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  1. Oh no it was amazing on the ps4. Did you use share factory?
  2. Quick shower then im off to get my ps5. Today's the day
  3. Yeah sorry thats my formation i switch into in game.trying to get inaki in i have to make him a cm so he links with ramos and carvahal. The downside is salah will.have to be on 8 chem once hes had his ten games.but 8 isnt so bad and its the best i can do i think.
  4. A 48 is 2-3 days but most of the time they get it in two(94% apparently) But there is currently a load of people off work with the virus cos we're packed in like sardines in the offices so that might affect things. But 3 days should be the longest you should be waiting.
  5. My team so far,gonna get varane and van dijk for my cb then swap my rb at some point ,probably walker then im pretty much set. Inaki williams has been an absolute player with his special card,he makes the chemistry a bugger to work with but hes so so worth it
  6. Thanks for this,i dont do any work on my pc at all, so a tv is the way forward me thinks. Thanks guys Now what tv shall i get ??
  7. Ive not played on a tv for years and going from a tv to a monitor felt a lot nicer,has things changed much?
  8. Are there even monitors that have hdmi 2.1,i cant seam to find any and i feel like im not gonna get the full potential out of the ps5
  9. Man i cant wait to get thissss. Anyone had a play with the controller yet? Seams to be getting loads of praise Anddddd im less excited reading @Cyhwuhx impressions
  10. Enjoy ur xbox you lucky things Gonna feel like an age now for my ps5
  11. When me and mack do coop ,we try and use the cdms to make the tackles and use the defence as a last resort.must be working as im in div 1 with 2050 points Wayyyyy to high for me
  12. I cant speak for everyone but i much prefer to use a nice headset than sound through the tv.using a monitor to play any game for me is so much better. But ive got kids and cant be blasting audio from the tv at night when i play.
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