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  1. It's nowhere near as bad as that article makes out. Sure it could look a little sharper but I have been playing it handheld and haven't noticed any input lag, not enough to hamper playing it. There again, I'm one of those ancient gamers who plays games for the enjoyment they bring rather than getting hung up on pixel counts and millisecond input timings The Switch version is perfectly fine, a patch to tighten things up a bit more wouldn't be unappreciated but as a backer I'm not dissapointed with what we have.
  2. RPTGB


    Yeah, Triggers "test" short for Gridman was pretty great. https://youtu.be/ETpejXR_Bm8
  3. RPTGB


    "Favarrrooo!!!" 2018 was a pretty good year I think, plenty of shows that appealed to those of us possibly on the older end of the age scale who watch this stuff. Standouts for me were Golden Kamuy (screw the cgi bear nit pickers, the characters and world building far made up for any short comings on the art side), Run With The Wind, Banana Fish and of course those loveable idiots from Yorozuya Gin-Chan. SSSS Gridman was very good and Trigger really stuck the landing, thankfully. Megalobox, Grancrest Senki were both great too. Nothing for the upcoming 2019 seasons has really caught my eye yet.
  4. Humble, yes but that gorgeous art direction still holds up.
  5. Fantastic! brought the DLC in the sale but haven't touched it yet.
  6. I just want some DLC where you can follow Kass around on his travels. Love that guy, such awesome, awesome design.
  7. Yeah, I cheesed that bit too, then made it my mission to kill the sod once I was sufficiently tooled up. Your first BOTW Lynel kill is one of modern gamings most fulfilling achievements
  8. When "bad graphics" are being listed as a gripe is that from a technical point of view or art direction? In my opinion BOTW's art direction is gorgeous, and any technical greivances I can let go when I remember that I am playing a game that was developed on weaker hardware and is on a chunk of plastic and silicon not much bigger than a school notebook. Each to their own though.
  9. Yep, it was great for picking up industry news and rumours but anything other than that and it was a nasty, spiteful little cesspit of immature egos and "dog piling". Speaking as some one in the industry, I did find some of the back seat development that took place there comedic and frustrating in equal measure. I suppose a site that big though is always going to have more than its fair share of idiots.
  10. Any game which has to have yearly updates is going to miss the benefits that those with a longer dev cycle have. Just saying..
  11. It's not photorealistic though is it. Not one scanned asset in that game, texture wise there may be but not without some TLC in Photoshop first. All the 3d assets were hand sculpted, which is why they had a fortnight to get a bloody beard looking cool! TLOU is a great example of doing it right in a "fictional" game world, creating a believable reality for its characters and environments, without being slaves to photo realism...a great example of good art direction.
  12. I just prefer my video games to be about escapism.Pure and simple. That's why I still prefer Daytona or OutRun to the Forza's, Drive Clubs and Gran Turismos (which is THE blandest looking racer out there in my opinion). Dimahoo, you pull Spainkiller up on his point about realism being a bottle neck, in all fairness it may be a bit of an OTT comment but I can appreciate his sentiments. Your counter argument is basically the same one any good art teacher will tell their students.." You have to learn the rules to be able to break them", unfortunately, bar some fancy lighting and particle effects, no developer who is striving for photo-realism is doing the rulebreaking bit. It's all got incredibly safe. There was a big deal made of Sunset Overdrive when it was first announced because of its bright, fresh look. This shows just how far this industry has strayed into the chase for photo-realism when a few bold character designs and over-saturated colours are considered out of the ordinary.
  13. The visuals should be advanced enough to satisfy the art style directed by...the art director. That's the problem. Art direction in AAA games has become very safe and boring because the market/us lot equates amazing graphics with "looking like real life". On the whole, Nintendo has some of the best art direction in games around but that gets overlooked because they look childish (or brightly coloured to put it another way). It's a viscous circle, the market wants photo realism, when a lot of devs would love to be able to push the boat out a bit more on the visuals, but that's when marketing and publishers get nervous. These are all my own personal opinions, nothing to do with my employer. ????
  14. "You wouldn't want a driving game based on real cars and places to look like Yoshi's Island, surely." Er...now you mention it. Of course not, though driving games, on the whole have a very narrow vision when it comes to art direction, but photo realism is the holy grail for those games, graphically speaking at least. A bit more flair wouldnt hurt though, bit any title involving a licensed product is best playing it safe.
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