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  1. I think the console looks gorgeous and the fact that i have currently 0 ps4 disk games tells me i should be getting the digital. Plus me and @mackenie game share so it halfs the price of new games for us.
  2. Nice win @KYUSS Caustic can be a real fucker to fight against ,even more so in a building with all that annoying gas everywhere.
  3. Had a brilliant win yesterday with @mackenie and @sjvinnie Bloodhound with the increased range on his sonar ability is brilliant.
  4. I've had the hyper x cloud 2 for about 2 years now and they are so comfy.I've tried a few different headphones including the sony gold ones and a turtlebeach one a couple years back,but the cloud 2 just feels great and the mic is nice a clear(so I'm told). I'm aware @skittles already bought the a50 but I've never had a better headset than the cloud 2. What made it even better is I bought them for 20 quid on gumtree
  5. Good cos that white one was urgh,black looks beautiful.
  6. Finally made it,the story is brilliant.bit bummed that some(all?) Of the voices have chamged. Then I read about the voice actor who played yugiri was killed in 2015 by her husband. Shit
  7. Is there a way to see the stats at the end of a group dungeon,like damage dealt or hp healed ?
  8. Mines Amelia Hogg on Lich So what's a cross server link shell and what's a free company lol?? I'm part of a grand company,is there any perks to joining a free company? I'm assuming it's a guild kinda thing.
  9. Feel free to add me or I can add you,I'm on every night from 10pm ish if u need a healer to go through some stuff with you,well up to level 50 anyway as I've not done the msq to the next expansion. So busy leveling all my crafting Also @wev if you could add me if you are on after 10pm any night?
  10. I played this again after the birth of my first child,and cried even more at the start of the first,it gets me every time
  11. I'm a healer too ,loving white mage,was waiting a while for an aoe attack like holy for an age tho.which healer you gone for?
  12. Can you only add friends from the same server as you,I could add scruff but noone else.
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