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  1. There seems to be lots of people saying the Fable one doesn't work fir this. I got the achievement and the punchcard won't complete. Curently downloading Mass Effect instead
  2. I've played through a couple of 8 and 16 bit things in the last year or so - Stunt Car Racer and Turrican on C64, which I never got anywhere on back in the day and found quite easy now. And Rock N Roll Racing, Zombies (Ate My Neighbours), Final Fight 2 and 3 on SNES and Speedball 2 on MD. The only ones of these I didn't play first time around were the Final Fight games and, with the ones I did play, I found them much easier this time around that I did in the 90s. I've considered starting a "Were game harder back then?" thread a couple of times. They definitely were. No manual, playing a ROM. I tended to be cart only a lot of the time with SNES, since there was a game shop that sold second hand games and did rentals about 5 minutes from house back then. I really wanted to try playing this with no guide and no state saves. That didn't last long. ALTTP just has a few annoyances like enemies everywhere in the overland bits and plenty of instances where you can't avoid getting hit. I've reached a boss that keeps knocking me off the platform it's on and, after an hour of trying to kill it, I assumed I was doing something wrong. I found a video and discovered I was doing it right and it's just that it's health resets when you get knocked off. If was playing back when I couldn't find a solution, I would have given up at this point. It was trial and error to find where to hit it in the first place and I spent a good bit of time feeling like I'd missed something because it wasn't dying and there wasn't really anything that pointed to what was going on. I'm not saying it's a bad game, by the way. Far from it, I can see the good in it and can definitely see why people like it. I just find it has a few issues that I find frustrating and can't tolerate. Saying that, I'm considering giving it another go to see if I can get any further, not least because the video I looked up was something like part 4 of 20, so I've clearly barely scratched the surface. Whether I continue or not, I'm glad I've given it a go. the Zelda series is one I've never touched but always felt like I should. I might give the N64 or Wii iteration a go, just in case, but I now kinda feel like I've given it a go and can move on.
  3. Not sure if I'm going to stick at this. I know it's probably the most sacred of sacred cows, but I'm just finding it really frustrating to play and have already resorted so save state scumming and watching play through videos. Both of which wouldn't have been an option back in the day. Speaking of which - this is the first time I've played it, so have no nostalgia for it and am looking at it through the eyes of a modern gamer, so I'm probably judging it a bit too harshly. But: Graphically it's amazing. If this was a 2D game produced now, you'd be impressed by the graphics, they're that good. Not a fan of the music, but it suits the game and it does the job. Sound effects are as good as the graphics, though. Gameplay wise I think the difficulty really lets it down. Judging by the play through videos I've seen, I'm not that far in and I'm finding it teeth grindingly difficult to progress. While an rpg should encourage you to explore and experiment, there's a distinct lack of signposting, some rng issues, a mechanism or two not explained and, worst of all, some real trail and error that will send you a long way back on the error parts. I can see that there's a good game in there, but I just don't think I'm willing to persevere to get to it.
  4. I was just coming here to ask if there was a really easy one for this...
  5. I sat and listened to an album start to finish, while doing nothing else (other than necking a glass of fizz) for the first time in forever earlier. Can heartily recommend At The Gates' new album "The Nightmare of Being".
  6. Zelda: A Link To The Past I've never played this, so thought I'd give it a go. I'm currently about 3 hours in and have got the first pendant. I can't say I'm enjoying it that much. I found the first proper dungeon after I'd rescued the princess (that's Zelda, right?) to be quite frustrating then the boss fight was just a question of standing in the corner and throwing my boomerang repeatedly. I'm even finding the overland navigation a bit of a chore, mostly due to the respawning enemies. Going to stick at it a while longer and see if it clicks.
  7. What're these? I quite like the Snipe and Wib reviews of old Codex books. I wonder if they'll go as well, or if it's only modern stuff they're concerned with?
  8. there seems to be a lot of stuff that's happened in 40K that has passed me by. I've mostly been reading the novels for some time - in recent times, I've worked my way through the Eisenhorm / Ravenor / Bequin books, all the Gaunt's Ghosts books and anything chaos-y I can find - and haven't really paid attention to the game. In at least one of the books I've read recently, they've mentioned that the astronomicon if offline and Cadia seems to have been destroyed. I've no idea where (as in where is has been detailed) or when this has happened or why there are suddenly so many flavours of Space Marines. What's the easiest way to catch up on the lore?
  9. I had forgotten I follow you on Instagram, so seeing that same picture on here made me jump a little... Anyway: GT1. I'd give it a miss, personally. It was a technical tour de force at the time, but there's not a lot of actual game in there. GT2 is all the technical skill, with a big dollop of game on top. It set the bar for racing game structure, imo.
  10. Once Upon a Time in Hollywood A film of two halves here. I liked the kinda main thrust of the film - following the fading star of DiCaprio and Brad Pitt. They were both brilliant, as were the characters they encounter. All that was great, if a bit "nothing happens", which isn't necessarily a bad thing. Then there's the Sharon Tate stuff. All of which just seemed superfluous to the film, other than to provide the big ending. I just didn't see the point of any of it. The bit with Bruce Lee seemed to serve no purpose either, other than to point him as a blowhard arsehole who wasn't actually that good in a fight. Erm... 3/5, I think.
  11. I've been flicking through the new 40K rules, having not really paid any attention to the game for years. Is Power just a kinda rough estimate of points value, sort of thing? Looking at the new Space Marines codex, working out actual points values seems to be needlessly difficult - they're in a separate section of the army list, from what I can see. Is the idea that it's a more casual "roughly the same value armies" thing now? Speaking of Space Marines, what the hell is going on with the range of options? What happened to Tactical, Assault and Devastator squads? There seems to be about 30 different types of squads now.
  12. Do you need a fairly beefy pc for Saturn? I've only got a reasonably old, wasn't even very good when it was new, laptop. Presumably it'll run like treacle on a cold day on that?
  13. This was the issue I had when it came out on gog - you can't remap your controls in the game, as far as I could see. Does this JoyToKey fix that?
  14. I know this is a month old post, but: I've posted quite often about my love for GT3 and how much I've played it. I've always played with a pad though. One of the big criticisms of the game is that you have to work to get a decent race - you're always under or over powered and just taking the same car the AI has will leave you uncompetitive. And I agree with this. I got a logitech PS2 / PS3 wheel off someone on here fairly recently and discovered I've basically been playing the game wrong for years. With a wheel, you're suddenly evenly matched with the AI. It's astounding the difference it makes. I think it's because the Dual Shock just isn't accurate enough, so you're constantly adjusting your input through each corner, shaving off speed. Plus digital braking and acceleration.
  15. I had a look at this a couple of months back for my Linux laptop and decided to just dual boot with Windows. Granted, a lot of this was down to my laptop not being great, but it also seemed to be a lot less hassle.
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