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  1. Thanks for all the tips about finding CC. I wish I had done it earlier. The level itself seemed a bit easy, like i was overleveled for it. I still think I was the right level for ML who is a bastard. Got some fine messages from hunters after that help me find another secret at the end of that section. Here's the last two minutes of the ML encounter.
  2. Megaman 2 taught me that after 100 attempts at something the real fun begins.
  3. This game finds itself in a weird spot because there are so few games to play on PS4 (particularly RPGs or anything from Japan). I think the target audience is potentially much older than the current average PS4 owner. But with everyone looking for something to play of significance you get millennials (with zero patience) buying this game and dropping it when they discover is not an FPS. I imagine this happens more and more in all games these days and the answer is always make the game easier. I remember looking in horror at my nephew going through entire galaxy levels guided by Rosalinda (that game played itself if you wanted it to if I recall). I also think a lot of casual gamers will give this game a go because it looks so damn cool. The art design of this is outstanding.
  4. Thanks. I didn't find any chest on the area either so there must be something big I missed. I also read the spoiler tagged help above. I really shouldn't have. But kinda glad I did. I really enjoy finding things in this game by accident and realising it's something big. But when you know you are looking for something very specific, it's just a fucking pain.
  5. ToR first attempt: https://youtu.be/pq9zMJTSFx8 Oh no! If it's the other thing I couldn't pick it up because it said my inventory was full. Fuck!
  6. Dropped by her? or bloby thing?
  7. Hello I need a bit of help. After reading here that it was one of the best areas in the game, and knowing I had missed it and I am near the end of the game, I decided to read a tip for finding FCC (Fucking CC). The tip and outcome are below:
  8. Dav should post his first ten minutes here so we can have a look. I only wish I could play these games for the first time again. Lunge attack is effective therefore time for lunge attacks.
  9. I think this game is potentially an easier entry point into the series (defo when compared with DeS) although at the moment I still think DaS is better. Thoughts?
  10. ALSO: KEY POINT: You start the game with no weapons!!! You will need to: a) Find your weapons; and b) EQUIP your weapons (in menus!). I am yet to see a slapping only run of this game >> challenge extended to dood.
  11. Guns don't work like you'd think. Take some time to find out about that. Range requires you to really spec into it.
  12. This is also very good advice. Weapon scaling is key. Each attribute will have a stat scaling letter on it (check on menus) S, A, B, C, D S is the best. Starting weapons will probably only have D but this goes up as you upgrade your weapon. Upgrading your weapon is essential but you will only unlock this later in the game.
  13. Any build is viable and any weapon is good. I would say consider the following: Vitality: you don't mind getting hit once or twice while you play and getting a chance to recover. You will still die quickly and can't really play this game as a tank (you could do this in Dark Souls though). You will still need to consider upgrading this first or early one because you will get hit, particularly by bosses. Endurance: how many actions you can take before having to wait for a recharge. If you have a very active play style and like to dodge a lot when playing and never getting hit. Strength: you like hard-hitting slow weapons. Skill: you like fast weapons that do less damage Bloodtinge and Arcane: potentially ignore until you know what's going on (anyone else agree with this?).
  14. I agree this article needed an editor but portions of it are really brilliant: "I noticed a peculiar trend during my first stream of Bloodborne. I had taken some melatonin, and I'd worked all day, so I was approaching sleep madness. I was therefore not playing the game very well. Furthermore, I knew nothing about the world of the game. My stream chat was full of lovers of the game, here on the promise of my retweeted announcement that I was about to play the game for the first time. They all wanted to help me. I had dozens of people whispering advice at me. The Souls games are experiences that players feel proud of figuring out. They're mystery novels of mechanics and geography. You solve the games' mysteries by moving, looking, and poking through the world. In Bloodborne, The Players Are The Instruction Manual."
  15. Oz

    Destiny: FIN

    Guess work ahead: If it's just crates they don't but if its less ammo when you spawn they do - including Vex which is a special weapon that goes on primary.
  16. Thanks to your video I have now recorded about a gig of pig fisting. I can't seem to help it.
  17. Careful who you send to the safe place...
  18. .... having said that. Transforming a weapon with L1 is essentially the equivalent of two handing it as it normally increases damage output and reach while making the move set slower.
  19. Only certain ones. Minor gun spoiler below:
  20. If you spoke with her don't worry you will find her again in different places. I don't know if this is the only way to do that (probably not) but I kept running into her in different places and eventually got to the end of that story line. EDIT: Killing bosses appears to cause her to move and progress the story line.
  21. Be patient when fighting the boss and don't be intimidated by sound design, music and size of the monster. Your dodge has a really large invisibility window. Use the dodge you avoid the boss attacks and patiently do away with his health bar without getting greedy. As the fight goes on, the boss will get more aggressive requiring you to resist the urge to try to finish it quickly. Instead, towards the end of the fight, you need to be extra patient. Have a good look at the monsters move set. Keep your distance and decide on the best window of opportunity to attack. Do not rush and mind your surroundings so you don't get stuck in a corner. Try to keep the boss centered in your view and make sure you understand where you are in relation to walls and geometry in the environment.
  22. In my opinion, more important than your level is your weapon upgrade. Materials to update weapons will be in the environment. Make sure you have used what you are able to find in the area (and be careful to look for everything) so your weapon is at the level it is supposed to be for battling the boss.
  23. Really!? Fucking hell I did not realise that. Actually that boss name probably needs a spoiler tag = CB.
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