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  1. Oz

    Destiny: FIN

    VoG is potentially one of the greatest achievements in a co-op FPS ever. In my opinion.
  2. Oz

    Destiny: FIN

    Sorry I didn't mean this as a personal insult to you. Unless you work for Bungie. In which case I totally did.
  3. Oz

    Destiny: FIN

    They're not all sitting there. I reckon most of the people that worked on raids are working on destiny 2 raids. I don't get vitriolic rage over anything to do with games really but you have to admit the way in which Bungie released and have supported this game is bizarre. The issue is not that this is not 'exactly' what people want, the issue is this is a steaming pile of shit.
  4. Oz

    Destiny: FIN

    Every bit of new information is more confusing than the previous. Announcing that there are no raids in the new content is the final insult. This game should have had one raid on each planet to begin with. I would buy a book about what the fuck happened with this game.
  5. Rom is the boss I've enjoyed least. Tips I have picked up here previously (but not used necessarily):
  6. I haven't tried myself but everyone here says it takes time. Seems to depend no time of day as well and how many people online.
  7. These two tips are fundamental for dealing with bosses. If you are unable to see what VA is doing (and are therefore getting hit and unsure when to dodge) you are way too close to her. You need to keep your distance, close in to do damage and then back off to figure out what's going on. Make every move purposeful, don't panic and don't get greedy. Learn to dodge forward. I had the most fun with this game with the VA encounter. It is a work of art. It's almost a dance. Here's the last two minutes of that:
  8. I still want to raid and do nighfalls. I am deep in bloodborne too but would welcome a break from that if we get a team going. I still want to do VoG as well. I will be on from 9. Send me an invite if you need a raid team.
  9. Have a lot of people found themselves constantly farming vials?
  10. It may have more to do with how you played DaS rather than if you finished it. If you relied on shields a lot and played passively and relying on eastus this might not help you with this game. Also, it's more about farming souls than vials. A run in the FW could easily give you 40K in about 20 minutes which buys a lot of vials. Levelling up is more expensive as you go up levels while the price of vials stays the same. Therefore, when you unlock any high level areas buying vials becomes trivial.
  11. Using vials will help you last longer and learn their move set in fewer attempts. Being stingy about using vials on runs until you learn the boss makes no sense to me. Specially if you consider that the run to the boss is time wasted. If you start exploring old areas to find secrets later on you will max out vials easily while still having fun discovering new things. Also easy to farm vials once you open the academy. That's a non issue I think.
  12. Thanks for all the tips about finding CC. I wish I had done it earlier. The level itself seemed a bit easy, like i was overleveled for it. I still think I was the right level for ML who is a bastard. Got some fine messages from hunters after that help me find another secret at the end of that section. Here's the last two minutes of the ML encounter.
  13. Megaman 2 taught me that after 100 attempts at something the real fun begins.
  14. This game finds itself in a weird spot because there are so few games to play on PS4 (particularly RPGs or anything from Japan). I think the target audience is potentially much older than the current average PS4 owner. But with everyone looking for something to play of significance you get millennials (with zero patience) buying this game and dropping it when they discover is not an FPS. I imagine this happens more and more in all games these days and the answer is always make the game easier. I remember looking in horror at my nephew going through entire galaxy levels guided by Rosalinda (that game played itself if you wanted it to if I recall). I also think a lot of casual gamers will give this game a go because it looks so damn cool. The art design of this is outstanding.
  15. Thanks. I didn't find any chest on the area either so there must be something big I missed. I also read the spoiler tagged help above. I really shouldn't have. But kinda glad I did. I really enjoy finding things in this game by accident and realising it's something big. But when you know you are looking for something very specific, it's just a fucking pain.
  16. ToR first attempt: https://youtu.be/pq9zMJTSFx8 Oh no! If it's the other thing I couldn't pick it up because it said my inventory was full. Fuck!
  17. Dropped by her? or bloby thing?
  18. Hello I need a bit of help. After reading here that it was one of the best areas in the game, and knowing I had missed it and I am near the end of the game, I decided to read a tip for finding FCC (Fucking CC). The tip and outcome are below:
  19. Dav should post his first ten minutes here so we can have a look. I only wish I could play these games for the first time again. Lunge attack is effective therefore time for lunge attacks.
  20. I think this game is potentially an easier entry point into the series (defo when compared with DeS) although at the moment I still think DaS is better. Thoughts?
  21. ALSO: KEY POINT: You start the game with no weapons!!! You will need to: a) Find your weapons; and b) EQUIP your weapons (in menus!). I am yet to see a slapping only run of this game >> challenge extended to dood.
  22. Guns don't work like you'd think. Take some time to find out about that. Range requires you to really spec into it.
  23. This is also very good advice. Weapon scaling is key. Each attribute will have a stat scaling letter on it (check on menus) S, A, B, C, D S is the best. Starting weapons will probably only have D but this goes up as you upgrade your weapon. Upgrading your weapon is essential but you will only unlock this later in the game.
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