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  1. I got 100% on 1 and 2 last night. Haven't picked up all the stat points yet, though. It's odd. I feel like the game was too short for the price (even though I didn't pay actual money for it), despite the fact that it's two games that I paid £40 for in the 90s. Plus a bit more. Which doesn't make sense. I also just didn't think that there was enough of a reward for completing the two games. I'm sure you got videos for just getting through all levels in the originals, then more for getting 100%, but you didn't seem to get much for getting 100% on each game this time around. You get t
  2. A little way into this and it's really enjoyable so far. It's kinda fascinating to see the every day life of Imperial subjects. It's never really been spelled out before how much citizens are kept in ignorance. "There's no such thing as a genestealer"
  3. It's odd, as mentioned above, I fell off this almost straight away, but I'm now fully back onboard. Los of skating puns to be had there. I've worked my way through 1 and have completed every level, except I can't get a gold on Roswell*. Which I never did on the PS1 version. Kinda wish it had gone back to each character resetting the challenges, though. Once you realise the score challenges are easy if you find a half pipe and spam Specials, it all becomes fairly straight forward. No idea how we found all the collectables before YouTube... * any tips on this? I'm all abo
  4. Oo. Interesting. I quite fancy trying the UFC games. Anyone know which of the free ones is best?
  5. Just when I thought I was out, they pull me back in... I always used to do multiple flip tricks and spin like Mike McGill, but my thumbs seem to be going for grabs all the time. Need to calm down and plan better. I also think you used to get more air as you did tricks on half pipes in the original version than you do on this. I remember building speed and height to pull off bigger and bigger tricks back then and it's just not happening now. Some of this might be me not being able to time the boneless, like. Something I noticed yesterday: in the original PS1
  6. I'm starting to feel like I'm done with this already. I just don't have the skills to rack up huge scores, so it can be quite frustrating at times. I'm also finding I'm having to look up the "collect ..." challenges, because I'm finding the new graphics mean stuff doesn't stand out as much as they did on the originals.
  7. Shhhhhhh! Don't say his name, you'll make his mortal form appear!
  8. I'm just not dexterous enough to progress through these very easily and I think I'm basically playing them wrong - I'm always just looking for a half pipe to rack up scores. Speaking of which, has the scoring for the medal competitions changed? I'm sure I used to be able to hold the first one fairly easily by heading to the half pipe to the left of the start and doing loads of grab and flip tricks. Not getting beyond bronze at the mo.
  9. I've played this for a couple of hours this morning while "working from home". It's great. It's Tony Hawk's. A really very good HD version of the originals. They've not messed with anything too much. The levels are the same, the controls are the same - other than having the revert in THPS1 - and, most importantly, the physics are the same. It's got a load of the original music, along with some new stuff that actually work with the 90s stuff. There's a few additions - some non level specific challenges for money and xp. Not sure what the xp if for just yet,
  10. I've read this a good few times over the years. Including relatively recently, when I went through the whole series of Eisenhorn, Ravenor, The Magos and Pariah, with all the short stories in between. Took a while, that.
  11. I actually don't know. I think I have them as ebooks, but can't remember if I've read them. I've read Storm of Iron a few times. Great book. Is that Old World Warhammer?
  12. Nearly at the end of the Fabius Bile series and need a suggestion for what you read next. I've recently read the Black Legion books and Lords of Silence, which I've really enjoyed. What would anyone suggest?
  13. Knives Out A good, old fashioned whodunit. 5/5
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