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  1. Here is a good a place as any.. I no longer have an "Xbox" account. I do however have a Gamepass Account on my PC, not Ultimate just normal. Can i transfer that across as a user on the Xbox Series S? And how would i turn it into an ultimate account? ta! EDIT!! - I found " Join Ultimate " under Perks...
  2. I'm eagerly waiting for the new John Lewis xmas toy wonder what it will be this time?
  3. Pre-ordered 2. One So I can make a Youtube video of me smashing it up, and another so I can make a Vimeo video of me smashing it up. Joking aside though, I cannot WAIT for some of these videos incoming!
  4. OH! Stanley I already have a Switch myself, and yes they are brilliant. A new ( new ) model might be nice. but you've missed the point a bit there.
  5. The only real " fault " on the PC is that it can be confusing to try and find out where your game has been released to! ( which store ) - Origin? - Epic Store? - Microsoft store? or Steam?? lol It may be time for a unified gaming platform.
  6. You know what is really lacking? A launch Driving or Racing game
  7. @Jamie John Yep thats exactly my position. But as told - i can literally buy a Series S as a toy, and not put a dent in a months pay.
  8. Final Thoughts? For me, its all the same old guff. The machines are ready before the games. Thankfully this time a lot of them are on the PC too. I'm sure a lot of us have drifted across to the PC over the last year or so. Cheaper overall once you have laid out for one. I feel that I don't NEED a next gen console at all right now. And yet? Microsoft with their Series S machine are in a strong position aren't they? because i can easily get one of those to keep my thumb in. I reckon the Series S sales are going to go through the roof. W
  9. Sony and MS are both as bad as each other really. I just want a nice presentation of each machine in detail.. so much to ask for?
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