good citizens. one of which later went on to teabag me at the end. so I became a link in the chain. I think it is up to us to make sure we stop passing it forward. I need to get better at playing this only when I am having fun. and not giggling when I see someone else teabagging someone.
  13. this was a relative unremarkable killing spree but I was particularly proud of my quiet confidence in walking away from that last engagement knowing I had won the mental game (if not the shooting)
  14. Maybe you were hesitating with isshin?
  15. The real demon is the arena and the camera. you are figthing yourself (as you are the viewer/camera). this is some meta shit From is doing.
  16. this is the most triggered I have been in a non-ranked match with this game. these guys managed to get on my nerves. I don't think I was in the right headspace to play this afternoon to begin with. one dude teabagged me and the other backsmacked me out of overshield. I went on a tea bagging rampage that did not end well. EDIT: my team were fucking awful as well though watching that again.
  17. did this end in an overkill there? (you had the back of a fourth chap) I feel like I was left in a cliffhanger. finish the fight!
  18. I fucking love this. the blair witch project of halo clips.
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