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  1. I've not gone near Anthem at all, but seeing as its £8.24 ( what a strange amount ) over on Origin - is it worth that?
  2. I think this game is a bit of a con job. Its good but gets boring quick Not sure how i feel about the microtransactions also!.
  3. I've allegedly got an RK2020 on the way from Ali-express for 47 quid. I can go and have a nose around, but is there a good place for getting the firmware please? thank you
  4. I can get this as straight as you want. We used to have a games night involving a LOT of people ( ie- more than 10 ) After Ridge Racer wowing everyone, I brought my JPN Saturn and Daytona round. MOST OF THE ROOM LAUGHED AT IT so there you go! One can only imagine Segas fortunes if it was as good as the Xbox 360 release
  5. I thought as much!! but yes maybe it all works for you reading this
  6. There are so many games there though, where do you start? Does it end up being a monthly rolling cost where in reality you never get to play much other than two or three games from that list in the allotted time you have to play games?
  7. Without us going into a crazy Driveclub rabbit hole, it's my understanding that they tried to release a Ridge-Racer style game mixed with Project Cars. The controls weren't for everyone. Do you remember what happened if you so much as went near the grass...( pre-patching of course )
  8. Don't get me started on Driveclub. I know its improved and has a LOT of love at Rllmuk towers. But i can't wash the first time i loaded it up and started playing it from my head. It was like trying to drive one of those low loader trolleys that you wheel round a DIY store. - At least No Man's Sky was fairly loveable when that Prematurely got released
  9. PS5 at " some stage " will be my first. I might even get the Digital Only one sooner if it is only 350 quid like people keep surmising. plus I suppose the new Horizon Dawn game will kick arse. Why? because I believe my PC will run most things that Microsoft Game Studios will throw at me. For a bit a least. I mean ( and yes its not a Microsoft game ) if Cyberpunk is A) Brilliant and B) Running really well on my PC - then there's no incentive to bother yet. Especially if the new Forza game(s) run well too!
  10. Well, I still use my Aquos from 2007 as my TV ( However! ) My main gaming screen is a Gaming Monitor. I just think they are way better than TVs now. I'll never us a " TV " for gaming ever again.
  11. I'm just revisiting this comment now thats over. Have we seen the console? Have we seen it boot up and play a disc? No we havent. Same could be said of the PS5 i suppose. thats what I want, Mr clever clogs. these presentations always skimp on the plastic!
  12. Really? How terrible ** switches off **
  13. I definitely would have shown you all the console first.
  14. Another no mans sky game? Those guys should sue everyone’s asses!
  15. Seriously yes, because I went full PC a few months ago ready for all this almost everything is on PC. Strange times!
  16. You know what I really dislike? They always have to talk and talk and talk and talk and talk about facts. Instead of just giving us the juice.
  17. Grounded looks Original too! again though....it’s on steam. So I’m happy!
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