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    surely rewire can fulfill all your VST needs.
  2. hows this for a proverbial lab test of the joys of Irn Bru. Wipeout 2097, Phantom class, Pirahna sled, Talon's Reach, single lap times (all done with a NEGCON) Four cups of coffee: 21s 2 litres of coke: 19s four cans of red bull: 20s (uncontrollable shakes affected play ability) 1.5 litre glass bottle of Irn Bru: 16s And for a control and "detrimental" we also did tests of: 1 litre of tap water: 26s 1 finest fife student joint: DNF (NEGCON becomes un-useable) All tests done on successive nights, over a one week period, 2 hours after ingestion of food and 30 minutes after comsumption of test media, all races performed without cheats and repeated three times and an average taken. All tests taken by one individual. Individual suffer several weeks of after effects (uncontrollable shakes, sleepness nights etc) as a result of these tests. Great fun was had by all. Now dont let it be said I didnt do SOMETHING useful at university
  3. you havent met biglime have you? your powers are weak old woman, he is the master now, a master of evil mind you.
  4. if you can say that in all good faith, you will never truely understand the joy of a good milkshake
  5. what she said, that or lindt 80%
  6. right 1 blender preferably glass but honestly anything will do for a volume of milkshake you need three parts VANILLA or CORNISH CREAM ice cream(do not use flavoured buggers it royally) one part milk (semi, skimmed or gold for a hardcore version) Then if using nesquik/other powdered shake mix, one tablespoon per half pint volume (250ml approx) If using crusha/syrup shake mix, one soup spoon per half pint If using natural ingredients, same volume as the milk (push it to a third total volume for weak flavours like banana) all in blender, turn on till required consistancy is reached (the longer you go, the thinner it gets) WARNING- will result in severe brain freeze hints - if making a chocolate milk shake, use strong cocoa powder and add one sugar for every 2 cocoa strawberry/fruits, blend in advance with a table spoon of sugar
  7. Wipeout 2097, using Pirahna on the phantom class, first track trying to beat the 17 second lap time I saw on t'internet (after 2 bottles of irn bru and a pack of red bull I did it, I was still twitching days later) Between multiplayer quake and the playstation, I dont know who did the most damage to my degree
  8. this would explain why everyone here keeps giggling "dubly" today bunch of sad bastard muso spods
  9. nope tis most excellent
  10. Equinoxe? You no think Zoolook or Magnetic fields was better? Saying that, part 4 is really cool so....
  11. I'm not the only one!!! YAY!!!! I saw them live supporting Sugar at the brixton academy just after this album came out (must be about 12/13 years ago now) seriously amazing live and a most wonderful album
  12. hmmm, Rumble pit: No games played, oh dear
  13. are you refering to the "Blind Melon - No Rain" ad?
  14. lyn says yes, shes read them, I havent a clue but the film is bloody good, including miss pouty
  15. Coheed and Cambria: In keeping secrets of silent earth3 dEUS: Worst Case Scenario Sisters of Mercy: A slight case of overbombing a pretty good three and possibly very influential but by no means definitive edit: good to see front 242, iced earth, Whale, pixies and TMBG in your selections as well
  16. WTF? what was it in respect of? Services to the pointless hype industry? In recognition of half arsed promises dropped at the latest stage? stupid bloody .....
  17. Fear not, I can assure you that most of shetland will be watching it, its always on when I'm up there
  18. Last: Arch Enemy/Dark Tranquillity/The Haunted, 17th December, the Forum Next: Rammstein/Apocalytica, er.... 4th Feb I think, Brixton Academy Hope the flaming dildos make a return, every band should ram a flaming dildo up the arse of their keyboard player live on stage, its what they deserve.
  19. Series 2? I want real tv, with channels and stuff
  20. Running an atom against a CBR600RR? how about running it against a fast bike? a ZX10-R perhaps, or the even the CBR1000RR? Oh well
  21. Anyone noticed how much pikmin sound like Mogwai?
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