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  1. I was aware it was going to be on sale at some point soon. Apparently it's a very successful strategy on Switch. I just leave all that side of it to them though, they're the experts.
  2. So it is, thanks for pointing that out. The same price as a Mastertronic game in the 80s. Thankfully it's more Action Biker than Dark Star.
  3. Wanderer was first but reviewed second. I was at school before that.
  4. Enduro Racer is terrible and Doug knew it. It would have been Icon Design yeah. They were a dev studio in Prestwich who were formerly Lothlorien. Doug worked there. They were also the company who ran the game dev YTS I joined after leaving school.
  5. An old friend and colleague of mine did Enduro Racer. I don’t remember him mentioning this but it’s possible. He was the A in A’n’F and he did the BBC version of Chuckie Egg which probs lay means the C64 as well.
  6. I didn't realise Kat Trap was converted to the C64 so late. The original was developed at Walking Circles where I had my first job. It was coded the year before I started though. The fun thing is that it was based on the winner of a design a game competition in Crash and we had a lot of the other entries in the office. Quality varied somewhat but some clearly had a lot of effort put into them. We were coding a game called Sewer on the Amstrad which was deemed a runner up. It never got finished though as the programmer left during development and it wasn't a paid project. I never played Last Ninja until a couple of years back but I didn't get on with it at all. I don't know whether I'd have persevered more back in '87.
  7. I tried Killed Until Dead at lunch. Have to admit I laughed at some of the intro writing but was befuddled by the game. I think I need to read the manual as it’s something I’d have never have tried back then.
  8. Zolyx is the only QIX clone I ever liked, including the original. I think it must be down to the speed and the much more predictable movement of the dots.
  9. Thalamus found a bug in the level complete screen which could cause it to freeze after level 99 as you witnessed @deKay, so they've released an update (not that it matters to you since you've completed it): It also includes the rebranded artwork by @Ste Pickford
  10. I listened to you talking about this on your Podcast @deKay, thanks for the kind words. The reason the names end in IE and Y is that very late in the day we found out about the book/TV characters with a similar name so we tweaked Milly to Millie. In retrospect we should have perhaps changed the name totally but we'd grown fond of those during development. Also your co-host mentioned the sequel should be called Willy and Wally. I actually did use those names for the protagonists in my follow up C64 game Runn 'n' Gunn. I even kept the IE ending for Willie.
  11. The Master System version was coded by a different developer. I can't recall why we had a programmer for each version as the machines were very similar. It was my first game for Tiertex so I don't know whether they just decided to trial me with this and if it failed they could bail me out with the MS code.
  12. It has very impressive animation, especially considering each frame also has an overlay. Probably doable as a multiload though. I really like that parallax effect and the controls look amazing.
  13. Thanks. I guess they'll got to the publisher. Perhaps if enough people respond with praise they may consider featuring it on the shop.
  14. That's a good level. I remember finding it tricky on my first playthrough but it's not one I've had much feedback on with regards to being a blocker.
  15. Really enjoying this on Switch but I must admit I keep getting a little lost when backtracking. I forget which areas are called what so end up using a camel to go to the wrong place. It's just my terrible memory I think but had this game been designed today I'm sure there'd have been a little note about where you're supposed to be going next in the main story.
  16. There are nine chapters. You have to complete the first bunch in order as it's a tutorial but from then on you can play the following chapters' puzzles in any order you wish. Completing 80% of a chapter unlocks the next. I'd prefer if people played them in order but I didn't want sticking points where people would abandon the game. Especially if players think it's only going to get harder from thereon. I've given up on games due to a tricky boss fight despite enjoying the rest of the game. It's really annoying to me.
  17. Nice, that was how we hoped people would experience it. On the original Commodore 64 version you had to play every level in order. Some players complained of being completely stuck which is why I added the chapters to this version, to try and avoid that frustration.
  18. just went to buy this as the trailer looks good. Turns out I already own it.
  19. I coded the Game Gear version of this, the team shared a lot of ideas between us so I'm disappointed you found it so bad. It was always a game I was quite proud of (skiing apart, that never really worked on my version).
  20. Well I have a Millie and Molly code if you need to fill the void.
  21. I'd imagine it limits the draw distance, there must have been some culling in the original which isn't needed these days. The Switch version is great. Motion aiming seems different on pro-pad to portable which is a little annoying but otherwise enjoying it.
  22. Still not available on Switch, even as a pre-order.
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