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  1. I am with Uzi and leChuck on this one. I had the exact same experience. I don't understand this complain. I also didn't understand the complain about load times and I hate that they've added item descriptions to it. I liked having nothing to do while I waited as penitence for the mistakes that got me there. I try not to read now and instead look down in shame. Can the item description thing be turned off and replaced with the bloodborne logo or just a completely black screen?
  2. Someone left a note at the Micosh encounter that said: poison is effective but pitiful, really. That's a fine note.
  3. And I fully intend on smashing the chalice Dungeons after the next boss falls. Need to try and beat that guy in the cathedral again too, if I've not left it too late.. Agree I was also in constant fear of the uberT and then it didn't happen. But I just really liked how weird that was so that is still probably one of my favorite parts of the game. I was also confused about how easy it was but then the boss right after made up for it in difficulty or maybe I was just tired. It took me a while.
  4. Riding high on my success, I headed back to FCC to take on the boss again.. He'd previously smashed me repeatedly, despite me coming so close the first time! I did it first go, my heart was racing! Only this game gives me that feeling! So bloody satisfying! Next did the side quest stuff for Alfred, which was quite funny! Weapon LW is AWESOME though, can't wait to take it for a proper spin soon. Anyway, I then returned to location NoM. Crept a bit further through the stage after the middle lantern.. Love the classic Souls trick of bosses-becoming-fodder... This fucking game! Got to be real close to the end now though.. I don't want it to finish! I don't think Micosh is meant to be the real NoM boss. There is a proper one later on. But as a plot device he is fucking fantastic. Have you done chalice dungeons? There's a whole other game's worth of content there.
  5. Couple of things on NWN. I found it hard too but there are a couple of things I learned to make it easier.
  6. May depend on insight... or maybe you glitched them. Micosh is piss easy but super interestingly designed; however, mwn is not. My fight with mwn is below. Did you get all these moves? Looks hard to me but maybe you are just better.
  7. Oz

    Destiny: FIN

    Use shotguns when on exclusion zone to get most glimmer per minute.
  8. Everytime I play Bloodborne I start by going to ML and ringing that small bell to kick his ass with someone before I get going... as a warm up... I hate the bastard.... below a short video of the last time we crossed paths in my game world....
  9. Oz

    Destiny: FIN

    I am going to be home sick a lot in May.
  10. Oz

    Destiny: FIN

    I'll be on. Let's keep the team if we can. We weren't playing very well but have a very positive attitude. Also pumpkins!
  11. Oz

    Destiny: FIN

    Fatebringer seems to be the only thing on the Templar loot table for me. I had been keeping all of them but I finally had the courage to dismantle one yesterday. I will do a pumpkin themed dismantling party for the other four when Berties/Jerec get theirs. Can we get to Atheon guys? He has a Vex with my name on it.
  12. Oz

    Destiny: FIN

    Also... no new dances! Fuck Bungie
  13. Yes, a fully charged R2 attack from behind staggers enemies. This can be followed with R1 to do a 'viceral attack'. Some guidance on this is found in messages on the dream. This is fundamental later in the game. In general, bigger and slower enemies you can stagger from behind but some huge enemies cannot be staggered. Quicker enemies are better staggered using the gun. Then you can do the same 'viceral attack' from the front on any staggered enemy but this has a very strict window and position to be done from. Bosses can nearly all be staggered in different ways (for example hitting limbs or heads) depending on the boss. Your viceral attacks can be upgraded later in the game with runes. Some perks on 'viceral attacks' are really game changing. You will know when you staggered an enemy (even a boss) because of a very unique sound cue (similar to the backstabbing sound in DaS).
  14. This was a fantastic choice particularly coming from Dark Souls where the Crow was potentially your only friend. When I ran into the crows in Bloodborne I thought: oh good maybe they'll take me somewhere. Then someone left a message: Fear the birds. Then I got very afraid and approached very careful. Then the crow started barking and... I shat myself.
  15. Oz

    Destiny: FIN

    I am also up for that run berties if there is any drop outs. I have fatebringer but seeking Mythoclash.
  16. What's his weapon? I defo killed the dude so that must be somewhere for me to buy?
  17. Indeed. I wish I had recorded it. Think the stairs was the spot to do that and I used a lot of bullets to try to stagger it. Think that fight is potentially highly dependent on your level as you can get there really early but not be ready for it. He hurts himself to get a buff as well, I couldn't figure out what his buff was doing. Also, he can prevent your healing so have to be on a look out for that.
  18. I will be on from 9-10 tonight. Maybe on bloodborne but send me a party invite if you need anyone for raiding.
  19. Case and point about the value of short names. AW is real easy to miss. Based on achievement/trophy rarity something like 10% of people have finished this game as far as I can tell. I say keep em a bit longer.
  20. Right massively important bit of information missing from that tip then. I would have not done this in a million years.
  21. Funny how random loot drops can be. Black hammer is the first drop I ever got from Crota. Maybe from the chest at the starting bit before they patched it.
  22. @Nighteyes do you know what you were missing that you didn't get the real ending? Keen to find out as I am nearly there and would like to try to get it. Was it UCW? Edit: Please give me any hints using shorten boss and place names and in-game message words therefore elation!
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