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  1. Is the original still worth a try or is the sequel a big improvement?
  2. Thanks for the recommendation. Just installed it on my iPad and it's excellent, silky smooth and 60 fps. Now just need to pop the original music on and it's a good an outrun clone you could hope for short of Sega bringing it to iOS.
  3. Has anyone else noticed that online seems to be broken on this when playing against Randoms? There is quite a lot of talk on the Codemasters forums about a "11/11" glitch that allows you to adjust the spring settings to improve the car by several seconds a lap.
  4. Getting gold on the beginner top gear track isn't too tricky when you realise how much slower the ai is around the tight chicanes. Those are the places you can make up 2 or 3 positions at a time. The biggest problem I had with it was making small mistakes causing disqualification, or the ai making themselves into mobile road blocks.
  5. Everything Codemasters have said since the launch of the game almost seems like an apology for the state they ended up shipping in, promising they will do better next time.
  6. Picked this up yesterday and although I found myself enjoying the game it was a massively disappointing experience. Inconsistent framerate on the 360 version, poor graphics even when compared to other Codemasters racing titles, terribly limited A.I, awful pre and post event presentation, pit stops, fuel and tyre management all completely broken and so many of the promised features completely missing. I remember around four months ago reading an interview with one of the game producers where he talked in great detail about how you would be able to feel subtle changes in the grip levels of the track, explaining how individual puddles were accurately mapped out, how you would have to maintain wet lines to prevent tires from going off, and even feel the track rubbering in, then discovering in the final product that even a soaking wet track makes very little difference to overall lap times. There is a good game trying to get out, and at times it can be very enjoyable, but what a disappointment. And a word of warning to anyone expecting everything to be made good in a patch, another Codemasters title which was severely broken at launch, another game that promised far more than it delivered, Fuel, was never fixed.
  7. What trick is this? Recently got back into the game myself but finding some of the races a bit of a slog.
  8. Quite extreme use of it here
  9. Beneath a Steel Sky is 59p for one day only.
  10. I dont share your happy experiences unfortunately. Microsoft support have always been resolute with me in refusing to authorise anything outside of the specified warranties, even when requesting a manager.
  11. I dont think you will. EDGE has always been slightly generous with Codemasters games and I think this is the most obvious to date. The more I play it the less I like it. I'm just glad I only paid £27 for it.
  12. One thing that really bothers me is the night time element on the 360. Maybe its my eyesight, or my TV or a mixture of both but its just too dark to be playable even with the brightness turned right up. The lighting during dusk is just odd, it washes the screen with a pink hue which looks almost like the aftermath of a nuclear explosion.
  13. I know, but with Codemasters having a good history of publishing high quality racing games I had high expectations for this. I dont really see the point you are trying to make, I didnt expect it to be anything like GRID or DIRT.
  14. Surprised by such little first hand feedback so far so I shall share my thoughts after a couple of hours with the game. As fan of GRID and DIRT I have been looking forward to this for sometime. Firstly and something I wasnt expecting are the horrible loading times, I havent yet installed the game to the hard drive, so hopefully that will make a substantial difference, but to load each event takes an eternity. Probably even worse than those in Dirt. It was the first thing that struck me about the game and I would say I spent about 1/5 of my first hour looking at the loading screen. Right so on to the game itself. Visually its a bit of a mixed bag, the scale is hugely impressive but there is signifigant pop up, an understandable sacrifice but sometimes fairly off putting as the high detail textures replace their low res equivalants. It doesnt really wow you at any point but it all seems solid enough and the framerate, although a long way from 60fps seems stable. I completed the first three events, and noticed each race event is win or bust. You get nothing in this game for finishing second, something I would imagine will frustate later on. The races themselves seem well done, lots of on screen events to compliment the racing, and it does provide opportunity for shortcuts, seemingly rewarding being adventurous from the racing line. First negative would be the numerous objects that scatter the race track that will stop you dead on contact, there seems to be inconsistency in this also, some destruct on impact others seemly built out of solid rock. Another problem is the aggressive AI, they are quite happy to batter you out of the way appearing to have heavier and stronger vehicles than the player, brushing you into objects with little impact on them. I should point out I enjoyed my first couple of hours, but I certainly dont think its a game for everyone and its clear from a brief play that signifigant flaws are present. I'm surprised it got an 8 in EDGE, so far a 7 seems to fit better. Its clearly ambitious, and I'm looking forward to playing it further but it seems somewhat of a marmite game from what I've seen so far.
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