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  1. Wait @rafaqat works for them or does he have an ‘uncle’ that works there
  2. quick question lads: have they fixed frame pacing issues on PC?
  3. I hit level 50 and the next main story quest I need to do is level 30. I love the game but I still think there is too much of it. Lots of mediocre stuff mixed in. I have particularly enjoyed the drones for some reason (I find them really relaxing). I have hated the ruin puzzles. One fatal design flaw of the cauldrons for me is they’ve incorporated surprises. Surprises are not good for cauldron design because they end up feeling like bullshit. Predictable boss encounter at the end is core to the design (allows you to prep for the fight and plan the strategy). Springing the boss on you comes across as bullshit. or a fight sequence after you have beaten the boss. I don’t think they should have gone for the element of surprise for cauldrons. I would allow it in the main story but even there it is not great. This game’s combat is at its best when you set up an ambush and plan of attack before the fights.
  4. I used to play anything that came out at least for a little bit. I am super careful these days of just sticking to things I am enjoying. I play about 3 games a year these days. But I play the shit out of each one. I abandon games very easily. When I really get into something I will do one or two hours a night between 9-11. If things are going well I end up taking a break for a few weeks and spending a bit more time with my wife. If things are going bad I end up jumping from one game to the other and my personal life suffers. I sometimes loose the plot and end up staying up until 1 or 2. That’s really bad.
  5. No my main point was not that I found them repetitive. I am literally saying there’s too many of them. and as a result there’s a lot of average ones. So I will start a quest in a town and end up thinking it was just ok not realising there was a brilliant one right next to it. There’s so many that it makes the really great ones hard to find.
  6. I think the main issue with this game is there is too much of it. There are some brilliant quests, some mediocre ones and some just bad repetitive ones. I think there could be one third of the content and the game would be better for it.
  7. hey for those of you who played halo, is walking speed a lot slower in destiny? I went back to try to play the new campaign and I feel like I am controlling a tank. I may have wasted this money. I am not sure I can play destiny anymore. just the fact that there is no savepoint in the middle of a mission and you have to sit and play the 20 minutes without a break is enough to put me off these days. I also have less than zero clue what the fuck is going on in the story. and I have infinite primary ammo.
  8. I agree about off screen attacks. this is what was ruining the boss encounter for me. they throw a couple of random other robots into the arena encounter. these are supposed to be 'handled' by the NPCs. but they kept killing me in one shoot as I was about to finish the boss. spawning minions on these arena encounters is a really terrible idea. the way the IA seems to behave they actually make a point of surrounding you. kangaroos can also jump over traps. all boss fights so far have been a masterclass on how not to design an encounter. I sort of had this problem with the original but the higher variety of robots here makes it a lot worse.
  9. Hey what are the problems of graphical fidelity?
  10. I took my daughter to the science museum today and on the exhibit with all the airplane engines I thought: ohh I better pick all these parts up.
  11. There’s nothing else to play! It’s either this or house chores.
  12. In the end I left the heavy ammo for when the health was low. And after a couple of shots the thing randomly fell down. So it just got decimated by heavy ammo in the end while I just stood there shooting. I wish I had the video just just turned off the ps5 in frustration afterwards.
  13. I’ve been playing on hard and finding the combat great. But I just got to something called fa. I got tore a new asshole. Must have failed 20-30 minutes straight. I don’t mind that normally as long as it feels fair and that I am learning. This just felt random. Even the time I finally did manage to defeat the encounter, it mostly felt like I got lucky more than anything else. The issue is the boss gets more aggressive when weak. Which resulted in many random failures stuck on the environment when the thing had a sliver of health left.
  14. Raise your hand if you press triangle in your first attempt to use the glider in every play session.
  15. I am in song town. The game is a tiny bit uneven I think but when I get into a groove I have long sessions of having an absolute blast. I have disliked random arena boss-fights and extremely long multi tier side quest with random resources or coils as rewards.
  16. A bit of an eyesore if you are coming straight from horizon I have to say.
  17. I have seen more of the issues people talk about later in the game. It is a bit bloated with crap. And it is a game which is essentially terrified that you might get stuck on something. They are expecting all players to be idiots. ‘I better read that contract again to remind myself of what I read two minutes ago”.
  18. saying you have good shots is a spoiler that there are peaty graphics later in the game. Just don’t post anything.
  19. So looks like Elden ring is a bit better? They can really pick their release windows innit
  20. this gives naughty dawg a spanking in draw distance, texture detail and geometry complexity. it is crazy to look at sometimes.
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