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  1. In. And @Actualbigbloke In as he never comes on here.
  2. If that's the case I have fully recovered and will be manager again haha!! Only messing. Will be about for games later anyways if your on.
  3. Well done @Luseth. First job get stats/league updated on site haha!!
  4. Well @Alison94, I will be stepping down as manager of Wanderers. Make sure you look after my superstars!! Will return to manage at some point, just want to give the blood pressure a chance to settle after last season haha.
  5. Well played last night gents. Final summary of the season. First game - You could tell there was a lot at stake in this game, as both teams didn't really get into there strides. The deciding factor was our foundations that have been our main factor in winning the league this season, which is a solid defence and another clean sheet. With that in place, we managed to get the important goals we needed to win the league. Second game - Again another close encounter. Felt we were good in spells and should have capitalised on the chances that we created to get a win. We were also our own worst enemy by giving it away in areas that we didn't need too. But less of me winging haha, was a solid performance and a well deserved draw. Overall a excellent season gents. I appreciate all your efforts throughout the season, you all exceeded the expectations by being consistent and put up with me moaning to a degree very well. Was a definite rollercoaster of emotions for myself throughout the season and would not have had it any other way. Would like to make a special thanks @tomakasatnav for running the league so well and all the best in the future. Farewell to FIFA 17 and hope to catch most of you on FIFA 18!!!
  6. Well played @gooner4life, gents was 2 close games. Well played.
  7. Thats no good. Well let's hope some of the other gets back to you. From my end, will see how many I got and take it from there. If it still the case come 10pm will try sort something out.
  8. Yes should be about from 9pm ish hopefully. Is anyone missing for tonight's games?
  9. Well played last night gents. I felt we deserved more than 3 points with how the games went. The first game we dominated the majority of it, in terms of chances created and moved the ball well in spells. The negatives were, we didn't finish our chances and were a bit too open on a defensive front. Second game- Much improved in terms of defensive structure, with a better balance between defence and attack. We stopped the early cross, and stopped them creating a great deal of clear chances overall. To add, another clean sheet is always a bonus on BAP, Well played!! Overall these results have kept us in great position. We know where we need to improved and what we need to get from next weeks games. Therefore lets try and make one more final push with the last 2 games next week. Will be about for practice games on most evenings, so let me know your availabilities.
  10. Gents.... Will be on from 9pm for warm up games. Let's try an have at least one match with us all on. Otherwise is anyone missing tonight?
  11. Right Gents... Will be about tonight for practice games from 8:30-9pm.
  12. Well played last night gents. 2 solid performances and 6 points finally!! First game- Was a close game with United keeping there shape and defending well throughout. We managed to get that decisive goal and control the game once it went in. Only negative in this game was I felt we were a bit slow at times in possession, and if we had moved it quicker could have created more chances. Otherwise very strong defensively again, with a clean sheet and good pressure when not in possession of the ball. Second game- Much Improved from the first, we started quick and got that early goal which settled us down. From then we controlled the tempo of the game and could have scored more than we did. Credit to United with some of there players missing played well in the first and for periods in the second until it became a blood bath haha. I will be about over the weekend for practice games. Just let me know if your available.
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