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  1. In the game or reality, I suspect reality with some serious sofa instability
  2. I may have to tear myself away from the beta to join the frenzy
  3. If stansted is nice to me tonight, I may even be on this evening (in theory)
  4. Tomorrow night 9:00 Edit: I'll try and get the americans along as well (hopefully) You know Taisen does have a messgae board specifically for this kind of thing but no-one knows if its GMT, EST, zulu or what
  5. I felt kinda privilaged, an entire gaming network devoted to five elite gamers, merrily stomping their way around large empty maps. the annoying draw back at the moment is that progress relies on campaign points and if you cant get campaign games, you get no points. So no new mechs. Fine untill someone that HAS some campaign points buys the latest big stompy and introduces your cute little mech to his pointy big thing. it hurts worse then that.
  6. The embroynic version of this is at www.xbox.com, it links your.net passport (hotmail login will do) to your Live account. The you go buy a smartphone, with messenger on it and in theory you should be able to get updates via mobile messenger over your GPRS connection. Sounds good? well wait till it works and it might be. I like to think of the various xbox concepts (live, pc integration, set top multimedia box) in the same light as all microsoft products. They always get it right on the third version. So when xbox cubed comes out in 2010, I'll get that sub-dermal data connection I've always been meaning to get and you can pester me at work to play some game
  7. New mechs opened up this weekend, including some seriously painful mechs, Watchout for the Jaralaccs S & N varients, bloody fast and my poor scare face could only take two direct hits. There is also a new force available. BTW that Yellow Jacket can hold its own. Worthy of note, Rightous Brothers Players can now get the Sheep Dog (seriously) mech as a limited edition (if you've got the points of course) The problem I'm having is that I've played Free mission too much and dont have anypoints in Campaign (The little I had got wiped at the start of turn 4 - bug? dunno)
  8. You didnt get the funky letter? You didnt get the wonder of opening a capcom branded letter after a crappy day at work? Oh dear, how you playing?
  9. I'm back on this weekend, the chaos that was this week has finally finished, have any new VTs opened up yet?
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