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  1. If you want to go down the psp route, I have one (maybe two, I haven't decided yet) that I want rid of. I think it's already soft modded, with games and stuff. Let me know if you're interested.
  2. I need to get into the habit of using my special more, I almost never think to use it.
  3. This is one of the Microsoft Rewards quests this month, so I've been back on it. It's just such a good game. I said this when it first launched, but the music is amazing as well. And I'm normally not arsed about game music. Loads of fun to play and I'm really starting to get the hang of dealing with different enemies. Though I still struggle with the scantily clad women who do drop kicks and the fat blokes. Great game, just really great. And my kids have a go every so often.
  4. I have that. Can't see the format option, though
  5. If I'm using workbench to format a load of disks, do I have to keep swapping disks? Is there an easier way?
  6. Don't want to drag the thread off topic, but the director's cut is worth a look. There's some stuff which adds a bit more creepiness to the relationship between Matilda and Leon, but also a scene that the ending becomes a bit of a callback to, which isn't in the usual cut, I don't think.
  7. He was also psychotically possessive and controlling of Miss Elizabeth. She "fell down the stairs" on a few occasions, I believe. It's why she left him, iirc.
  8. My daughter wants to play Roblox. How do I block IAP on Xbone?
  9. Judging by the previous post, that's exactly what Dr_Dave likes. Having a bit of a problem: I'm 99% certain I own the digital version of Forza Horizon. I have it on my XBone, so I must do, right? Looking on the store, I can find the game, but I can't find a way to download it to my "new" 360. What am I missing?
  10. Is that the OG Xbox version? PS2 as well? I think I have that.
  11. Classical music station
  12. Do arcade games count? I remember playing The Simpson's in a bowling alley in the early 90s. Probably 91 or 92. Me and three mates completed it last year during a visit to Arcade Club. So 27 years or so?
  13. Wasn't that what Swap Magic was? I vaguely remember that there was something similar from Datel, which I think also involved forcing open the disk tray.
  14. I've done that. I absolutely butchered it a while back getting it opened and cleaned out all the dust and crap. Still really loud.
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