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  1. This,I've not fired it up on the PS4 but it's one of the best games Ive played.
  2. I'm not near the PS4 to check but is this just free to play,do I need modern warfare?? Nevermind just seen the posts above.
  3. I play most nights when everyones asleep.and then complain in the morning when im knackered
  4. Last years winner rocket league has dropped two places due to apex which took over my whole life at one point.still does
  5. Hows the ranked games sorted on this? Ive managed to reach diamond rank which is the rank below predator.but my other 2 teammates are platinum,but seam to be having a tough time since ive reached that rank. Are we now facing 3 diamond players??
  6. yeah im spending half my time talking to blurs while doing quest.when i started last week there was a lot to get my head around as there is so much to do on it.
  7. Also @Flub seams to be the pro on this since its only u posting things. Any tips??
  8. Bought this last week for £12.99 in the sale.i think im getting hooked on this game. Anyone else playing on the ps4??
  9. Just reached div 4 for the first time ever in any fifa Not as good as the others but for me its something.
  10. This is now £8.99 on the psn store which is an amazing price for such a good game. If you aint tried it nows your chance.
  11. Why dont you try the loan williams see if you enjoy him.
  12. I loved him and getting a better version of him for me is just pure joy.
  13. @mackenie got banned for this now he cant use the transfer market Be careful guys lol
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