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  1. Yes Argos, a few stores nearby have stock on Thursday or Friday.
  2. Fuck it, ordered a Thrustmaster HOTAS. Don’t want to find out I can’t get hold of one next week.
  3. Blimey Atomicrops is absolute crack. Hades x Stardew Valley. So good!
  4. I knew nothing about Last Stop and it’s made a very good first impression!
  5. I’m enjoying this so far, 3 hours in, very old school JRPG in structure but the time mechanic makes it feel quite fresh. Not 100% sold yet on the graphical style but it may grow on me. Playing on Series X with a TV with VRR and haven’t noticed any screen tearing as previously mentioned.
  6. I really hope I get into this and it’s not a 30 min wonder. I’ve been watching loads of YouTube videos and it looks fantastic. Hopefully the controls will be ok or at least let you use a mouse for some of the operations.
  7. Anyone playing Bloodroots? Only played 30 mins so far but I’m loving the art style and Hotline Miami-like fast paced combat.
  8. Totally forgot this weekend it’ll be qualifying on Fri and the sprint race on Sat. Seems like everything’s live on C4 and Sky One is showing the Sunday race live but not the sprint race.
  9. Gutted for George, a real chance of a point today
  10. Fell asleep and missed the start, what happened to Perez?
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