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  1. I absolutely love those cheapo RPG's like Risen and not so cheap like the Fable series, where you'll come across a random character in the woods that talks like this:
  2. I've been playing this on Stadia. Its even got the same stamina system as Breath Of The Wild. And yet? its not completely shite surprisingly. If we regress to the Edge scoring system maybe a 7 out of 10. does nothing new, as its a ripoff would be very popular as a free game. or i would get it for no more than say... 24.99 meh! and all that.
  3. I dunno Yiggy - i've just started playing Dermons Souls......on the PS3 fact check: I really have
  4. Look at the poor Xbox cast aside on the floor! The Arsenal FC of consoles
  5. ROLLEYES My PS3 of course, but not any old one! a proper fat one thats got the PS2 innards in there too!
  6. As an Xbox owner and not yet a PS5 owner, I cheaped out a couple of days ago and this has now arrived so here we go again!
  7. Are Smyths Toys bastards? - I just walked past the TV and the adverts in-between corrie were on i think. About 825pm and theres a bloody advert for the Xbox One S .. now IN STOCK!! 229.99 presented in a way to trick a parent who might not be up with the tech! world. shit or what?
  8. @ZOK Damn straight he's certainly the most violent Bond! Check it out man
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