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  1. I believe they are going to offer it via a web store at some point.
  2. Any confirmation if 251 is ppv yet?
  3. The truth is that I rarely listen to any of the shows anymore. That's how much I think he detracts from it. He doesn't live "rent free" in my mind. If he left giantbomb I'd likely never even think about him ever again.
  4. Any good hockey documentaries about? Specific team, player, game/event or just general history would suit me.
  5. Anyone tried Urban Flow? Looks interesting in a sort of Conduct Together way...
  6. I know it's all opinions but I'm struggling to see how anyone could describe him as 'great'. I haven't been this turned off a show by a single change since series 3 of Gamesmaster. If he's getting paid per 'hurr-hurr' then he probably is on 65k.
  7. Agreed. It's poor behaviour but it doesn't seem like something that warrants a public shaming.
  8. I think the main point is that Ben is useless and could be completely removed from the show with no down side.
  9. That's 2k not EA....
  10. What sort of age range would you think the Switch Player magazine is suitable/aimed for? Thinking of making it my son's first videogame magazine - he's 8 and a confident reader - but I didn't want it to be overly dry or a bit sweary!
  11. Yep £20 would've been my biting point. It's a nostalgic game for me as it's one of the first games I ever let my son play. Instead I've ordered the 51 Worldwide Games....
  12. It really is an astonishing price to try to get away with. It's like some twats from The Apprentice trying to charge £8 for a doughnut with a custard cream wedged on top. Outrageous.
  13. EA have a new UFC game coming don't they?
  14. Is this available in a free tier of Pokémon Home?
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