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  1. Oh yeah, Transport Tycoon. I don't tell anyone I play that...
  2. Mortal Kombat 11 and Injustice 2. For once, not because of the nudity or violence. In fact, MK11 upset some corners of the internet because the female fighters are covered up, unlike MKX that had a character skin that was the character wearing literally a single bandage. It's the AI Fighter modes. You set up your character and let the AI fight against the AI. "So you just watch the game playing against itself?" "erm.... yeah" "and that's fun is it?" "ermm....."
  3. Am I doing something wrong, but are both of the Weekly Quest games not on Cloud?
  4. Yeah, it works out as something like 9000 points a month / 110,000 a year. Hope it stays for a while.
  5. These versions of Gran Turismo were only given to SCEE staff who worked on the game. I reckon most hot binned, as tended to happen with stuff we got given. Last time I saw one change hands, it went for £300. Best of all, I need to reframe it because I recently stumbled on the case, which I thought I'd lost. Then there's this, the first gaming device I owned. I even have the box
  6. Does that need to be labelled NSFW?
  7. Mostly because it's an oft-quoted "fact" that simply isn't true. But also because I think there tends to be this attitude amongst what I'll call "certain kinds of gamers" to avoid using "fanboys" that Nintendo is the only company that can do any kind of innovation and everyone else just copies them. And this illustrates it quite nicely "Sony to one-up Nintendo's N64 controller by shrinking this monstrosity down to the first twin-stick controller" is saying "Sony saw what Nintendo did and copied it" and they didn't. They had designed, and produced, a controller with analogue sticks on it before Nintendo announced they were doing one (again, from what I can see. I can't find anything about the final design of the N64 pad before about November 1995). Granted, given the history of how PlayStation came about, it's not inconceivable that Nintendo has told Sony that they wanted an analogue stick on the controller and Sony just ran with it when their deal fell apart.
  8. Source? As I've said, we had analog controllers (not dual shocks) from early 1995. And they were in the TRCs for ps1 games in 1994. Which, from what I can find, is before Nintendo announced the design of the N64, and its controller - late 1995 from what I can see.
  9. In my head, they came after the Analog Controllers. But that's probably just that we got the sticks to test with some time after we had the controllers. Either way, the idea that Sony only put two sticks on the Dual Shock to have one more than Nintendo did on the N64 pad is demonstrably wrong.
  10. This "fact" seems to get repeated quite a lot and is, in a word, bollocks. We had Analog Controllers - which were non rumble Dual Shocks that had a button to switch between Analog Joystick, Analog Joystick and standard Controller modes - in hand in early 1995. I also remember the Sony TRCs including them in 1994 or thereabouts because there was much debate as to what "must support" actually meant in that instance*. Both of which were a good bit before Nintendo did any controller announcements. Whenever I hear the thing about Sony just wanting to have "one more stick" I always think it just smacks more than a touch of a bit of a sneery "they couldn't innovate, they just copied Nintendo. Nintendo are the TRUE game innovators". It's up there with "Sony killed Sega"... I'm fairly sure there were analogue sticks way before Sony had them anyway. Didn't the Neo Geo have them? Didn't Saturn beat them to it as well? * it actually meant "should just treat it as a standard Controller in every mode and not fuck up if you switched between modes" in the early days / months / years.
  11. I really wanted to like it, but I found there was something about the way the camera moves that gives me really bad motion sickness...
  12. Have you given the Ancient Hunt a go? That's worth a look for a while. If you need to upgrade items, you can use the Blacksmith, then speed run Soggy Cave three times. You need to have the highest power level when you start and end the level to maximise the upgrade. Find armour with the luck of the sea enchantment and equip that before you open the chest at the end to increase your chance of getting a unique. This is where you get soul fists and fighters bindings. Speaking of which. I was basic grinding to try to get fighters bindings with no success, but they popped up in the luxury merchant one of the times I beat the level (always check the shops when you finish a level)
  13. A lot of people seem to use Fighters Bindings for the speed element. I've been trying to find a set, but haven't come across them yet, despite having speed run Soggy Cave dozens of times. I have a set of the Soul Fists, though. I may need to give them a better go. I suspect some loot is level / difficulty specific. I was trying for ages to get armour with the Last Call enchantment, especially in conjunction with Thorns, now I get it on virtually every bit of armour I pick up. I just can't seem to progress much further in terms of difficulty. I tried Apocalypse +7, which it says is right for my power, and died a horrible and painful death. Not really sure how to git gud. Or if I'm just using the wrong gear.
  14. I've found a decent set of gear that allows me to pretty much AFK farm xp and emeralds. The key things here are two enchants on the amour, in conjunction with the artifacts. Last Shout will trigger the artifacts when your health drops below 25%, including the Health Totem. The Wonderful Wheat and Juicy Bone summon a llama and dog, which do the killing for you. The Beenest armour summons bees whenever you get hit, which also do some killing. The Thorns enchantment deals a percentage of the damage you receive back to the mob who hit you. I've also got two lots of Prospector enchantments on my bow and melee weapon - these vastly increase the amount of emeralds dropped when mobs get killed. What I then do is go to Pumpkin Pastures where there's a point where you have to hit two switches to lower a drawbridge. Until you do, mobs continuously spawn. I just stand next to the closed drawbridge, let the mobs spawn and have my gear kill them without me having to do anything. Sort of. It can't be set at too high a difficulty, or I get killed. The lower the difficulty, the less aggressive mobs are, so sometimes they steer clear of my and I have to pick up any stragglers. And it sometimes crashes, so I like to hoover up the emeralds and any gear dropped every so often. Either way, leaving it running today has netted me 20k emeralds and advanced me 10 levels.
  15. Tried that a couple of times and couldn't get anything to work
  16. Yep, I use https://www.youtube.com/c/Maka91Productions and TrueAchievements.com for easy daily achievements and https://www.youtube.com/c/RewardsHunter for the weekly and monthly quests. I've actually ended up playing and enjoying a few games that I only went anywhere near because of rewards points...
  17. Yeah, it's very little effort. I saved up for around a year and managed to use the points to knock £180 off the price of a Series S. I know you could say that my time is worth more than the rewards but I find I don't like spending actual money on games, but have no issue with using points. I tend to use them for DLC and getting the Ultimate version of a game I'd ordinarily buy the Standard version of. Spending £70 on a game feels like a lot, spending £40 and a load of points feels much more reasonable.
  18. How easy is it to add games, cores and stuff to Retroarch on a Series S? I'd quite like to be able to play GT3 and GT4 with save states, which PCSX2 doesn't seem to have.
  19. This one. Its £4 more expensive now, though https://www.cdkeys.com/12-month-xbox-live-gold-membership-xbox-one-360-eu-cd-key?__currency=gbp&gclid=Cj0KCQiAoNWOBhCwARIsAAiHnEhh53n-KdjsVTuPFQfP7wwGfIuvvXoL388cIUTbchSEHP-SSAxU1GIaAn6AEALw_wcB
  20. Stupid question. How do you go into Dev Mode? I have an Activate Dev Mode app. When I click on that, it says dev mode activated. Do you want yo restart and boot into dev mode?' or words to that effect. Am I going about it the right way or am I going around the houses?
  21. So are we only talking graphics here? You can find games that aren't that different, in terms of gameplay, from SNES to today. Look at Final Fight and Streets of Rage 4. And there are a good few games that essentially just look better than their ps1 equivalents.
  22. Yeah, I've had it a few times recently. Can't find a workaround.
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