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  1. Remember Shooty therefore time for wailing....
  2. 'Falling is effective'. Give Shooty my regards. Please post videos when you fuck him up so we can all celebrate.
  3. Davros is now the master. The circle is complete. The sky and the cosmos are one! I am impressed with ABClosing. He fucking hates this game but has decided to fight through the pain. Respect.
  4. I understand. No argument. Interesting debate. On this point I disagree as well. The combat is exactly the same for me as this is how I played Dark Souls. I has a small parry shield and dodged attacks a lot. I don't know the truth of course about this one but I would argue that if they could have called this something with Souls in it, they would have. This was not an artistic choice or to refer to it being different. This was a legal problem because they each have had a game with a very similar tittle under different legal arrangements. This was a lawsuit waiting to happen if they kept releasing very similarly names titles with very similar names under different conditions. From a marketing point of view calling it something souls would have been massively beneficial.
  5. I struggled massively with this too. Truth is the game really opens up after that in many fucking great ways. Try summoning, try focusing on spiders, try rushing the boss with electrical damage, but don't give up!
  6. There is an equivalent here to each mechanic a Souls game has ever had. Humanity, bonfires, leveling, the nexus, messages, inventory management (minus weight), stat scaling for weapons, shortcuts, boss fights, retrieving souls, shared currency and experience, invasions, summoning, etc. It is an upgraded version of the same engine really. It's like saying FF13 was not in the Final Fantasy series. I would argue some numbered sequels have had less in common. Those gameplay tweaks are exactly the kind of refinement you would expect from a sequel. This would have been a sequel in name as well if there arrangements for DeS and Das (business side) had not been what they were. I side with Spainkiller on this one.
  7. Here's how I killed CE (last minute or so):
  8. Go back to Dark Souls when done. You'll like it.
  9. Right. Done with CE. Not sure I had fun there. But happy that it was very different. Seems like this is the bed of chaos for this game. Minus the 10 minute run to get there.
  10. Just made it to UW. Thanks Dood. I was again obsessing with looking for the key in the wrong area so without the additional nudge this would have been painful. The area is oppressive and fucked up. Also, kinda harder and somewhat unfair in places. I really like it.
  11. Gentle: Bit more specific: Thanks bro, Read the very gentle one and will go out into the wild again with that. Funny because I was focussing on exactly the wrong area.
  12. Dood - spent some more time in the area before ToR. Still looking for that key for UW. But found a ton of crap I had missed.
  13. I am happy to help. But may not be on until 930 or 10. Whatcha think?
  14. That's when my patch finished installing. Definitely worth staying up for those 10 strange coins. I will be on today from 10 as I don't need to sleep apparently. Keen to do both raids but particularly VoG.
  15. Yeah I was positive I knew the door that bit is easy. I'll let you know how I get on.
  16. Roll into the attacks. You can do it! Don't give up!
  17. I understood what was going on a bit better in DaS. Maybe not in terms of plot but what things were core to the story and what progress had been made (like getting to anor londo or ringing the bells) and which bits were optional (like painted world). I however really love the sense Bloodborne gives me of being lost in a fucking nightmare that you can't wake up from. It has this very surreal quality which would be lost with exposition or if someone had an exclamation mark over their heads.
  18. I have yet to face the boss though, but am reliably informed that TOR isn't too tough. Probably will be for me. Am totally fed up with big Amyg and ML. Both doing my head in, and glad they are both optional cos' I am done with them solo. Guess I'll have to try to co-op them again, as the BB servers kept kicking me out last night every time I rang the Beckoning Bell. Posted just now a two minute video on Amyg. Maybe you'll find some use in that? I found Amyg somewhat easy (maybe to do with me level as I did this later) but ML is a motherfucker.
  19. @Stanley Best looking area by far. Really a marvel to see.
  20. Hello chaps - I am done with NF (video below) and wondering what I should do next. I did share play with a mate last night who is way behind me in the main story line (whatever that is) and yet he was in this other area I haven't even seen (more details in spoilers). I already did CC thanks to the chat here so it's not that. I seem to be missing another area somehow. Can I get a hint in the form of an in-game message?
  21. Oz

    Destiny: FIN

    So... you are not getting 'exactly' what you wanted one might say.
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