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  1. Would love another upset tonight, Canada are playing really well
  2. This is so good, it’s been a while since I’ve played a game for 6 hours straight. Playing on performance mode, did try 30 and 40fps modes for a while, but I just really struggle to adjust after the smoothness.
  3. Not sure if I love this or hate it, but I’ve played 4 hours and got to the mines, it’s certainly compulsive.
  4. Haha that confused me too, they’ve changed it to Tunic now.
  5. Beacon Pines has been getting some very good reviews, just sat down to give it a play but forgot it’s not the 22nd Sept until MS says so (usually 4/5pm?)
  6. Just caught up, thought that was a great season - maybe the best one. The last episode was mental, with some properly well choreographed fights. Question:
  7. This is great, really enjoyed the first 5 or 6 levels. Difficulty ramps up somewhat after the Rat King level and even on ‘normal’ difficulty I’m starting to die a fair bit.
  8. I’ve put nearly 8 hours into this so far but it’s not grabbing me yet. I adored 1 and 2 and fully expect at some time I will get addicted to 3. There’s nothing I dislike at all but I’m not getting the sense of awe and wonder, leading to marathon gaming sessions that I got with the previous.
  9. Rewards app seems to be working now and has registered the 3 achievements in got on Tuesday morning
  10. Seem like the weekly 3 achievements is bugged yet again, hold off doing those! Do these usually get corrected or shall I get in touch with MS?
  11. Played the first chapter of As Dusk Falls with the family this evening. It works really well in multiplayer. 2 using pads, 1 on phone and 1 on iPad. Simple to play for non gamers too. Wasn’t sure if we were all going to like the story after the first few minutes but by the end we were totally gripped!
  12. Thanks, will buy 2 and sell it after
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