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  1. Big Bang Theory isn't funny right? But is it any less funny or repetitive than How I Met Your Mother or the million other bland popular identikit Americans sitcoms in syndication at the moment... yet BBT provokes an amount or ire not comparable the anything else. People who hate it hate it. It's *the* thing to dislike. It's the go-to show for rubbish comedy. But there is loads of rubbish comedy! I've noticed this phenomenon is particlarly strong with Americans and I have a THEORY as to why. I think in the US, geekery is more of a defined subculture - more of an identity. I saw that shit for the first time at the dawn of Gamergate. A huge bunch of American men who define themselves first and formost as gamers - their very being defined by it. As soon as it was supposedly encroached upon in any way they all lost their shit. Retreating into nerdy subculture's seems like more of thing over there. I think being a (loosley termed) nerd is far more of a sort of separatist thing in the US for various reasons. So when they see a show taking the piss out of them, not very well, as well as being fairly simple and crudely written (the characters are intelligent, the show is not), then it must be even more annoying than just a sitcom that just isn't funny. In fact, I remember some offended geek on this very forum unironically comparing it to black face. Am I off the mark...?
  2. It wasn't so much 'where they came from', it was more that they were only on screen properly when they were being murdered. They existed solely to give a false sense of peril. It's just so lazy and shit.
  3. Isn't it frustrating when you trawl through a film or tv programme rife with plotholes, inconsistencies and outright stupidity - and you prepare a carefully contructed tirade against this crime against celluloid and someone says 'it was fun. I just switched my brain off!' Maybe people just absorb films differently to you. Why can't you just like things you joyless sod. Maybe it's an ability in of itself. Maybe they can teach us how to pull the off cord. Maybe they're all just stupid fucking idiots and don't deserve to watch anything. What are your worst encounters with this phenomenon? What films and telly do you wish you could have done it with, but that pesky brain just stayed running despite your best efforts
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