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  1. Anyone been playing the beta??,took an age to get into playing an actual game,but once i was in,its been a brilliant game Should be some big announcement today at some point
  2. I've read his both his abilities are like bloodhounds with some form of tracking,his ultimate is like one big tracking dome supposedly.sounds pretty useful in final circle situations. Had some back to back wins in duos last night 10 or more kills in a few games,getting back into the swing of things after a season break and really loving the game again
  3. I've been playing Orna since the start of the year and its such an incredible game,i would highly recommend it to anyone who enjoys an old school turn based game and/or pokemon go style gps kinda games.also there is no pay to win at all,which is brilliant to see on a free game. The basics A free to play turn-based multiplayer RPG with a geolocation twist. In this unique GPS powered multiplayer RPG, enjoy turn-based combat, collect and upgrade your weapons and armor, compete in PvP battles, battle through dungeons, slay dragons, and claim real world landmarks online with your mobile device, wherever you are. Guide and Video https://www.ornalegends.com/home/the-ultimate-ornarpg-beginner-basics-guide Kingdoms The best part for me is the kingdom(the guild) part of the game.Everyday players can take on other kingdoms in pvp battles for rewards and orna(the games currency),And also participate in kingdom raids with your allies against powerful bosses that drop exclusive gear you cant find anywhere else in the game. At level 25 you are able to join a kingdom and are welcome to join the one i am part of.its semi casual so if you don't play for a while its no problem and the owner has played for a couple of years and knows everything there is to know about this game. If you would like to join our kingdom alteria ascended is what you need to search for and please feel free to join our discord: https://discord.gg/RqCSPh7VqR IOS: https://apps.apple.com/us/app/orna-turn-based-gps-rpg/id1451775309 Android: https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=playorna.com.orna&hl=en&gl=US&referrer=utm_source%3Dgoogle%26utm_medium%3Dorganic%26utm_term%3Dornarpg+android+download&pcampaignid=APPU_1_K3L4YNeYGZeA9u8PkYyQqAw I would recommend everyone try this for a few days as its such a wonderful game,and it was made by just one man named odie which blows my tiny brain. Anyway give it a go and come join me when you can
  4. Just started playing this again with @mackenie,albeit with a dodgy ps4 pad while my ps5 pad is getting fixed.but it feels great to have a few games again,so if anyone does see me on l,send me an invite :). i was diamond many moons ago when i played so im not too bad.but you have to play apex with a team of friends and not randoms....urgh
  5. guys we do this every year but we still keep buying it,we are part of the problem.id go to work on monday, mardy and moan about the game to my mate who is also moaning about weekend league. once you stop doing weekend league,your weekend is a million times better and you can enjoy your time on the ps5 or whatever.i stopped around march and it feels good I do miss trading on the app tho,loved going on the app and seeing all my listed items sold in the hour.
  6. Glad to see little big adventure 2 get some love on the list,such a wonderful game,a game i always come back to every few years and complete againone of the greats.
  7. Glad he's showing signs of recovery. the bbc should be switching straight back to the studio,noone wants to be watching someone receive cpr and noone wants to see his wife who's in a state.
  8. Jesus hope he's ok just seen the picture and hope he pulls through...
  9. Does anyone know the opening times for contacting sony??,i want to get my pad sent off before i go on holiday and ive tried them 4 times now on different days 10am on a wednesday should be a normal opening time right??? It shouldn't be this hard to get in touch
  10. The arctis 9 is the same as the 7 i think but it has bluetooth. They didn't have the 7 in stock so i got the 9 for an extra £30 or so and they are super comfortable
  11. Depends when it happens but ,could be a good laugh
  12. I already had a squad lol Plus im easing myself back into this,i like to be top dog and working my way back to that point .the short games of the arena are a brilliant addition too.
  13. You aint done a tournament??? Say whaaa,you would love it
  14. You just wanted to show off that you made champ three i think i should ditch mackenie and get you in @BeeJay What you think @wretcherd?? The forums best 3s lineup?
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