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  1. Three months in Bearville studios, upstate NY to record alone. GO BACK TO RADIOHEAD ALL OF YOU!
  2. Who cares if he's unreliable or unpredictable in interviews That's rock and fucking roll baby! Besides, judge the band based on the music. Winning Days is a solid, enjoyable effort and by no means unsatisfactory.
  3. Mei Ling created the soliton radar and the codec system. Chronological paradoxes! PAY ATTENTION.
  4. The ICO team confirmed at the time those pictures were circulating, that they were from a new game, in the same graphical vein as but not a sequel to ICO itself. Look what you made me do. I've posted twice in here now, and one is a serious reply. TRY TO KEEP UP PLZ.
  5. Point of order: Give up give out give in is beautiful.
  6. Sorry, that went over my head. Download it and see, it's only 2meg. He doesn't drink coke! Not after they stuck his face on the can without permission. Bastards. I feel all the backlash for Winning Days stems from the hype of Nicholls personality. The mental performances, rock and roll smashing up of things, not to mention attacking bassist Matthews on stage. He's been built up to be this pychotic kurt cobain, so when this easily more melodic, relaxing album appears, it doesn't fit the image.
  7. It's only flaw is it sounds over-produced in areas. Like the needless sound effects in [the beautiful] Autumn Shade pt II & Rainfall. Unfortunately thsi loses the raw factor that made Highly Evolved so fucking brilliant. The demo of 'Ride' outshines it's album successor. [For those interested, it's available here] Then again, tracks like 'Tv whore' are made all the better with the production. [Demo] It feels solid, although very different to the debut. A band beginning to find their way and fine-tune their style. Unless other the bands, cough, the strokes, that sound identical to what they used to. Plus the cover art fucking rules. THE VINES! THE VINES! THE VINES!
  8. Ding dong to that! Dungeon Keeper was fantastic, but I guess that's anotehr thread.
  9. I was saving you from the evil of the next level. I didn't realise it meant that much to you.
  10. I'm giving it another go today. I got so frickin' close yesterday! We'll see. Level 2 is a breeze compared to Level 3 on master mode. It ate me alive. Too......fucking.....fast....
  11. The hospital administrator is cheating! Man, that was ace. No, I didn't cheat.
  12. Do you people push your cars to work or have you found the wheel yet?
  13. "Blockbuster took it away! Fight the power!" IN! YOUR! FACE!
  14. It doesn't actually enhance it at all, it actually takes away from the experience, it takes away a few levels, takes away an island, 2 weapons and 2 specials and takes away the minigames and the detecting game. What island, weapon and specials were taken out? Legends added the funtastic moonfish subquest. The Doc / Maria sub-plot, which deepened Ramirez's character. The Angel of Death sub-plot / side-quest. The bounties. More discoveries. Vyse's best weapon [i think?]
  15. Why? 'Legends' enhances the best RPG ever.
  16. Unless I went the other way.... Ooh-ee-ohh-ee-ooooh.
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