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  1. Have you played it yet Scribbler? Gameplay is gameplay, cutscenes are filler. Usual, techno maps with glowing lines that zoom in etc that you've seen in Clancy games forever and rubbery looking macho men kicking ass. I ignored them and got on with the killing. It's more about the mechanics of the game than the frippery they've tried to gloss it in.
  2. That fourth chair is cursed. How long now for Shane and Garnett...
  3. Ordered from Play, will let you know my percentage!
  4. Got the man at the Beeb excited... http://www.bbc.co.uk/blogs/technology/2008...unces_back.html and in light of recent new it shows why Phil was relaxed!
  5. Belatedly snagged a copy of Yakuza and MP Corruption.
  6. Finished it last night and was a great finish. Enjoyed it more than Halo 3 SP except for a few difficulty spikes that held me up for a teeth gnashing half hours. The world and characters are well realised and good to see they have pulled the series back from the crap that was Evolution. MP seems broken to me can't connect to any games last night? Ok for everybody else?
  7. anyway, the SP of Turok is really good. Nearing the end now, enjoying the Aliens' feel now i'm back with whiskey company
  8. My Live subscription has been the best gaming value I've ever spent. Stop needlessly whingeing about an absolutely superb service. PSN is, has been said a soulless place.
  9. rubbish ad. All the epic battle reduced to Warhammer miniatures. Should have faded to balck in parts and had killer CGI to contrast the modelwork. So the chief is beaten by a Chieftain and goes out in a blaze of grenade glory!
  10. macosx!


    Wow. what a great video game moment! that was unexpected even though I'd read the thread! Love the scenes that, brilliantly observed animation that made me think pixar...but playable!
  11. macosx!


    Only thing I thought was strange on the demo was the gun was MASSIVE maybe this was why.And my boxset has arrived )
  12. I dunno the reason I play games & have a console is to studiously avoid TV
  13. macosx!


    I'm happy there's no MP and they've used their resources fully on the SP. If it doesn't bring anything new to the party or you can't set a large enough team on it to do it properly don't bother. Look at The Darkness an absolute waste of time playing the MP with terrible netcode and lame gamemodes. With LIVE I expect a lot of developers feel that this is a base that has to be covered even if that covering is often paper thin.
  14. macosx!


    Edge will give a 10 it just to show that they love videogames again.
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