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  1. We've still got the last hour of that to watch from Friday but Taliesin absolutely killed me between the fact he was dressed as Boy George and had a damn O ring gag as a chest decoration
  2. I ended up beating it in 97 hours ot something in the end and whilst it took me months to get tucked in, it is definitely my second favourite Zelda after A link to the past.
  3. My mate just bought gta 5 and the witcher 3 for full price last week before they went on sale but when he contacted them, he got no joy. I tried to tell him as well because I know he is a MP gamer and I would have never suggested he buy the witcher but he watched the series and liked it but nope.
  4. people over on FAD have been talking about this a long time before that blogger and one of the people there is actually friends with the person that embalmed her.
  5. Definitely a shitload better than Suicide Squad but that isn't saying much. The assault on the police station was fantastic but this does very much feel like a HQ movie with a possible sequel being more ensemble.
  6. Nah this has been around for fucking years and years like old school Hedda Hopper and even being mentioned in Hollywood Babylon shit and Natalie Wood isn't the only one, he was also involved in the disappearance of another actress whose name I can't remember atm. Natalie's own sister said she was waiting for him to die before she would name him a couple of years back
  7. https://www.gamespot.com/articles/animal-crossing-switch-dock-and-joy-cons-will-be-s/1100-6473263/ Surely they are going to sell them seperately everywhere. They are so cute!
  8. This does look like its going to be pretty damn good
  9. Of all the F&F movies to NOT have The Rock in lol
  10. My mate linked me to this the other night and I've had the riff stuck in my head ever since to the point I've made it my ringtone.
  11. On the old Critical Role stuff from Campaign 1 it was like he would always try to be a bigger part of things than he actually was and just came off as being very pushy. I dunno, it's hard to explain. That being said, we have been watching a lot of non crit stuff, mainly Chris Perkins run things because he is absolutely brillaint as a DM, but this just popped up in my youtube recommendations from yesterday and we might watch it tonight after finishing off part two of the last crit ep. Xavier Woods and Matt Mercer in what looks like a very Twin Peaksy/Deadly Premonition type RPG that looks like it could be really good and Zac is the DM
  12. always loved this song but I've had it stuck in my head for the past three days for some reason
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