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  1. I just got this mornings on the thrid row happy with that
  2. >> Something of a Spoiler for Episode 2 if you haven't watched it yet <<
  3. HAHA! I did that as well all i can say is they better make another series quickly to see what happens!
  4. I and many others were victim of crappy arcade conversions on our Sepctrums and Commodores. So it was always fun seeking out the ' proper " versions out there it was mostly a case of going around Birmingham to the various arcades and even chip shops that had certain games. And of course going to the seaside for their machines. Then? Segaworld and Namco Station came along to save us all oh and good old Dave & Busters which all helped to keep in touch with it all.
  5. I was going to chuck a hand grenade in and say Ridge Racer on the PlayStation, especially beating the devil car But? The one that wins it, is Street Fighter II when it came out in the Super Nintendo. Game changer that was!
  6. 2021 has been one of my most game-less years ever. So i haven't got one. A polite way of saying they were all shite i suppose?
  7. Oh man. Find someone as its so brilliant. Very long game too!
  8. Baldo hasn't quite escaped, as its my Xmas game! I'll be playing it on my new Apple TV
  9. I didn't see this thread, but here we are - a few days in on mine
  10. There are 3 sports stars that get on my tits. Andy Murray, Rory Mcllroy and of course Lewis Hamilton. Three very serious sportsmen. But far too serious when it comes to a personality. Today is a GREAT day
  11. I saw a PS5 console in the flesh! For the 1st time in CEX yesterday. All nice. But it was 695 poonds so i won't be getting one just yet lol
  12. I liked it. But i think i liked it more in the days before You tube playthroughs...
  13. my Phat PS3 and Ridge Racer 7 is always on now and again
  14. Theres the ongoing joke that nobody has ever completed a Forza Horizon Game. But its very true with me as i always lose interest with the games after a month. I'm going to try my best to play this, if it is indeed " more of the same " I suppose i can erase the previous games from memory and pretend this is my first one.
  15. Happy Halloween! Sequence 1.mp4
  16. Yes its a bugger - google says the smallest is 55 inch right now
  17. A Question then... What is the smallest OLED TV i can get hold of? is there a 19" - 24 " one?
  18. I have never completed a Forza Horizon game maybe i can put this right when this is out?
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