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  1. Anyone else got this one? I scrolled down in the app for the first time in a while and there it was. Has it been there a while and I've just never noticed or what?
  2. https://i.imgur.com/MxphB9P.gifv
  3. Used Cloud on the console for the first time to do the weeklies. Definitely the way forward for these, especially the "play the game2 ones.
  4. This. He didn't burn anything and didn't serve anything raw. And they really liked everything he did. Giuseppe might have been best across the series, but Chigs came from nowhere, improving throughout to be the clear best in the final.
  5. What's interesting here is that I have never played Minecraft, but my kids have. And they claim they barely play it.
  6. Yeah, this was one I looked at as well, but wondered if it was just my Transport tycoon nerdity showing. How long does a game of Ticket to Ride last? Meant to say that we need stuff that's under an hour, really.
  7. I guess this is the right thread for this - my kids love playing games, but haven't got past Game of Life or Operation. Me and the missus want to get them playing something we might enjoy as well, since they won't play unless we do. Any pointers on what we could get? We've been looking at Catan and Carcassonne...
  8. Didn't realise there was a Heroquest re-release. Is it easy to get hold of? I'm about to bung my OG one on eBay, I'm guessing it's going to be worth less now?
  9. I have a Series S. I think what is most telling for me is that this is probably* the earliest in it's life cycle that I've bought a console. I normally wait for that killer game that I can't live without and then get a console, there wasn't that as the driver this time. I think the incremental nature of this generation - the S is a more powerful Bone in my head, rather than a whole new system - and Game Pass meant I could justify bringing a second Xbox into the house (the kids have taken possession of my Bone), especially at the low entry price. The S does definitely feel like a decent step up from the Bone. It's much faster to do anything, it's near silent and the pad is amazing. So there hasn't been any buyer's remorse for me. I think it's a great machine and I'm really glad I got one. *I got a Dreamcast during it's lifetime, so that must have been within the first, and only, year of it's life?
  10. Speaking of which, there's a guide for the Battlefield 204243857563563 punchcard here: https://youtu.be/yOUItTOrdpc It can be done with the free trial of the game, though you don't actually need to land in the gap he says, just on the platform at the base of the rocket will do. I found using the wingsuit a right pain in the arse, though.
  11. Not just me then? Played the online mode thing where you do like three races against the same opposition. Blue and red teams and all that. Came this |.| close to a first place. I've never done online races before, really enjoyed it. I have to say, though, I'll echo some others in the thread - I can't quite get my head around the different bits to this, the adventures and so on...
  12. Erm.... why are there no cars on the roads?
  13. I kept getting killed by these man-turtle things. Made a hatchet and chopped the fuck out of them.
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