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  1. Now we're getting somewhere. And our belovaed Phonics don't? They clearly progress from meat & potatoes rock to a more polished sound with a wider outlook to gentle mellow soothing calms ending up with a time machine trip with guitar distortion and fun-ness.
  2. Can we keep it to one band rather than attacking musical credibility. The crux of a weak argument lies therein.
  3. You what? Perhaps lateral thinking isn't the strong point of this folder but there's more than enough music orientated commentary to warrant the opinion 'fucking rubbish'
  4. You're not alone. They're produced four decent albums with a variety of fantastic tunes. Even the most recent album, where they decide to go back in time, is classic and adds a whole new dimension to the music. A step in the right direction, moviestar is the devine product of this.
  5. Maybe you just don't understand them.
  6. Chalk another up for 'the first was ace-tastic' Is this one as self-concious as the last? Lets face it, it was as much a spoof of the cartoon as it was a children's movie. "Our area of expertise is nutjobs in hallow'een costumes!"
  7. Perhaps you'd like some abbreivated versions. The points are both clear and precise Mr. Aggressive. If that is your real name.
  8. Well, I saw it on a date too, and it was magical. And I was only mildly drunk. Magically drunk.
  9. Call the audio police, there's been a crime.
  10. PLUS 'Von Blondies' rolls off the tongue far better. Another nail in your coffin punchbag!
  11. Mission Driller India - 547140 pts America - 587250 pts Egypt - 1116390 pts North - 463715 pts [1270 depth] Endless Drill Easy - 1329 Normal - 1618 Hard - 1523 Time Atack Regular............................................Reverse A - 17"44___________________A - 17"52 B - 09"78___________________B - 09"08 C - 39"33___________________C - 38"49 D - 12"60___________________D - 11"94 E - 27"71___________________E - 22"66 F - 34"71___________________F - 33"46 G - 17"12___________________G - 19"54 H - 42"01___________________H - 36"54 I - 31"87____________________I -29"43 J - 1' 22"45__________________J - 1' 19"62
  12. I love it when a plan comes together.
  13. My interest only peaked when the girlies decided to speak out about half way through. Making a decent change from Jason Streistermeister's almost cliched un-voice. I only listened to it more than once to find the meaning to why I wasted £11 on this drivel. Utterly standard. At best. Damn, at least the White Stripes produce listable music, no matter how much I die inside when I listten to White's incomprehensable FACE and Meg's one trick pony drumming.
  14. And ICO's "innovation" was another way of expressive how utterly shallow it was. WU-PAH!
  15. I was under the impression Rez was a direct rip off of Space Harrier. Only not as cool cause you didn't fly or blow things up.
  16. With the exception of 'Cmon Cmon' and possibly 'The Fever', every single track is instantly forgetable, not to mention unbelievable standard. Repeated listens prove to have the same frustrating effect as the first time, shocking considering they showed such promise in the fact that they hate the White Stripes. Maybe White had the right idea after all.
  17. That's not a battle. It's a war. With your naive Radiohead minds. POW! Didn't see that one coming did you. Oh yeah. Still got it.
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