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  1. Probably right actually. Let's lock the thread?
  2. It all seems very odd. These 'inspirational' tweets all seem to be from what look like scam artists to me. Do people fall for this shit? Hopefully I haven't riled him up too much.
  3. Just to say - Prankster is still a crackpot. Been having a dispute with him on HotUKDeals today. He trolls every Nintendo thread with his 'Nintendards' insults and said that, unlike Sony and MS, Nintendo haven't cultivated any brand loyalty. When I pulled him up on this he started asking me how many books I read. He reads one a week as part of his "self imposed performance review". What a legend.
  4. Being able to save your game. I still remember even 16bit games this was a rarity.
  5. Finished this on Switch yesterday and didn't get a very satisfying ending. It says something about this games quality that I am immediately considering starting it again. I still have Divinity 2 to play....
  6. Stoppy2000

    The Spurs Thread

    Especially given that they had a penalty. Not too bad.
  7. I keep forgetting Wanyama even exists any more. Is he too injured to ever be good again? We need a midfield destroyer - maybe this will be Ndombele but I think José already has questions about his desire/attitude. Lo Celso looks good and is motivated so should replace Eriksen. A backup striker would be nice to have. Top 8 and cup runs are best we can hope for.
  8. Exactly. There is a myth that we were somehow amazing under Poch... The performances had tailed off massively. Losing Dembele was key. And Eriksen deciding he could coast on 50%. Injuries haven't helped us this season either.
  9. When I finish the main quest can I carry on in the same save game to do the dlc?
  10. Stoppy2000

    The Spurs Thread

    Good first half performance. Second half a bit less controlled. Lo Celso looks great and even Lamela looked good. We definitely seemed to lose something once Moura came off. Eriksen still seemed to be playing at half speed but hopefully he might finally be off.
  11. Stoppy2000

    The Spurs Thread

    The last notable thing Eriksen did was lose possession leading to the goal city scored in the champions league that was then ruled out with the greatest piece of VAR ever. Other than that he has been garbage.
  12. Stoppy2000

    The Spurs Thread

    Please sell Eriksen.
  13. Definitely a red and one of the things that would have been missed pre-VAR.
  14. That's exactly what I thought. Leia is holding it when she dies (I think) and it makes sense for her to have Han's.
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