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    Surely they just get more entertaining when translated Herzeleid.com always seemed the best source My favourite examples are Zwitter, Keine Lust and Weißes Fleisch, which is an amazing song and soooooooooo dodgy when you read the translation
  2. ugh certainly a fate worse then death, would indeed rather they stray from my realm then turn into the status quo of electronica change is inevitable I suppose
  3. a mix of wine, hard trance, sleep deprivation and hunting thru google to find the componant samples of a dire LJ album, has resorted in me fore going such concepts as grammer and sentence construction. That and the Rammstein gig last night kinda ruined my brain edit: as a side note, Lyn is more pished then me
  4. have we reduced the argument to this already? tis a dire sham of what could have been. tis the proverbial Load of their catalogue, except they didnt cut off their hair and turn the amps back down to 10 a la Hetfield and co. Have you noticed how this album is their first to use samples of songs in-situ rather then samples of straight instruments accompaning live played instruments. Their use of live instrument sounds (using giga btw - curse its piss poor coding) alongside sampled coda was something of a trade mark. This album puts a round neatly thru the head of that particular red shirt. oh well, next shiny thing please Edit: now listening to Atlantic Ocean - Waterfall, the bloody correct speed version of track four without the shit Queen voice over. Its Roland 909 night in the Halonic Industries Great Baddow store get your hands in the air, stop getting stoned and drop some fucking acid - sorted geez (reachIng critical essex mass) Lyn reccomends this lot http://www.timefrequency.co.uk/, possibly the best source of most of Lemon Jellys new album, at the correct speed from a time when this stuff was new and fun. ie Yesteryear.
  5. Halonic

    New Eels Album

    of course new album means new tour.......
  6. depends, if its set in a high school I'm sure someone would watch it Stargate is fun, mindless Sci fi, none of the Star Trek continuity problems, for example, if they kill someone in the plot, chances are they'll be back next season with uber-mecha upgrades (Atlantis, I'm looking at you here). Its the best trashy sci fi around at the mo.
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    well we cant have everything, though their opus to those of mixed gender is good, we got a hell of a lot of other good stuff. Unfortunately zwitter is just too "last album". but they played Los so.... YAY!!!! But apocalyptica, really when have you heard Cellos sound sexier / more evil then last night? You may assume from my enthusiasm I seriously enjoyed them last night. Sooooooo much chest pounding bass harmonics, lovely sweet sexy chainsaw-esque sounds, were I a girly, there would have been moistness a plenty.
  8. oh god no I have nothing more to add
  9. Halonic


    dude, Apocalyptica were fucking amazing!!! Death Cellos have never sounded so good!!! And the "Hall of the Mountain King" at the end was pure sex on a bow. How can you say weaker Metallica covers later on? It was Master of Puppets followed by Seek and Destroy, does not get better. But Rammstein, oh yes, hell of a lot of new stuff (they played Los - YAY!!!) opened with Reise Reise but an excellent selection of older stuff (Rein Raus, Sonne , Der Meister, Du Hast, Links and Ich Will - and of course Rammstein) I can never remember the name of the song they ended on, they always finish with that track (then go dingie surfing) and its in English, I've got it somewhere... Keine Lust was fucking amazing as was Los (again YAY!!!!), the best bit would have to be Amerika (all the twinklies) The whole flamer thing is kinda their trade mark but still fucking amazing to see. Hell of a lot of explosions. No Mein Herz Brennt, as you say no Zwitter, Speilhur but then no Weisses Fleisch either. Kinda tired now, got home at 1:30 last night, in work now. wanna go back to bed
  10. Tis good isnt it I think I got Old Mans Child at the same time as this, also bloody good
  11. Halonic

    New Eels Album

    Most Interesting
  12. I'm finding it hard to believe this album was even done by the same people, such is the overwhelming "meh"
  13. Just figured out the problem with that album, that was James Tiberius Kirk voicing over the last track, his foul stench has blighted that album and doomed it to mediocrity. Doh
  14. on iTunes now, just got back into work from town ok track1 - silly intro thing track 2 - er... dull, yep really dull track 3 - good but I'm 3 mins in and very little is happening yet, nice but still dull more later yep track 3 was nice but completely without note or point meh track 4 - aint looking too good either so far, just figured out the sample its using, its Atlantic Ocean - Waterfall, oh well 6 dull minutes so far track 5 - started well, lost the plot again but best so far, well that was nice, meh, but sooooooo pointless track 6 - shouty track, odd start, getting better, got dull again, none of these tracks seem to be going anywhere track 7 - the single, well heard this before, so far the most lively track on this whole album!! oh dear track 8 - good start, very lemon jelly, promising, er... it hasnt done anything else for 3 minutes, oh it slowed down a bit, nope dull again, 1 minute left, nope stayed dull track 9 - this quiet, soft start thing seems a very consistant factor on this album, trying to figure out the sample being used now, some 80s crap, sounds like Swing out sister track 10 - ok that was interesting but not exactly an outstanding track OH MY GOD!!! this album was useless, theres a couple of mild, nice tracks but they do nothing for 6 minutes, where is the beauty of .ky? or diveristy of Lost Horizons I'll give it another couple of listens but I fear this album will be forgotten all to quickly. Very disappointed
  15. odd week for music this week, the excellent Dark Tranquillity album, Blat Aus Nord album on saturday (so black it seems to stray into Jazz metal - lovely and technical but sometimes lacking in content) and today is..... Lemon Jelly I may not be right in the head
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    from cream to totty in one easy step
  17. Halonic


    I want cream but weight watchers and cream no mix DAMN MY YEARS OF EXCESS!!!
  18. was on AICN yesterday, highly "meh"
  19. Theres a lot of sausage love here in the house tonite
  20. she is a fan of the sausage I take it. Heed my warning fellow 'mites, fear the Tescos finest Cumberland Sausage rings for under their meek exterior and within their finest meety contents, lies 547 calories and 17.2g of saturated fats!!! A full 12 weight watchers points PER SAUSAGE!!!! Oh verily how I wailed and gnashed my teeth upon this dreadful news, oh how I cry bitterly into my fry pan as my glorious meal was reduced to a shame of a mockery of its former self, a mere handful of weight watchers roast tatties and a lone cumberland ring aside a portion of Norwich's finest Colemans
  21. Mushrooms are thy saviour, used for everything and used to replace everything. Fear the evil that is linda Mcartney (foul heathen of the fake meat) Quorn is thy friend (multi-faceted deity of the food world) much can be done with a some peppers, some onion, little garlic and a hell of a lot of mushrooms.
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