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  1. 1 hour ago, Clipper said:

    I got declined after waiting in GAME queue this morning. I just bought a new car yesterday on finance and I have had a couple of other things go through recently so I assumed they rejected because of that - usually I am never declined.


    Bit annoyed at the hard check on my credit record for no reason now humph.


    Just to follow up on this, I spoke to Klarna; they are rejecting finance agreements for orders that have no stock allocated. It does come through as a rejection though and may figure in your credit rating, be wary

  2. Seen it tonight, loved it, one of the best films I've seen in a long time. The rest of the audience? That's the quickest I've seen a cinema empty when the credits rolled. Seems the folk of Basildon prefer their teenie films to be about fauning over their loved ones and having crisis about ageing, dark and unforgiving did not go down well.

  3. Superman would be fucked if he lived in Westeros, we all know what happens to the honourable hero there.


    in the film ghost dad does say "You can save them all". There are a number of ways Clarke could have saved a good many lives in that film and in essence fails spectacularly to do so. Clarke has always had the aspect of a god scared of squashing an ant, for example:


    Yet here, in this film, the aspirational god that would inspire all of humanity falls to the level of the common dross, killing without thought or consequence, much like modern American foreign policy no?

    This was perhaps a modern superman but, it was not the Superman

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