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  1. Nothing wrong with a good blend. There are some phenomenal blended whiskies. Being given a 17 year old blended Ballantine for Free, to an old married fart whose wife frowns upon him spending his pocket money on Whisky, is like winning the fucking lottery matey I love whisky, we live on the edge of Speyside and I've been lucky enough visit some great distilleries and meet some absolute awesome whisky folks, I belong to a couple of active clubs but I am no whisky snob, drink your whisky as it suits you, all I say is don't be so dismissive as you might find yourself missing out of one of our Nation's finest produce. Spend just a tad more and you might just find a gem.
  2. I've had nothing but positive results from Amazon CS, a couple of weeks ago I bought a bottle 17 year old Ballantine whisky in a lightning sale, it was supposed to be a limited edition bottle but when it arrived it was the standard bottle, same whisky though just not as collectable, so I asked to return it to be told to keep it and they refunded me in full on top of that they also they sent me a voucher for the saving I would have on the original sale (£12), so in effect they actually paid me to have a free bottle of quite nice blended whisky.
  3. Yes me to, I am stuck on the exact same mission, I got within 80 damage of achieving it yesterday, that's about the closest I have got using an RU 251 but to be honest I am not that great a player anyway! I saw your in game 'Friends Request' earlier and thought Stranger Danger but that was before I saw this post, I've accepted it now, thank you
  4. Does anyone know if there was there anything on Watchdog this evening (11th) about Sony?
  5. To be honest I don't understand it either and I've been exploited myself. The game that was 'Stolen' in my incident was a pre-order, not released for several weeks so I can't understand what the hacker stood to gain, surely they just revoke the digital licence? The only thing I can think of is that Sony Does not have the ability to trace and manage all these Digital Purchases and/or there is some way of getting around console bans. I guess the last thing they would do is hold their hands up and admit it if there are huge holes and shortcomings within their system.
  6. He has his own account, albeit a SUB account under my account but he has no funding at all, I have to manually fund it if he wants to buy a game, anyway the purchase was in my account not his, the incident was nothing to do with him, he only got dragged into it when Sony banned his account because it was under mine.
  7. Did you ever remember speaking to me? It wasn't you that hung up on me was it I wonder what the additional Watchdog piece will be about, maybe they had a huge response after last weeks program and feel it deserves more exposure.
  8. I guess my hopes that there may have been an existing rllmuk World of Tanks Clan are fading
  9. It looks interesting, there are quite a few games either out or in the planning that could be classed as within the "Tank Genre" probably the huge success of WOT has something to do with it. They are making improvements all of the time, updates are very regular but the principle of the game is essentially the same, I tend play intensely then walk away for a while, then I return, play for Free, subscribe for a month to premium, kick the arse out of it and walk away, rinse and repeat. My problem is I have a crap connection, my Ping at times is awful, that's my excuse and I am sticking to it! I wish I had a pound for every time some prepubescent teen had called me a Noob in game Probably sounds negative to anyone who has not played but it honestly does have something, over 75 million registered users (if correct) are stats that speak for themselves.
  10. An enlightening post thank you for taking the time to speak out, it's good to get the perspective from the other end of the line, just out of interest how did you come across the threads here on rllmuk? As well as the recorded events are there notes about customers, a sort of intel, like "this customer can be a real pain in the arse, give no quarter!" for example, I only ask because when I rang up recently after my Son was suddenly suspended when the CS agent started reading my Notes I could swear she started giggling I remember when we lived in Somerset the local hospital got exposed for putting "NFB" on patient's notes, which stood for "Normal for Bridgwater". Do you have a protocol for terminating a call? I had a guy hang up on me for refusing to end the call until I was given a satisfactory answer to my query. Jon's question is a good one, it would be interesting to see if any feedback has filtered down to your level since recent events, namely Watchdog.
  11. I was just wondering if there were any other regular Word of Tanks PC Players within the community? I've played for 3 years now, I have a real love hate relationship with the game, I've taken several breaks from it during the time I've played but I always seem to end up going back to it at some point. I am not particularly good but there are certain aspects of the game that I really enjoy, like the fact I can be in (and out often) of a Random Battle quickly, I miss though the comradeship you get within Clans/Guilds found in classic MMORPG's, I know WOT has clans and I have been a member of a couple during my time, they are just not the same in my humble opinion or at least the ones I have been in are not. If anyone wants to hook up in game my name is the same, OlsBean.
  12. But when you've invested money in something it's not always that easy, in my case I don't have a Playstation nore after this am I ever likely to own one but my Lad has a PS Vita but I'm not in a position where I can simply throw that away and replace it with an alternative, however in the future when that becomes obsolete or needs replacing then all I can say is that I won't personally be forking out for anything that is manufactured by Sony
  13. I have felt the Love ever since I arrived Still searching for a World of Tanks thread though!
  14. Update on my case: My boys sub-account is back and so are his games for his PS-Vita finally. I'm pleased that Sony finally did the right thing, though why we had go through all this is totally beyond me and probably everyone else because all they have done in the long run is alienate me, my family and close friends as future customers.
  15. At last my Son now has his Sub-Account and games back as of a few minutes ago
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