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  1. Yesterday I spent a few minutes on top of an antenna looking for the side which was closest to the tall neck. Then looking for another switch that maybe extended one side. Took me ages to remember I could paraglide. My experience with the first horizon sort of works against me sometimes because I forget about new systems. It is enough like the original that you can sometimes feel like you are just continuing that game.
  2. I did not love GoW for some reason. I have not finished it. I have started over maybe ten times. more recently on PC which was the best yet but still I could not be asked for some reason. I did not play either Spider-Man. I gave away a copy of miles morales I had to a friend as a present. I think I probably would like those but I am more of a DC person. the last AC I played was black flag. I could not finish the last of us 2 because it was stressing me out. I really loved the first horizon. at the time I liked it as much as botw but I appreciate with time that the latter was a more significant milestone in game design. I like icecream.
  3. Conversely complexity (for example in currencies and crafting materials) can give a game longevity. It is a bit of a tight rope innit?
  4. Yeh I had a surprising good time with a dude with a shield albeit I had not spent a single point on that.
  5. yeh fair enough I have only played a few hours of it. I don't think the 88 is invalid. it just seems low to me given what I have played so far. I don't like having the highlights on all the time because it makes nature in the game look less beautiful. I have not played any open world games (ala AC) in the past maybe 3 years. other than the first horizon which I rinsed and I recently played the expansion to that maybe a year ago.
  6. So for example. GoW is a 94 metacritic. I think this is closer to that than the scores imply. I think there is a lot original here for sample the world and premise. A time loop by comparison is not that original. Glad you liked deathloop though for me it was literally 50 pounds in the bin.
  7. Just been to the embassy. That escalated quickly.
  8. The only opinion that matters about horizon
  9. I didn’t say it was bad. But I just think it is low in relation to how good the game is. I am sure internally the studio would have wanted a higher number given how much money and love they clearly threw at it.
  10. How? It’s absolutely mental. This is the same metacritic as deathloop. Tony hawk is higher. It must be demoralising to be in a studio that releases this to a 88 metacritic. Maybe word of mouth will do the trick. I don’t know if it is just my taste or something. I will rinse this. It is an just astonishing. How do you have a ps5 and not play this.
  11. I am honestly dumbfounded as to how this is an 89 metacritic. It must be that this is just my jam.
  12. Yes I like the colours. But the robots are a big deal no? There are lots of them. Gives you lots of room to imagine things that are interesting looking. there are also alien looking bunkers for example. I wish naughty dawg did something in space is what I am saying.
  13. Because of horizon’s setting it allows them to have a more colourful palette and colourful interesting looking robot dinosaurs and not just horrible looking parasite/fungal infected people. In uncharted everything is real life and in tlou everything is drab and nasty looking with the occasional giraffe. It is not the artistic direction I don’t think. I think naughty dawgs artistic direction is actually the dog’s bollocks (pardon the pun). I think the settings are not helping.
  14. like something in space, a different planet, gothic/lovecraft, monsters, underwater, high/low fantasy. etc
  15. Issue with those games is the realism. I wish they did a game without the constraints of having to abide by real world stuff.
  16. Is normal difficulty hard enough to force you to use all the toys?
  17. These accessibility features made me chuckle.
  18. Stadia made more difficult too! They fucking hate Google with a passion. edit: also, big dick option removed on the platform!
  19. They’ve made it so that running and gunning is more viable I heard. But maybe the particular guns you are using were nerfed.
  20. This is how they pay you after a year of being the single rider of stadia users
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