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  1. Just to follow up on this, I spoke to Klarna; they are rejecting finance agreements for orders that have no stock allocated. It does come through as a rejection though and may figure in your credit rating, be wary
  2. Weirdly Blair Athol is apparently the primary whisky used in Bells and a 12yr of that tastes lovely, so quite how they fuck it up so badly in Bells is a marvel of modern alchemy :-)
  3. I refer the learned council to the Fry Up Inspector: http://fryupsgoodornot.blogspot.co.uk Mostly Norwich based but with some London and a few further afield reviews. How this man and his wife have not yet suffered from some coronary event is a testament to something or other but, his choice of breakfasts is not wrong.
  4. This is the best this show has been in years
  5. Ducati review next week?! Eeeeexcellent
  6. That was lovely. Who else tear'd up when Neil Gaiman said he missed his friend?
  7. Seen it tonight, loved it, one of the best films I've seen in a long time. The rest of the audience? That's the quickest I've seen a cinema empty when the credits rolled. Seems the folk of Basildon prefer their teenie films to be about fauning over their loved ones and having crisis about ageing, dark and unforgiving did not go down well.
  8. Needed: £1950 http://www.thespiritsbusiness.com/2013/09/lagavulin-37yo-leads-diageo-special-releases-2013/
  9. Halonic


    Not sure that would improve the eggs...
  10. Patty & Bun. Agreed. Oh. My. God. Edit: now with drunkenly added pic
  11. Qua qua, da diddley, qua qua...
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