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  1. If you're posting pics of having too many minis, I'm going to post pics of my brother's spare room.... What the pics don't really show is that the shelves are a good 40-50 minis deep. Each shelf holds into 4 figures of erm .. figures. All these boxes are full of minus on sprues
  2. I need to play this more. I haven't got a clue what you're all on about
  3. Didn't realise Andor was getting such good reviews. We really enjoyed The Mandelorian (sp?) but fell off the Bobba Fett thing pretty hard. Do have been a bit wary about the new Star Wars output. Definitely going to give Andor a go now. My missus hadn't seen Rogue One yet, does she need to before watching this?
  4. Are there "must have" starter weapons? Or is it down to play style? I tend to get the whip early on because it hits multiple enemies in two directions.
  5. I didn't know items could combine. By "items" you mean the weapons and stuff you get each time you go up a level, right? Going back a few pages in this thread, everyone is speaking a completely different language. No idea what EVO is, for example, but I'm looking forward to finding out. So do events happen at certain times? Do they change per character? The first character (with the whip) seems to get a horde of skeletons at some point that I can never get past....
  6. It's a bit morish this, innit? I've only had four goes so far, but I've been loving it. And the kids have enjoyed watching me play it (is it local multiplayer at all?). Going to sound like a stupid question, but do the levels go anywhere? I've only unlocked the second one so far, but if I only went in one direction, would I find new stuff? I'm basically going round in circles at the mo. Is it just a question of grinding to unlock extra weapons? Or do I need to do certain things to get them? It absolutely throws achievements at you, doesn't it? I think I unlocked about 13-14 in the space of an hour or so...
  7. It's been a while since I played it, but I had it in my head the basic structure was you had to win all races to progress, then if you won all of them you'd have a single race against the white / angel car, then if you beat that, you'd have another single race against the black / devil car. I'm probably wrong, though, it's 27 years since I played it last, I reckon. The PAL version was the first game I tested for Sony and I don't think I've played it since.
  8. I assumed it had the same structure as the PS1 version - if you finish 1st, you go in to the next race, otherwise it's game over.
  9. The English An English lady travels to the wild west to avenge the death of her son, meets an ex US army native American and all kinds of brutally happens. With amazing scenery porn. Absolutely brilliant series. Loved it from start to finish. Just excellent everything throughout. 5/5
  10. Back when I worked for Sony, one of the events they held was in Namco Wonderpark. I think it might have been an ECTS party. Everything was on free play (including the beer) so I had a few goes on this. From what I remember, it only let you play one track and once you finished the one race, that was it. I remember being glad I hadn't paid to play it.
  11. I assumed their symbols spelled out "stupid cunt"
  12. It's funny, until I actually thought about it, I would have said I play a narrow range of games. I think almost entirely because of the game I don't play: FPS or first person anything,for that matter (I get motion sickness); similarly, a lot of third person, over the shoulder stuff: almost anything that can be described as an RPG; essentially all Nintendo IPs - Mario, Zelda, Smash Bros, Pokémon, Animal Crossing, Splatoon... none of that stuff does anything for me; sports games like FIFA or Madden (is that still a thing?); MMOs or anything entirely online; walking sims / I can't think of the right term for those games where you kinda interact it the story; I've never got on with GTA, Assassin's Creed, God of War or gears of War; I don't really do anything platformer either; or 3D fighters... So you'd say that's a lot of the gaming landscape. But then, the gaming landscape is so vast that there's a lot left that I do play. Over the last couple of years, I've played and enjoyed: Simcade type racing games. The Forza Motorsport and Horizon games particularly. I used to play Gran Turismo a lot, but switched to Forza from 4 onwards. A couple of 2D fighters. The last three Mortal Kombat games have been great and I've really liked the two Injustice games. The new Capcom Fighting Collection is great as well. Love a bit of Darkstalkers. Scrolling beat em ups. Streets of Rage 4 was fantastic, the new Turtles is really good as well. As is the Capcom Beat Em Up Bundle. A few turn based games. The new Xcom games are particularly good and I've been giving the older Civilisation games a bash as well. Never sure I know what I'm doing with them, though. I've played a lot of Sniper Elite recently. Only discovered 4 due to it featuring in a MS Rewards challenge and found I loved it. Day one for 5 (helped by it being on Game Pass). I've sunk a lot of time into mining and crafting type games as well. Not the obvious one, but Terraria and Stardew Valley. Proper time sinks. A couple of older RTS games: Comman and Conquer, Dawn of War, Company of Heroes and I suppose Settlers would fall into this category also. Not sure what category Minecraft Dungeons and Hades would fall into. Rogue like lite kinda things. Played a lot of them, either way. Quite liking a quick game of Taiko thingy the Drum thing every day at the mo. That's a new genre to me. And I've had a game of Open Transport Tycoon Deluxe on the go for about 20 years now. So, yeah. I like a wide range of games, it seems. And I'm sure I'm forgetting a few.
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