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  1. What?.. the one you are supposed to loose to/run away from?
  2. Then I have no rebuttal. This is the perfect answer.
  3. Ok I came to post my list but… it is basically this… with two corrections: 1) Replacing owl with the second time you meet him in the dream (maybe you meant this one already) and 2)replacing number three with ornstein and smough. I just have so much nostalgia for that duo. I think sword saint is basically perfect. I can say that with no hesitation.
  4. I wonder why they bought wordle instead of this. Silly move.
  5. guys would you please make an effort. at least change the fucking default colour.
  6. I assume the population on quickplay is falling a bit because I keep running into the same people. but these guys were new (judging from that grey armour with the number one on the chestplate). that last kill was perhaps unnecessary with 10 seconds to go.
  7. then later I got a patch on the game just now. anything mp related in this?
  8. so quickplay served me a 5v5 slayer match today. it was shit. it was not even all players. both teams had a bot. the map was too small. was that a glitch? EDIT: confused the shit out of me.
  9. I once set the alarm at 430 am to finish the remaining grinding I had to do in destiny before heading the work at 8am. I had to do that ahead of the daily reset. I forget what I was grinding for but I remember thinking at that exact moment: this is not going well is it? I had woken up early before (for fallout 3) or stayed up 24 hours straight (on gears multiplayer) but this was very different. Because I was not having any fun. Nothing about that was enjoyable. I just had to do it so I could get the loot before they took it away. Killing the same enemies a million times. It was like a job I had to do. Destiny is fucked up in that way. As I toy with the idea of returning for the expansion, it has been helpful to remember that moment. Edit: I completely lost my voice doing the day tripper achievement with a mate. That was fun though. I cherish that memory.
  10. I feel that theme is representative of the state of the podcast.
  11. I went off on one here at the end. I wanted it more than the other team. pleased with my use of all the toys. one should have fallen off the map but didn't. sad face.
  12. btw I think you were seconds away from an overkill if they had rezzed the remaining chap.
  13. @Boothjandid you get a callout or something? or you just like throwing nades at b from time to time?
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