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  1. I have a hard time even figuring out what I’ve unlocked in the season pass. It’s all shit. And I can’t equip most of it because it doesn’t go with my pay to win armor. The head flame effect for example will not equip unless I take my purchased cosmetics off.
  2. on this one my teammate kept taking the overshield from me. he then commended 'ez' at the end. I am sure it was because he kept taking my toys! I also found a new spot to push people from. the dude I pushed kinda bounced against the wall too. this just never gets old. is resulsor new to halo?
  3. Here’s a very enjoyable thing to do. second only to pushing people off the map.
  4. @Doctor Shark I agree quickplay is easier and I’ve found I win about half the time. Ranked was more like one win every five matches, when I was solo queuing. You also have fiesta which is more chaotic fun. The academy menu has that practice mode mentioned. It is not in the multiplayer menu for some reason. In academy definitely play with the settings. When set to Spartan the AI is harder than playing against some real players. And it is very believable. You can practice your aim and movement, learn the maps and try different weapons. In real live you may only pick up the sniper for example a couple of times in a few matches. In academy you can set it up so you always have a sniper full of ammo and you can practice peaking, pre scoping or covering lanes. In the community menu you also have Theater where you can see what other players were doing as well as yourself. This is good to learn from mistakes and others.
  5. I completed my battlepass. I should probably play the campaign at some point. have you guys finished the story? is it worth it for the pvp crew? @Triple A @Kryptonian @sir stiff_one @Boothjan @TommyG @Pob @Varsity? gave it a go at first but found it extremely boring.
  6. The game has been hard on me this weekend. Lots of very very miserable matches. I only won when leaving a puddle in my gaming chair. This is one I enjoyed probably of two good matches. Attrition started super easy early in the event but now all matches are difficult.
  7. I started narrating the match in my head. Probably a scrub play against potatoes, but in my head, these were the championship finals. Lol
  8. Don’t know why they couldn’t just sell it to Microsoft. Idiots.
  9. Oz

    I hate these guys

    these fuckers actually have tiny eyes above their jaws and the two giant gelatinous orbs on their heads are just for effect. how fucked up in the head do you have to be to come up with this fucking nightmare? well played From.
  10. I would buy a game at full price that’s just pushing people off the map. edit: maybe I just want to play smash bros
  11. Hey I just noticed this chap just took the top onyx spot from trippy. And he seems to play on keyboard and mouse. Seems to have only played about 50 hours too! Do you guys know if he streams?
  12. I am not sure this was ever as much of a problem as they thought. And in places where it was a problem, it continues to be. Those pirating games are now playing last gen games or from two gens ago on modded consoles and they will continue to do that. And if they can’t pirate something they just won’t play it.
  13. Hey apologies for the potentially condescending question: are you connected to that internet via an Ethernet cable?
  14. I finally experienced what it feels like to be on the opposite side of my shotgun aiming.
  15. that sounds to me like you were robbed. I am almost certain my teammates contributed to my ace medal. unless they missed all the shots they fired. which is also extremely possible lol
  16. @Triple A mine was on first round. Maybe lone wolf or the other one you got (extermination) is the next tier of this medal where no one even assists you and you do all the damage yourself.
  17. next time make sure to do it in the final round in that case mate
  18. Hey just looking at this on my phone but it seems you are missing an ace medal which should have been awarded. Unless I don’t understand that medal then
  19. Think the nade blew up the vehicle there in the end for an extra lol effect
  20. Throwing both nades there was a struck of genius because you don’t make a noise or appear on their radar. Those nades also flash weird in the hud (in terms of damage direction) because it shows as if the damage is coming from all directions. It’s a real clever play. I find in that level I am often seen even while in camo because of how the sun hits the sand. If only I had a box for my head.
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