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  1. When Ski Lifts Go Wrong is on sale at the moment - not actually 2 player but I think it's a good collaborative experience. Also get Heave Ho. And Overcooked. Prepare for a lot of shouting.
  2. None as yet. They did a live play of a short scenario. It had a nice digital interface. Basically it was He-Man themed D&D. I was hoping for a game full of miniatures but I guess this should at least be cheaper!
  3. So the Masters of the Universe game is actually a tabletop RPG using the cortex game system. Anyone got any experience of this? Website with a trailer is at https://www.legendsofgrayskull.com/ I'll probably get it just for a nice source book full of brand new He-Man art.
  4. No idea if there is any interest in this... Reveal of the new Masters of the Universe game tonight at 11pm Plus you can win a prize just by watching. Link is https://thepower-con.zoom.us/j/99676689307
  5. In my experience you'll be able to get another 6 months out of it before it gets too annoying.
  6. Any sign of Switch footage?
  7. The cost of preparedness - measured now in gold, later in blood.
  8. This must be one of the hardest games of all time. Also didn't it require a reload every time you failed?!
  9. So being a bit prickly when asked about things he has been asked a thousand times equates to being a sex offender? Right.....
  10. Bizarrely it's one of only a handful of c64 games I managed to complete back in the day. I used to find the marshmallow man bit really hard. Maybe I'll go back to it...
  11. Totally agree. If we are going to go for licensed games that had a real impact it's surely RoboCop then Batman The Movie.
  12. The red card decision? I thought it was a foul but a yellow card seemed harsh.
  13. Yeah me too. Last saw it in the cinema for the 35th anniversary I think. Such a great film. Sadly not worth the risk.
  14. Stoppy2000

    The Spurs Thread

    Inter after Ndombele apparently. I'd let him go - better to cut our losses quickly than let his value plummet following another season of not playing.
  15. I'll gladly accept this offer. I'll send you a friend request and hopefully be on later!
  16. My main point is that ISS is literally nothing like real football. You can argue that pro evo and FIFA also aren't but they at least present a more realistic facsimile of real football (and I'm not talking about actually playing football in real life more the experience of watching it on TV). Really I just don't think ISS on the N64 is very good. Arcadey football games do have their place though - Sensible Soccer is still amazing.
  17. Seeing that there are loads of things to unlock.
  18. Yeah the Pokémon Moba is coming this year.
  19. Stoppy2000

    The Spurs Thread

    Also Ndombele wasn't even in the squad.. is he injured again?!!! Cut our losses on him. Can't afford to have a player with Sturridge levels of fitness in such a crucial part of the pitch.
  20. Stoppy2000

    The Spurs Thread

    Yeah Jan was top quality for a long while. We better get a new right back. That has to be a priority. Can see us cashing in on Dele. Don't see him fitting in at the moment and if it means resolving the defensive problems then I don't really mind.
  21. Of course we are. Keep the faith.
  22. I only really want it for the story anyway. I need more York in my life.
  23. So did anyone finish this? Worth buying at £29.99?
  24. It's the right stuff. I used it fairly consistently to fix the problem but it eventually stopped working.
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