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  1. Thanks, I've not played QUBE 2. I'm wishing I'd have taken a punt on that instead of Subliminal. And I completed the Witness on the PS3 (or was it PS4)? That was excellent, perhaps I should just play that again. Why that and Braid aren't on Switch I don't know. Or Portal 1&2. I'd buy them all again.
  2. Add me to the slightly disappointed with Subliminal list. I found it quite poor technically as well, felt like something from the PS2. Have I missed any other big players in this genre? I've played and liked QUBE, Turing and Talos. Is that the lot?
  3. I think a friend lent me his assembler program because he'd bought a cartridge which had the same features so that's how I started looking in to machine code. It wasn't a real assembler, just one where you could type opcodes directly into memory. I can't remember what it was called though. I didn't see a real assembler until my YTS interview at Walking Circles where they gave me a copy of Zeus 64. That was a game changer. I had a published version graphics game which did about frame a minute and that was in 6502
  4. My first self-coded game was roulette in C64 basic. A mate gave me the first five issues of a learn to program part-work called Input, if you remember that. As you say though the C64 gave you no decent basic commands to do anything with sprites or drawing to the screen so I moved over to 6502. I think I wanted to code a Uridium style game which was stupidly ambitious but I did get a scroller going as my first project. I wish I had all my early stuff archived somewhere but most is lost in time with your games. A basic Pong game I wrote when I was 15 is on CSDB which is probably the oldest of all my things.
  5. I'm impressed that stuff still loads. The chariot game looks a bit like Monaco GP, something which I considered doing for a 4K competition I entered recently. I started out programming by typing those listings out from magazines. Commodore basic isn't the best learning tool though. I like the term "had his career" which implies I've had no career since 1990! I started my career on the C64 and going back has been a great decision, it's a really nice community.
  6. I'm wandering whether it's your jump over the top right spike as you get to max velocity immediately down the drop. I "run" over the spike so hit the edge of the next platform losing vertical speed.
  7. @Camel Nice, I need to watch that some more to see how it's faster than my time.
  8. @Camel I'm down to 8.72, no idea where to shave a quarter second off.
  9. I’ve not heard of anybody beating your time @Camel, it’ll be hard to better.
  10. I have a TheC64 (maxi) and it's mostly excellent. The joystick button started of a touch "sticky" but it's sorted itself out now. I keep meaning to put the games I coded on there but I haven't got round to it.
  11. Thanks. There's a quite similar game called Dots which looks more basic but has used the memory save there to include a few more gameplay features. Most of which I wanted to add to a more full featured (i.e. not in 4k) version of Blockheads.
  12. The 4K competition has closed for entries so this as available on my itch.io page for free. https://carletonhandley.itch.io/
  13. Yeah, I've always thought jumping from the right wall would be quicker. That's how I got my quickest time. He only briefly slides on the wall so would only lose the same speed you do on the right.
  14. Quite interested to see where you're making up that extra time. You must have a little trick others aren't doing.
  15. 7 seconds was a typo. 8.50 is really quick, definitely the best I've heard of! Do you have a video? Thanks for the kind words, I think it's a fun game too.
  16. Yeah it's that small. It's pared back to fit in there though. 5 single player levels and 5 two player levels only. Basic sound as well. Most of the memory is in the player control code and the levels themselves even though they're simple. I can send you a build if you want to try it out. I would appreciate a little feedback and for it to not go any further though. Crazy Caverns looks fun. Blockheads is an ideal candidate for a Spectrum game actually, quite tempted to code it.
  17. Do you want to test this version for me @Camel?
  18. Rise from the grave! I eventually went back to this as it felt too nice to waste. It's ended up as an entrant in the 4k Craptastic Competition (2 bytes under the limit at 4094 bytes). There's already been a bit of beef between the people who've played it over getting a good time on level 2. The current record for normal mode on this level is 8.72 by a guy testing it for me in the US I always miss getting underneath the ridge on the second set of trampolines. My video also shows a bit of the casual mode (no spikes) and the two player split screen mode.
  19. I turn off those blue number things, feels like cheating.
  20. I put over 60 hours in to Baba Is You. 90% of that was probably scratching my head. It was my game of 2019.
  21. I'm really looking forward to 51 WorldWide Games but I hope online supports multiple players on each console (for appropriate games). WiiU bowling was ruined by the lack of that option. My wife and I are in one house and my daughter and her boyfriend live in Newcastle. We couldn't get a 4 player game going. Same with Everybody's Golf I think.
  22. Yeah, bought this to try out later. Looks really nice.
  23. I used the pointer in Galaxy quite a lot to collect the star bits and shoot some enemies. It probably wasn't essential but feels like I'll miss it.
  24. Did you buy it? I hope you enjoyed it if so. The disk and tape versions are available for pre-order now at Bitmap Soft.
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