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  1. I’ve just watched this. Incredible piece of filmmaking. I was fortunate to have not read anything about it beforehand and that really added to the tension. I literally had my hand over my mouth for the last 45 mins or so. Funny, shocking and beautiful in every way. Five peaches out of five.
  2. Saw this last night. Loved it and so did the daughter. Can’t remember the last time I laughed out loud at the cinema. Slightly dusty in my cinema though, especially when you realise Five Heil Hitlers out of Five
  3. How daft, my son will definitely want to play this on his profile. What possible benefit is it to Nintendo to restrict to one town? Guess I’ll buy a Switch Lite for the boy. Ahhhh!
  4. Nosejam

    Xbox Game Pass

    Those points were exactly why I stopped playing, I’d be tempted to return if they work something out.
  5. Yeah isn’t so much the swearing, rather would she enjoy it
  6. I’ll watch this with the daughter at the weekend, thanks for replies
  7. There’s a couple of different ones for Requiem for a Dream, but this is the best
  8. I see this is a 12a and was think of taking 13 y/o daughter, who is learning about Hitler at school at the moment. Is she going to enjoy it/find it funny/get it? I appreciate you won’t know her tastes but is there anything here for teenagers?
  9. I’ve just watched the first ep and thought it was ok/fairly good. Will watch a few more and see where it goes. I definitely did not expect to see Keri Godliman with a thoroughly unconvincing American accent though!
  10. Steamworld Heist Dragon Quest XI
  11. Nosejam

    Xbox Game Pass

    I might of missed it, but Frostpunk and FTL are coming to PC gamepass.
  12. Nosejam

    Nintendo Switch

    Pretty crazy that a thread on Resetera speculating if the next Nintendo Direct would be in Jan or Feb ended up with over 300 pages/15,000 posts over the last 5 or 6 weeks. So many people feeling it.
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