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  1. Looks interesting... Always worried that these sort of games will be over very quickly - any idea of how many levels etc?
  2. For a brief moment I thought that board game collection was going to be a freebie with the online subscription. That would've been nice.
  3. Listened to the first Steve Bruce one. It's good but I don't think it's superior. Just didn't find it as funny. Still it's given me something new to listen to during these dark times!
  4. It's a limitation of a serial newspaper strip. The story is constantly repeated in every day's instalment. Still some good stuff. The mini comics are gold though. Some very early Bruce Timm work in them as well and some nice trivia and interviews.
  5. I own the physical versions of all these books - they are all well worth the money. The newspaper strips one is the weakest but also still amazing to see these stories being reprinted.
  6. Sad times. Still a ripe old age. Is there any form of collected edition of the classic Asterix stories? Read some at school and would like a nice slice of nostalgia.
  7. Yeah they did it a while back. I must've listened to the Steve Bruce episodes at least 5 times each. Amazing stuff.
  8. The latest episode of the Quickly Kevin podcast is ace. Interview with Steve Bull. Seems like a top bloke. Brings back memories of watching him banging the goals in on a Sunday afternoon when the championship was still shown on terrestrial TV. It was either that or watch the football Italia on channel 4. Still not sure I made the right choice.
  9. This game couldn't have arrived at a better time. Few hours just chilling out in this virtual world. No stress. Lovely stuff.
  10. I'm sure it does - just thought I'd save you some wear and tear on those joycons. They are fragile enough as it is!
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