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  1. I bet he thinks that tweet is 100% comedy gold.
  2. Finished this on switch tonight. Got all 60 fates eventually... some of them I got lucky with somewhat semi-informed guesswork. It's a hell of a game. Makes you realise just how far away from being a detective LA Noire really was! 10/10
  3. Stoppy2000

    The Spurs Thread

    Need to make a decision on Ndombele and Dele as well....
  4. I sure am delighted. As I'm sure you are delighted that he has decided to play football again despite the fact that he hates the game and has never got a moments pleasure from it.
  5. It's not as good as 1&2. But it builds to an ending that I was mostly happy with.
  6. Stoppy2000

    The Spurs Thread

    Agreed. But still - it is quite exciting to potentially have him back.
  7. Well it depends on your point of view. I don't think many newcastle fans would have a positive word to say about Owen's run at the club. His Stoke move was also very dubious if you are talking about footballing integrity. Bale is rightly (in my opinion) treating Madrid with the indifference that they deserve. I can't imagine many players doing differently - unless they were actively miserable in the location etc.
  8. Yeah Michael Owen was famously a 40 game per season player at Newcastle...
  9. Stoppy2000

    The Spurs Thread

    Let's hope so. Finally something exciting!
  10. Fair enough Just wondering which other players on £600k per week have willingly taken a pay cut for their love of the game?
  11. Or he makes one appearance and breaks his leg and never plays again then gets a pay off presumably based on his lower wage. Unlikely I know but ultimately I'd do exactly what he's doing. Will he regret it later in life? Maybe. But he'll also be playing golf whilst living in a mansion and his family will never need to worry about money. I think he'll be able to sleep soundly enough.
  12. Seems a bit unfair on him to me. He's got the choice of playing football for potentially half his wages or earning the money which he was offered and agreed to. I don't believe he has ever refused to play for Madrid and has even played well for them many times. Do the same job (whether you love it or not) for less money? I know what I'd do...
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