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  1. The hallmark of all good films is that you have to watch them in manageable chunks before they bore you to sleep.
  2. Considering the original show ran for 180+ episodes there were some characters who made hardly any appearances in that. Moss Man only appeared a handful of times and same with Sy-Klone. They managed to at least show Clamp Champ here. If we get another 175 episodes I'm hopeful they'd manage to give them all a chance to shine... The big miss was Stratos... him and Zodac were the only two from the first 8 vintage figures that didn't appear....
  3. Oh and that video linked above by Midnights Edge is a load of horse shit. Oh no this guy is an activist I am outraged. He presents his opinion and theory as fact. Sad little man. Absolute face palm.
  4. You've got half the show. Adam was heroic. It was pretty much exactly what I expected. Would I have wanted a bit more He-Man? Probably. But we got Rotons, Skelcons, Stinkor and Faker. We also got a kickass version of Scareglow and the best version of Orko we've ever seen. As a He-Man fan it pretty much ticked all my boxes. I still think ultimately He-Man will save the day. Oh and the soundtrack was good as well.
  5. Also I think Cringer is really good in this and Orko. Two characters I think could have been really annoying.
  6. Not bothered by Randor being angry then? Convenient....
  7. Also I'll tell you how cool this show was - I watched all 5 epsiodes back to back with my 9 year old son. He then immediately went to play with his He-Man toys to recreate the show. Admittedly his version ended up with everyone dead except Skeletor....
  8. And if someone dies and you find out they've been keeping a massive secret from you... I think it's even more likely. I didn't find her unlikeable at all.
  9. It also prominently shows the split power sword - which again is a main plot point of the show. Also the split power swords is something that hasn't been seen since the original mini comics.
  10. How's about you just find something you do like then? The Filmation series is still all there...
  11. I've seen a lot of people who haven't watched any of it who are still happy to whine about it. I can understand criticising something you have seen but these are just entitled man children. On a sidenote there are a few things I didn't think were great - Mer Man's voice for starters.
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