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  1. Yes i just went to check! 36 games - didn't realise
  2. What hardware does Let's Go Safari! run on? bit of a random question sorry edit! - I meant Jambo Safari, but why not answer both questions!
  3. What i really don't get is they put Virtua Fighter on there... And then just a load of 2D rubbish. ( Well, they aren't rubbish at all..but you know what i mean )
  4. You know all these elaborate CGI sequences they do ? I want the games to be like that. Next generation after the PS5 maybe
  5. You know i have never played an Assassins Creed game before. Never interesting enough for me. This Valhalla game isn't very original surely? but i like this.
  6. @donpeartree its playing on the Steam store! go to Steam and search for the game
  7. Aha here we go! not just on PS4 https://store.steampowered.com/app/1097150/Fall_Guys_Ultimate_Knockout/?snr=1_4_4__118 i'll give that a go 15.99 on PC thanks for the heads up - just been watching the developer video and its a digital crack title like Rocket League. Good times!
  8. Ok then - i thought right lets try Snap The Power vs Bob The Builder WOW!! https://rave.dj/0ZVC5MGJS7rrpw I also mixed The Prodigy with The Gummi Bears https://rave.dj/WGU2rtO3BnHPcg
  9. Perhaps due to budget constraints its set on the Isle Of Wight? ( I really liked Test Drive!!! and actually cannot wait to see )
  10. And yet we can play this on our PC! EDIT: And he's shit at it
  11. I'm not even into Lord Of The Rings, but Middle Earth Shadow Of Mordor ( and the sequel too i guess ) is AMAZING, and so much fun. So i'll have that! its version of A.I. is bonkers, how an enemy you let escape remembers you...
  12. Yes i mean something similar to the Apple TV but with a Switch or upgraded kit inside it
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