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  1. Exactly this. You can never underestimate the power of convenience. While there are plenty of posts stating how easy it is the have a gaming PC, this forum is not really representative of the game buying public and the vast majority of people don't want to spend time on PartPicker or wherever getting the most for their money, or searching pre-built suppliers for the best spec for their budget, they want the Sony box, the Microsoft box or the Nintendo box that comes with everything they need to get going, at a set price. And they want to buy it from Argos or maybe Game. And then they want it to sit under the telly they already own, on the TV unit they have in the lounge. Plug it in, connect it to the telly and go. It's also quite telling that, even here, there is the perception that PC gaming is a hassle that requires specialist knowledge. You don't need to know how to use a PlayStation - you plug it in, put the game in the drive and off you go - but the perception is that this is not the case with PC. And I think that's enough to put people off.
  2. Aiming to go sometime soon, once I can arrange a date with a mate. Unless... Forum meet?
  3. Gave him a go last night, having previously dismissed him, for some reason. He's loads of fun to play as, I really wish I'd given him a go sooner. Tried Swamp Thing as well. He is not fun. I've got literally a couple of hundred loot boxes to open. I need to spend some time clearing put everyone's inventories first though. Weirdly, it's shaders um mostly after...
  4. I used to work with the producer on that. He's called Clint, after the famous cowboy fella.
  5. I have a rip of the "uncut" laserdisc, which I think is probably that version. Someone I know imported it r on Holland in the early 90s Its alright. At best. I maintain that Night 90 and Dawn 04 are good films on their own, though. The less said about Day 08, the better.
  6. Well, I'm a big fan of the original trilogy. I even have a couple of different cuts of Dawn. I also really like the '04 remake of Dawn. And Night '90.
  7. I find Harley Quinn is a great character, some great special moves and some really easy to pull off combos. I also quite like Black Canary, though she's a bit of a weak character. It's always worth getting the extra special moves for your characters. It's just a shame that these are only random drops in loot boxes.
  8. Isn't it actually more like: "man with mental health issues starts murdering people because he has no access to mental health support, but easy access to guns"? Or would that shine too bright a light on America?
  10. I thought the acting, cinematography and score were all amazing. Outstanding even. Really good and probably deserving of Oscars. However, I really, really didn't like the film. I just thought the whole thing was a bit "meh". I found I really didn't care about anyone in the whole thing, even Arthur / Joker. It was all just a bit dull, there were points that should have been quite emotional and some that should have been exciting that I just thought were really flat. I just didn't care what happened. If the I had have turned it off half way through, I don't feel like I would have missed anything. But I've seen it now, in done, never going to watch it again, moving on...
  11. I don't want to derail the thread with Joker talk but, thinking about it, I don't think it made me uncomfortable per se and it certainly didn't make me depressed. I really didn't care about Arthur / Joker, so I didn't really feel anything. There was just no arc for him - things started shit, they continued shit and they ended shit, which was just a bit boring and I really couldn't care less. I found I just wanted the film to end, to the point where I wouldn't have been bothered if I had have turned it off half way through. I've seen depressing and disturbing films and enjoyed them (if enjoy is the right word for something depressing and disturbing), but I just didn't enjoy this. At all.
  12. Joker A bit of an odd one, this. Objectively, I can see this is a very, very good film. It's brilliantly shot, the performances are amazing across the board, plot wise it's fantastic and I think it has something to say and says it well. However, did I enjoy watching it? Not at all, no. I think the fact that it is just so bleak and grim was a large part of the problem, it made it a difficult watch. As did the fact that everyone, especially Arthur / Joker, was so unlikable. I also couldn't help thinking that they've just rehashed The King of Comedy for the Anonymous generation. I'm glad I've watched it, but I have no desire to ever see it again. Objectively: 4/5 Subjectively: 1/5
  13. Are there any decent strategy games on Gamepass for PC? preferably turn based, since I'll be using a trackpad...
  14. Am I right in thinking that Tekken 7 is relatively bare bones and needs the DLC to get the full experience?
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