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  1. It's almost like it's a different series. The earlier serieseseses were a mystery with a sci-fi background, this is just straight up sci-fi. Loving it, though.
  2. Trolls World Tour My kids have been desperate to see this and I'm really glad they've released it on streaming services. It's actually pretty good. Solid plot, decent animation, good voice performances all round. A few funny bits, but I felt the music let it down a touch - the rock stuff was actually good, but there wasn't a "Happy" this time around. I quite liked the twin morals of "it's okay to be different, it shouldn't cause conflict" and "pop music steals from everyone else" (I'm not sure that was deliberate). My kids have watched it twice already. 5/5 from them, I think a 3.5/5 from me (couldn't decide if it was a 3 or a 4, so split the difference).
  3. The 360 version of FH2 had a decent competition structure - a limited set of locations with a limited set of classes at each location. So you could either rinse all classes at a location, rinse all locations in a class, do whichever class took your fancy at whatever location you were near, or just drive about and admire the view. Whatever you did, it felt limited and completable.
  4. I've recently been working my way through it using the official wireless wheel. It's a joy to play. I'd previously been working my way through the Gran Turismo games (mostly 3 & 4, since I have a wheel for my PS2) and had forgotten how poor the actual racing is. With Forza, you actually get a decent race so it's feels like you're actually competing against the other drivers. GT is almost like a set of time trials with car shaped speed bumps. The season structure gives a real sense of progression as well. Plus you have the option to just run individual races and series. It gives you a decent selection of cars as you go, which progress with you. You can grind for xp and cash, but you never need to, since the structure means that you never hit a point where you can't progress because you need a particular car. I've been eyeing up 5 & 6 (7 gives me motion sickness all of a sudden, as does FH4 a bit), though my lack of an XBone wheel puts me off a touch, but I think FM4 is my favourite semi-sim console racing game. Great game. Sorry, thread derail there.
  5. Motorsport 4 was the best, IMO. Decent competition structure and progression as well as the option to just do the races you want, good selection of cars, some great tracks, including point to point. No stupid cards or microtransactions. Just a really good racing game. It's one I come back to a lot.
  6. Finding some of these complaints a bit odd. The series has always been based around a music festival (that's the "Horizon" part of "Forza Horizon") and has had essentially the same presentation throughout. The music has been integral for a couple of incarnations - skill songs came in in 2, didn't they? And the series has always been "drive to a location, enter a race, rinse and repeat", though they've varied the "non race" events a lot more as time has gone on, that's the basic nature of an open world racing game, shirley? Do people go into the Mortal Kombat thread to complain about the levels of violence and the fact it's just fighting someone, over and over?
  7. The Gentleman I loved this. Really loved it. Full of great characters and some really good performances. Hugh Grant especially was brilliant. But everyone is great in it, even Charlie Hunan. Great plot as well. Couple of good twists. Just really entertaining to watch. Easy 5/5 for me
  8. Need a distro that'll work with 768mb RAM then that's exactly what I'm going to do with it.
  9. Bloodshot This is another film that I know, objectively, is pretty bad, but I still really enjoyed it. Vin Diesel Vin Diesels, stuff blows up, people die. The plot is actually pretty good, with a decent twist midway through, but there are holes in it that you could drive Vin Diesel through. The characters are ones we've all seen a million times before. There's an amazingly bad sequence where they are supposed to be in London, but it looked like they were in somewhere like South Africa or maybe Australia. They didn't even bother putting UK plates on all the cars. But it was a good action film. Very enjoyable for a Saturday night in. 4/5
  10. Good point, well made. I actually love watching LGR on YouTube because of the nostalgia and "that's weird" factors, but I also kinda go "but why though?"
  11. Not wanting to troll, but this is one of the few retro things I just don't get. I understand wanting to play games on the original console. I understand wanting to play games on the original micro, and do all the unique things that micros used to do. But, to me, an IBM compatible is an IBM compatible. There surely isn't anything that you could play on DOS 6.22 that you can't now play on Windows 10 and I don't think there's anything interesting that you could do then that you can't do now? Saying that, I have a Windows XP laptop that I'm wondering if there's anything interesting I can do with...
  12. Untitled Goose Game Played this on Game Pass, entirely with my kids. It's been great fun working out how to do stuff, not least because some of their ridiculous suggestions have worked. A really lovely, enjoyable experience. Honk!
  13. 1917 I thought this started off really well. The part where they first make their way out into no man's land and towards the enemy lines was unbelievably tense. And that's the point where us started to go downhill and continued in that direction to the end. The problem was that it went from being grounded in reality to just becoming a set of slightly daft events. There were way too many coincidences and contrivances to make it in any way believable. And it fell rather jaringly into the Hollywood trope of the infinite ammo magazine - they made a point of showing them loading their rifles at the start, then they never reload again. I also thought the acting was almost universally poor throughout. It was very, very well shot and atmospheric, though. I think I'm being generous with 2/5.
  14. Spies In Disguise It has Will Smith being Will Smith, Tom Holland being Tim Holland and a decent, if unoriginal plot - ultra cool spy needs the help of nerdy tech guy after the big bad frames him for stealing the maguffin. The moral of the whole thing is rammed home somewhat, but it's a kids film so what do you expect? It was a good film, though. Lots of genuine laugh out loud moments, nothing too scary for the kids, just a bit of lightweight fluff. 4/5
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