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  1. I know my last post was pretty moany xD I guess just not that many games really get my attention anymore. Contagion is another one I enjoy - I put a lot of hours into that One thing I'd love to see is Destiny on PC with fully-functional keyboard and voice chat and keyboard and mouse controls! That would be SO good
  2. Seems fine to me. I think there's just a lack of truly appealing games in general. There are only 3 games that I really have my eye on right now - Rodea the Sky Soldier (Wii / Wii U), Shenmue III (PC/PS4) and High Fidelity (PC). Most games these days I find to be soulless and bland. But then again I grew up with games like Phantasy Star Online, Sonic Adventure 2, Shenmue and so on! If someone told me that games now were actually TRYING to be as bad as possible then at least it would make sense! Oh, I haven't played The Last of Us - I want to try that!
  3. I like Nintendo overall, even though I'm not that big of many of their IPs. When Sega stopped making consoles back when the Dreamcast died I went for a Gamecube as my next choice and thoroughly enjoyed it - it was the perfect step after the fall of the DC (my favourite console). And then I went on to 360 and eventually exclusively PC! I really wanted to have a Wii U as well as my PC, but I just found the severe lack of third party titles very offputting for someone who predominantly enjoyed those titles on the Gamecube. My top played GC games were Phantasy Star Online, Sonic Heroes and similar. So, anywho, I hope the NX has enough power (assuming power is what is needed - personally I don't actually care much about graphics) to support third party developers. If so... who knows maybe even I'll pick one up!
  4. I game a lot on Steam (I'm predominantly a PC gamer so Steam is the logical platform to use, plus I use Linux a lot and Steam is good for Linux support). I have 202 games on here but not that many are actually installed. I think around 65 of those work in Linux. So yeah, Steam is pretty cool - been playing a lot of CS:GO recently. The main game I miss on Windows though is Contagion. I do dual boot, but the effort of actually doing it just for one or two games when I really like being on Linux kinda puts me off!
  5. Like how you have no way to communicate with others without being in the same Fireteam and the right channel! Kinda crazy! This might actually encourage me to dust off my copy again!
  6. I like social games but also others. Second Life, Inworldz, Phantasy Star (if that counts), Defiance, sometimes PlaneShift, sometimes ESO... anything with either good combat or a good community!
  7. Awesome game! I've put so many hours into it over the years lol
  8. It's a nice machine but I didn't have mine for too long. I felt like the games were quite kiddy and expensive for what they were, there were too many types of controllers and there weren't really enough games I actually wanted. Mario Kart, the 2D multiplayer Mario (can't remember the name) and Sonic Lost World are all really fun though
  9. I'm a PC gamer first and foremost so I enjoy it a lot, particularly as they support Linux a lot and it's my OS of choice. Been playing a lot of CS:GO and it works so brilliantly on Linux Mint. I have 202 games so far although I have to admit that many were pretty cheap!
  10. Yeah I enjoyed this game. A nice spin on the Mario 64 formula and a captivating, artistically-pleasing and entertaining game
  11. Hey guys, I'm new Mostly a PC gamer but I have a 360 here too and lots of retro machines from when I was younger. Been playing a lot of CS:GO, Second Life, Inworldz and Contagion recently (yeah I like social games - so sue me! ) Pleased to be here and looking forward to being part of such an active UK-based gaming community! Mike
  12. I love PSU - possibly even my favourite game ever made PSO also great, PSO2... I dunno, hard to get working at least here in the UK and just not even that worth it when you do. No voice chat, worse social areas and social features. Possibly better combat but PSU was the whole package and I used to love meeting new people on there. PSO2 just feels more barebones and doesn't have the same flair or soul. Probably because Yuji Naka has now left Sonic Team ._.
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