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  1. Mortal Kombat 11 had a preorder bonus character that was a fiver otherwise. I seem to remember there was something similar for Forza Horizon 4...
  2. Is that the 2D side scroller with really simple graphics? I think we played that and got stuck...
  3. Ultimate would just add the dlc. Be careful, though, there's a couple of versions of "ultimate" one of which doesn't include the extra story or some of the characters. I was somewhat irked about this.
  4. Right. Me and the kids have completed Rain on Your Parade in the space of a weekend. Need something similar now. Simple, bit of puzzling, not overly wordy (otherwise I have to read everything to my five year old). They bounced off Donut Country, but I might get them to try again. We liked Yoku's Island Express. What else might work?
  5. If you're just after achievements, have you done the Killer Instinct ones? You get one for winning a single fight, one for winning a survival fight and one for winning 2-3 fights with each character. There's approaching 30 characters and you can literally just button mash your way to wins (on easy), so it's kept me in three weekly achievements for some time now.
  6. Hmmmm.... I'll have to look into that further.
  7. Ed Boon posted about that on twitter a week or so ago. He did a "would you like to see this?" poll, then did a "okay, great. Now name 15 monsters we could use". They've already had: Alien Predator Freddie Kruger Jason Vorhees Terminator Leatherface Spawn(?) That's 6/7, what else could they include to make up the numbers? They could go down the Darkstalkers route and have generic vampire / mummy / zombie / Frankenstein's monster type characters...
  8. Decided to have another crack at this last night, having watched a couple of perfect / speed run videos. Going to state the obvious and say its still completely amazing. Never been one for game music, but the music in this is astounding. Just perfect. I've always just button mashed my way through my way through it and accepted taking loads of damage. I've started being a bit more clever about it and watching what the enemies do, rather than just steaming in. Which has added a new lease of life. Can't stop trying to jump in on the topless baldy fellas and keep getting swatted out t
  9. I know this isn't really a discussion thread, but I thought this was awful. Verging on laughably bad. And they lifted the basic premise from Oz.
  10. Similarly, I got an OG MD and half a dozen games for £15 about a decade ago. I've stopped looking. I don't need any more stuff and I wouldn't sell anything I got...
  11. *awaits inevitable "I paid £70 for X in 199x" post. * Personality, I won't pay it. If something I want to play comes out at that price point for the base game , I'm going to wait until its on sale or the price drops. FOMO or not.
  12. I'm especially annoyed that they aren't answering any support requests I log about it. Do we know if there's a way to get them to do something about it?
  13. The year that we nearly win the league and Gerrard slipped, I mentioned in work that my brother in law was being offered silly money for his tickets for the last few home games. A die hard, blinkers on, fan in the office made a big show of saying how no "true fan" would sell their ticket and how it was like betraying your family. I was in no mood for her shit and said that if she though she was anything but a revenue stream to Liverpool FC, she was a fool and got shouted down. I think today shows how right I was.
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