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  1. I'm finding the fact that screwing up the last couple of corners invalidates your next lap really annoying. I swear I beat my best time by a good second, but it didn't count it because of me screwing up the previous lap.
  2. Have discovered I'm better at this if I don't drink half a bottle of wine first. Aimed to get under 1:05. ProdigalScouser 1:04:873 Happy with that. How do I just see my xbox friends times? When I go to the leader board it's the whole world.
  3. I discovered last week that if you navigate to the rewards page with a VPN active, so that it thinks you're somewhere that doesn't get rewards, it resets your streak. Weirdly, support deny this and claim you just didn't complete your daily set.
  4. As someone who has never really done this kind of thing before, or much in the way of online gaming, what's the etiquette for adding the dozen or so people who are participating as Xbox friends? Should I be asking first or what?
  5. I was somewhat startled to discover that my mum's best friend, who is in her mid 70's, is a massive Final Fantasy fan and has steadily worked her way through them, buying new consoles as necessary, since the 90s. She likes the interactive nature of them more than just watching films or TV and, even now she has Parkinson's, she is physically able to play them without any difficulty. She said she'd tried a few other genres, like story-based first and third person games, but just couldn't get her head around the controls. The FF series is just perfect for her.
  6. There being a second image with more than 12 laptimes on it has made me feel a smidge better. Had no doubts I'd be down near the bottom, but I'm definitely up for another round.
  7. Don't suppose you have a video of the lap that you could share? Just curious to see what a lap ~5s faster than I can do looks like.
  8. It was your ghost I was up against last night. I'd beat you out of the first double right hander, but you'd seem to have more momentum and I'd be chasing you for the rest of the lap. Sometimes I'd come out of the final corner ahead but, again, you'd have the momentum and pass me not far into the final straight. Question for the class: now I've switched to manual transmission (the G920 has a very satisfying click on shifting, I've found), do I shift on the red line, before the red line, a bit after?
  9. First time trying anything like this 1:05:963 I suspect I need to take the training wheels offif I want to get better. I have ABS, traction control and ASM on and I'm using automatic gears...
  10. I'm still really struggling to get any iridium, which is stopping me from getting the boat completed to (presumably) get to the new area. I can't get far enough into Skull Cavern to get any.
  11. My brother in law is fairly high up in Very. Kinda just below director level. Asked him if he gets priority, he doesn't otherwise I'd be buy dozens of them. He does know exactly when they're getting stock in, though. However he also said they sold out their recent allocation of 12,000 in literally 15 seconds. So chances of getting one are as good as zero.
  12. Wonder Woman We've never really watched any DC films, for some reason. Just don't really like Batman or Superman, really. Only watched this to stop the night being endless scrolling through various streaming services. Really enjoyed this. A proper, slightly cheesy, superhero film. Slightly dodgy cgi in places, but nothing too bad. Just lots a fun and thoroughly entertaining. 4/5
  13. And the point is that, if people are only citing games released 15 and 20 years ago as examples of decent output, then it might give a clue why they're being closed down.
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