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  1. Totally agree. I never had a One, and was surprised that recording on my X is so much worse than it was on PS4. What do you mean by edit? I found trimming clips simple enough. Agree about the length though. 1 minute clips are rubbish compared to the 15mins I could record on PS4. Apparently you record longer if you use an external HDD, but I've not tried. The downside is that you can't upload from the external HDD to Live.
  2. Loved it. Loved series 2 too. Shows need light and dark, and that was the dark.
  3. Randoms are going to random. If playing solo I find duos often better then trios. Fewer randoms to deal with. Or ranked is good solo in bronze, silver and gold (after that you really need to coordinate). People play more together in ranked as a time.
  4. I agree and mentioned this earlier in the thread. For Apex, QR either makes getting into a game longer or (rarely) just flat out crashes the game requiring either a reboot or loading another game to make it work. Maybe when they get around to making a proper X/S update for Apex it will improve. But right now it’s terrible user experiences: quick resume into the game at whatever point you left it but with frozen controls, wait for a couple of seconds, get a server error and get kicked back to the start of the game. I’d like an option to turn off QR for some games. Right now I a
  5. Yeah, if I don’t quit apex, quick resume means it takes longer to get to play, rather than shorter. Means I have to quit apex before turning off, or quit the apex on startup. It’s obviously not a big thing, but it’s a bit annoying. If I could choose to turn it off for games like apex, I would. It’s also probably the sort of thing that will be sorted when apex has a proper next gen patch. Right now it’s the One version I’m playing.
  6. Can quick resume be turned off? It’s annoying for online games like Apex
  7. I have this adapter: https://www.amazon.co.uk/gp/product/B084S83ML9/ref=ppx_yo_dt_b_asin_title_o01_s00?ie=UTF8&psc=1 I can confirm that it (at least) works with 1080p at 120hz. It also introduces no frames of input lag based on my small amount of testing (using app that uses high frame function of phone to measure time from a button press). So, it works great. But there's a big issue for me. I wanted to have chat also outputted via the optical (i.e. via the xbox's HDMI) . You can set party chat to do this on the system level, but you can't fo
  8. I have a similar issue. 144hz 1080p monitor that only accepts 60hz on HDMI, while accepting 120hz or 144hz via DisplayPort. I bought this HDMI to DisplayPort adapter and I confirm that it does work on my Series X with 1080p @ 120hz: https://www.scan.co.uk/products/club-3d-cac-2330-hdmi-to-displayport-adapter I can't test 1440p, but even if it's only 1080p it at least gives you the 120hz option.
  9. Cheers all. I was wondering if this was a game I could play with the kids helping.
  10. Is Obra Dinn kid friendly (9-11)?
  11. Cross play is coming in beta form on 6 October https://www.ea.com/games/apex-legends/news/season-6-aftermarket-event It will be the default for console, but won’t have pc vs console unless a console player specifically teams with a pc player, and then they get a pc lobby. I play on PS4, and it will be great to be able to team up with Xbox players.
  12. Noob warning: I know nothing about Animal Crossing. My 10 year old daughter, however, is obsessed with it. We've gamed a lot together and I've always been her go to source for information on whatever we are playing (except Pokemon where I just pointed her to https://serebii.net/). But I've never played Animal Crossing, and have no desire to. She's not stuck or anything and hasn't asked for help - but I want to help her. Are there any "I wish I had known X when I first started playing Animal Crossing" tips I can pass on?
  13. I’m on PS4 and play regularly if anyone wants to squad up
  14. If it’s completing for playtime against fortnite/apex/Warzone etc then it has to be free to play. If they want it to be really popular, they should port to Switch/PS4 too. Exclusives will never have the same mass popularity.
  15. No crouch takes a bit of getting used to in FS, but after a while I didn’t miss it. Mixups are strike/throw since normal throws are so good (but can be yomi countered), and left/right crossup mixups.
  16. Apex Legends - easy to pick up, free, full of character. It has an amazing pinging system that makes playing with randoms fun. Plays more like Halo than COD in terms of time to kill.
  17. Soi

    Nintendo Switch

    Cheers. How do I convert my account to a family one?
  18. Soi

    Nintendo Switch

    I’m really sorry if this has been asked a million times, but I’ve got a cloud save back up question... I have a Nintendo account, and my saves are backed up. My kids have there own user names on the Switch and their own saves. How can I get their saves backed up? It says their user names need to be linked to a Nintendo account. Can that be my account? Cheers
  19. The update looks great. With the new PvE content, there’s a whole lot of game there for free.
  20. I think I'd done the ones near me and there were no vehicles near. This was 30 minutes into the game. What determines where you spawn if you die in Plunder? Sometimes you spawn near where you died. Sometimes you spawn somewhere else.
  21. I had a plunder game where it dragged on for ages. It doesn't have a player count so you can't see how many are left. I'm pretty sure most of the lobby left because by the end I was just solo wandering around an empty map with nothing to do.
  22. This guy makes good settings videos Though it does highlight the advantages of playing on PC. He’s a controller player saying he’s choosing to play on pc to give him an advantage with 144fps and 94 fov. I don’t blame him and I’d do the same if I had a decent pc...But at least give console players the option of higher fov...
  23. Knights vs Ninjas with me as knight and 10 and 8 year old daughters are ninjas is amazing. 10 year old plays super aggressive, 8 year old is sneaky. It’s a great combo.
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