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  1. Love the way they took the highway of death from the first Iraq War and recontextualised it as a Russian war crime in this.
  2. Could be worse, you could be a Russia supporter. Almost 3 decades of continued underachieving and outright incompetence in rebuilding a capable football setup culminating with inevitable humiliation at a home world cup. A weak squad full of lazy, soft players scared to move abroad, lead by an out of his depth tactically incompetent manager. Only 2 or 3 bright sparks of optimism left in the squad in the form of some promising young players who have yet to be dragged down by the insular cesspool of Russian domestic football, but don't look like escaping it. Somewhere in Russia as we type, someone will likely be writing a haunting literary masterpiece built around the slow death of of optimism of some post-soviet working class football fans that will skilfully double as a scathing critique of the bleak Putin regime and rise of totalitarian rule once again.
  3. Khrushchev

    Xbox One X

    How comprehensive are the upgrade patches for all the current-gen third-party stuff likely to be? Will the One X be the go to now for best multiplat performance for someone just getting into this generation of consoles?
  4. I just hope collective responsibility overcomes brute individualism in the end this time.
  5. Best: Big Bo from Binary Domain Probably also the worst.
  6. I only started looking at GAF regularly over the past few months while i was ill and with plenty of spare time. It was the first time i had ever browsed the off-topic area and being a massive American majority forum i expected a pretty divisive, heated political atmosphere leaning towards the right. Instead it was like wandering into some alternate reality USA where everyone is very liberal(but not in a libertarian sense as may be expected, more typical euro centre-left\centrist mindset) anti-gun, anti-police authoritarianism, non-racist, very pro LGBT, anti-gamergate etc. There was hardly a stereotypical 'Murican right-winger or alt-right type in the place, despite the huge amount of traffic. It was a bizarre experience.
  7. Sure, if you love the short story i'd say it has enough interesting things in it to be worth a look. It's based on an unused Dan O'Bannon screenplay from the early '80s that was eventually rewritten and done on the cheap in Canada by the very pedestrian Christian Duguay. The change in setting from Cold War is well done and gets some good world building. First half of the film has some good scenes that do create a nice bleak atmosphere, is quite faithful to the short story and Weller is great, but it falls apart over the last act. A few terrible changes to the original plot, awful acting from some key supporting characters throughout the film and increasingly poor dialogue really drag it down.
  8. It was a shame that version nosedived so badly, as in among the trainwreck Peter Weller gave a great cynical, weary lead performance.
  9. I get the point 4 "growing out of games" condescension a fair bit. What i find interesting is it's often just as much from casual gamer sorts that aren't actually entirely ignorant to the medium, but will only play sports\racing games + maybe an online shooter, and look at you with a suspicious disdain for playing anything outside that framework as a grown man. I'd estimate maybe a third of friends and acquaintances just wouldn't "get" the idea of still playing something like Mario. Pretty sure my Brother lost all respect for me when he came over from Russia for a visit and i was playing Ratchet and Clank.
  10. I've always thought the book could have done with a just a bit more of a concrete establishment of It's abilities\the rules and in-universe constraints it works by etc For something that King seems to want to portay as an eternal eldritch abomination with extremely powerful shapeshifting, psychic abilities and interdimensional "appear wherever it wants" omnipotence, it really is staggeringly incompetent a lot of the time. Unfortunately the film is even worse in this aspect. Just not scary or consistent at all as a threat, though with a few entertaining set-pieces and the friendship between the kids was done well. There was no sense of the town being a sinister, uncaring presence like in the book either.
  11. Mayweather's longevity-like Pacquiao and Marquez- also benefited from the past decade being weak as it's ever been around 135-160 and most notably not producing any great natural Welterweights. They were able to have a lot of weight jumping success after their peak which would have been much tougher pre-00s. Floyd has basically been in semi-retirement since 2007 after the Hatton and DLH fights. What he has done since then is still impressive from a longevity point of view, but is more the case of an already established great(and one with a great fundamentally sound defensive style conducive to a long prime) being able to cherrypick one or two fights a year as suits, than a steady champion holding down a weightclass or two against all challengers. He would never have been able to do that so easily had a genuinely great Welter emerged around during that time. Hard to see Floyd coming back so often if a monster like Hearns, Leonard, Robinson, Napoles or whatever other Welter great you care to name had emerged rather than a wide open division with smaller greats like Marquez and Pac moving up picking up belts and presenting more winnable comeback superfights amidst the numerous good at best contenders and splinter champs of the time. Don't get me wrong, i rate Floyd as an all-time great, but other than the standout excellent win against a good and much younger junior middle champ Canelo, i don't really have much time for his 2010+ career.Along with Hopkins last few years of ugly wins a 175 and Pac's 147 years, it highlights the decline of talent in boxing nowadays imo.
  12. If Bolt is clean then i've got a ten inch cock.
  13. I couldn't get into this. Completing Wolfenstein the new order a few days ago, i quickly realised i wasn't in the right frame of mind at all for a po-faced, straight war film. After about 20 minutes i was thinking how much more interesting it would be to have half man-half machine Nazi supersoldiers, mechs and occult abominations besieging the BEF. Good potential for a downer ending with the complete destruction\capture of the allies and then a few after credits scenes firmly establishing this was going to the beginning of an extensive alternate-history WW2 cinematic universe.
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