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  1. @Thor you know they even rebalanced weapons and skill trees. I think the real answer here is to replay on PC bud. Even if you played in December.
  2. I started a new game on PC. I will download the trial on PS5 but will not buy this on account of horizon which I bought the day before this came out. Another baffling decision by CDPR releasing this in February. A great decision to have a free trial. I think a lot of people will be surprised that this is not as bad as they thought.
  3. have zero time to play this given everything new which is coming out. I also already played this last year on pc (a better version). I am about to make a terrible mistake. Please talk me out of buying this.
  4. So is this the PS5 version releasing? Or just a patch on the PS4 version? I am confused
  5. there is just something about nailing those shots on the dude rushing you with the sword.
  6. Bummer. I remember demons souls not having ray tracing and looking cool in any case. I hope that’s true here. But really disappointed
  7. It was ok on pc for me yesterday afternoon. But melee does feel weird
  8. maybe I will get used to it? I had learned to compensate and now I need to get used to it working properly perhaps.
  9. shit I clicked on the spoiler. it was a proper spoiler. I have been spoiled.
  10. has there been much discussion about how the game looks and graphical features? it was such an important part of the original that it looked better than anything else at that point. I am now worried about the cross generation nature of this. have they said much about ray-tracing etc?
  11. I dunno man. have they done something to the melee? feels bad.
  12. No mate it was totally off for me too yesterday. I actually went and closed other windows and was looking to see if something was affecting my PC performance because it felt weird. Are you playing on PC? Also there’s that rocket that went missing which had not happened in a long time.
  13. same but for rockets! Riddle me this I think the network/servers were a bit funny yesterday
  14. hey just coming back to this after a couple of years and a bit surprised about how much things have changed. it will take me a while to get back up to speed and make sense of everything. for example, I noticed a bunch of women now work for bungie and one of them is "senior" designer? luckily everyone's still white.
  15. @Varsity @Boothjan would you please come in the defence of default skin users everywhere. what was this chap doing with the flag during sudden death? this team of default-skins nearly gave me an aneurysm. I think the entire opposing team died twice in full in the time it took him to "Sam Fisher" the flag into base.
  16. My top ten 1) overshield 2) cammo 3) repulsor 4) grapple 5) thrusters 6) sensor 7) nothing 8. my pc crashed 9) I have lost consciousness 10) deployable shield
  17. is there some sort of high level strat I am not understanding on this map? why not capture b? I had to solo hold the zone the entire match. my team was not even bothered to capture it when it was vacant. instead legging it from A to C the entire match. am I missing something? only badjuju94 seemed to care but he was not minding the gap.
  18. After a few weeks of connecting via cable to my router I can say this nearly eliminated sync issues. Happens very rarely still but it is never infuriating.
  19. Playing destiny on Saturday evenings meant playing with Americans. They seemed to play better on average but the banter was a lot dumber. Also lots more alpha males having a go at people or ‘directing’ the rest of the team. I tried to stay away from weekend evenings. @TommyG
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