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  1. What rune combos are you guys using / would suggest? I'd say dood has the right answer but agree that not at the expense of primary unless you are rocking a gun build, and are therefore crazy.
  2. funny have not played any. They seem weird. You think there is any overlap with souls series?
  3. I raged quit Dark Souls at the centipede demon then came back to it about a month later and started over the game. I looked up where to fight the demon on youtube (had a massive mental block with looking things up online). Glad I did. This became my favourite game of all time.
  4. My advice would be that you should learn to use the gun. You are missing on 50% of your tools. Different guns have different uses (crowd control or single target damage for example). Try it out. Most bosses can be stunned with the gun and viceral attacks following a stun deal about 4 times the damage. Yes, you can get through without them but they are an amazing addition and become much more necessary I think as the game progresses. particularly, when you are trying to deal with other hunters.
  5. I remember the first time I played dark souls I missed getting my main weapon as well. I got all the way to the asylum demon killing everything with the broken sword you start with. That took about 3 hours if I remember correctly. I remember thinking: Man, they really weren't kidding about this game being hard. All of the sudden found my actual first weapon and made it through in 5 minutes. Funny thing is something similar happened on my first run with bloodborne because I died and immediately came back from the dream and started slapping the wolf again until I killed it. Then was out into the city with no weapons. That was 1am on release night (after two Destiny raids) so I decided to go to bed. Came back the next morning and decided to start over with a bit more patience and a fresh head.
  6. Well that was 50 quid well spent for that guy then.
  7. Rifle spear is also dex. It's awesome. Play dark souls PC with mods. Best game of all time.
  8. I have been playing late at night after my baby goes to bed. I am now consistently getting nightmares. I love it.
  9. that should of died on my third whack but decided to jump through it and hit me. Pissed. But found SoY and died again, but at least opened up the short cuts. Don't sweat it. You can get that back easily in that area, particularly when you know the area more and can be a bit more patient. A suggestion for SoY:
  10. Oz

    Destiny: FIN

    you need the DLC but I would play a bit more to see if you really like it. Particularly, after level 20. The game is different and more grindy once you get to light levels. Some people will find this offputting. If you are liking the grind, buy the DLC as it is massively necessary.
  11. Oz

    Destiny: FIN

    Congratulations, I am very happy for you and glad I could be there to see it. Edit: Who the fuck am I kidding? Fuck this game!!!! It is now down to just me (and Kauwicks who got the game this weekend) who don't have it.
  12. People did naked / shield only runs of Dark Souls at level 1. Having fun has nothing to do with that.
  13. Yep, ringing the bells for example. It was very clear you had achieved a mayor game event without having to make it explicit or what it actually meant. Not the case here. I actually don't know whether any of the bosses I have fought were optional or part of the main story line.
  14. Holy shit! A 360! how's that thing still working? Is it just there for effect? Edit: Oh sorry I just noticed its a holder for the PS4 on top of it. My bad.
  15. I feel am I also struggling with the plot much more than I was on previous tittles. I literally have zero clue what's going on. I am choosing what do to next based on areas I find and how much exploring I find myself doing, but I have no idea what the next 'quest task' is supposed to be. Not sure how I feel about that. Maybe it's a bit too obscure. I remember loving this about DaS though.
  16. Yes, I agree much more with Timmo. I think this is the best level design work they've done. It is kind of amazing what they've done with shortcuts. All open world games could learn tons from this game. Although assets are somewhat re-used and colour palette is similar, each area feels very unique and like it belongs where it is. Balancing being believable as a place with being fun to go through (gameplay wise). I have played everything in different order than most of my friends. Granted, this made some areas a bit to easy. Much much better than DaS2. Difficult to compete with DaS because everything was newer then and had more impact.
  17. We require an immediately change to the name of the thread. That name is much better. I have not finished it yet, but a viceral attack on Matt Damon would be the perfect ending for this game.
  18. Now that everyone has had time to play, what do you think of this quote "not as refined and freeform as some of its predecessors" from the game revolution review.
  19. Oz

    Destiny: FIN

    What are the modifiers though?
  20. Really stupid question: how do I use sixaxis for gestures?
  21. Just done with SoY. Didn't care much for it. First boss I don't like. Loads of random shit and luck involved. Maybe I should have summoned but wanted to save that for when I am really stuck. This only took two tries.
  22. I am happy to do either. Send me a psn invite when you are starting it. I also want to still do VoG if anyone fancies that. I still need vex.
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