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  1. They are very stupidly expensive i agree. They should be 39.99 tops.
  2. What a bunch of stupid cunts. Everyone in that video. Proper bell ends.
  3. The prototype tester disagrees!
  4. It's Gone quick for me anyway but i know what you mean! I keep looking at Rift S's on ebay for my PC
  5. Its ok! after you have just spent 400 pounds on a wired one, the new wireless one will come out a year later for 299.99 ( which is still 100 pounds too much ) 199 quid these things should be.
  6. The problem i have with all VR setups, is that its the new " sitting on the fence " for gaming Tech. I was going to get the original Occulus Quest - until there was a rumour that a Quest 2 was coming. And who's to ( not ) say that an Occulus Quest 3 will come out soon? PSVR seems to be going the same way really. Look how fast its moved since it first came out. All that expense for what? to sit there and watch a better one come out - a little too quickly as well. It would be alright if they ( the company ) offered you some kind of buyback deal. Even s
  7. I have cancelled my preorder fuck those guys! An April release was good as there was bugger all else going on and i could have explored this new thing. October is simply no good.
  8. You really don't need the stickers. The plastics are brill.
  9. Remember " Emperor Of The Jungle " https://kimba.fandom.com/wiki/Emperor_of_the_Jungle
  10. Its going to be the new Philips CDI AND I CANNOT WAIT
  11. I've pre-ordered one of these from Amazon STOP LAUGHING Purely because Amazon don't take the money yet. ( April release apparently ) Gives me time to put some cash aside for it, and cancel it if things are going that way. At the moment? it looks like a real " Thing " and hey, R-Type is coming out on it... 249.99 though. OUCH If it turns out to be shite, i will sell it at a loss. Hey at least i can do some kind of youtube video on it.
  12. A different music genre But this deserves a mention:
  13. Hmmm well, I am playing it on a gaming PC surely there can’t be much of a difference?
  14. Dirt 5 is the best thing i've played for a year or so. I don't even see it as a rally game, just a good bit of arcade racing.
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